Tales of the Allied Lands

Summary: Various pairings feature in this series of drabbles. Many are highly unlikely except in the most AU setting, and the majority of them exist only inside my head. Yes, there will be SLASH 

Fandom: The Black Magician Trilogy

Pairings: Seriously, ask me what pairings I won't eventually include. The list would be shorter

Warnings: Slash and bad language

Disclaimer: Don't own shit. Poor me

Author's Note: If you want a drabble on a particular pairing and/or theme, don't hesitate to ask. Your wish is my command. I mean, I'm going to run out of ideas eventually, and I enjoy a challenge.

Something Exotic – Cery and Savara

Sometimes Cery wondered why he had this hopeless attraction to things he could never have.

First it was Sonea. Even before the magic had found her, he had known that she was meant for something beyond the life of poverty and petty crime which was all he could offer her. And then Savara had breezed into his life; beautiful, alluring, exotic, and utterly, irrevocably, bound to a life he could never be a part of. But he couldn't stop himself…somehow, he never could.

But the thing about Savara was that when he was with her, it didn't seem to matter.

A deeply neglected canon pairing