It's been 4 years since Mikan had entered the Alice Academy. Ruka finally had the courage to confess his feelings to Mikan. Having witnessed Ruka kissing Mikan, Natsume is on fire with jealousy. Now, what will he do?


Chapter 1

"Ohayo Gozaimasu!" A pretty young girl with hazel colored hair greeted everyone as she entered the classroom. She skipped as she entered, her pigtails bouncing over her shoulders (nothing changed with her hairdo), and her eyes sparkled as it landed on her most special person in the whole academy. Mikan Sakura, 14 years of age, and a senior middle school student of Alice Academy. It has been 4 years since she had entered the academy but nothing has changed with her usual routine.. err, that is to say...


She opened her arms as she ran to give a big hug to her wonderful, intelligent, kind, loving, caring…


"Baka.." Hotaru returned her Baka (Idiot) Gun to her bag and went back to reading her book.

"Hotaru…" Mikan whispered as she landed hard on her back and the balls marked a huge red mark on her forehead. "Why do you keep on shooting me with that gun!" the girl with pigtails confronted the dark haired girl after she had recovered from the shots.

"Don't you ever get tired? I told you not to hug me" came the emotionless reply from Hotaru.

"GRRR! Hotaru!" Mikan charged Hotaru but only to be smacked by a huge fly swatter.

"Invention number 045, the idiot swatter. This invention can be used to get rid of irritating idiots. It also comes in different colors."

"Serves you right, idiot" came a remark from the back of the class.

Mikan knew that voice very well. Natsume! Grrrr! She turned and approached the so-called top star genius of their batch. As usual, he's sitting with his feet on the table and a manga on his head. She stucked out her tongue to him and snubbed him. "Bleh! You're the idiot one!" Her nice morning was totally ruined by that pervert.

"Ohayo, Sakura-chan."

Well, now that's a different story. Mikan's cheery mood was back after hearing Ruka's greeting. Ruka Nogi is actually Natsume's bestfriend but he's totally different from his arrogant and pervert friend. He's nice, gentle, and even a good friend to her.

"Hi Ruka! Ohayo!" she greeted back with a sunny smile on her face, suddenly reminiscing the events that happened the past years.

Nothing really had changed during the past years. Even the teachers are same. Narumi-sensei, Jinno-sensei, although there were some new teachers that were added to the faculty. The Ruka-Natsume fan club still exists with Sumire as the president, Yui is still the president of the class, even my star ranking is the same. Oh, shucks! Maybe, only our heights changed. Of course, we're taller now than we were 4 years ago. Life in Alice Academy… fun, challenging, full of surprises, but everyone stayed the same. I hope that nothing's gonna change. I hope it stays that way… forever? Well, not forever, just a little longer…


Mikan turned and faced Ruka. "Hi Ruka!" She greeted him with her normal cheery smile. The class had just ended and she's on her way to her dormitory. Huh? Is he sick or something? she thought. He seemed pale and very nervous.

"Ano… Sakura-chan..." He seemed to be at lost of words. "Sa-sakura-chan…" He suddenly pulled her hand and dragged her into the woods.

"Hey! Wait! Ruka!" were the only words Mikan managed to speak as she tried to cope with Ruka's pace. When they were quite far from people, Ruka let go of her hand, and they both tried to catch up their breaths.

"Really, Ruka. Is this something important?" she asked. He's really acting weird. His head was bent, so she could not really see his reaction. A movement on her left caught her attention and saw a very beautiful bird sitting on a branch of a nearby tree. "Oh, wow!" she exclaimed and tried to go near it but Ruka's voice stopped her.


Mikan? When did Ruka start calling me by my first name? And it actually sounded nice. If only that stupid Natsume also realizes that. Natsume? Why did I even think of that pervert?

"Mikan.. Mikan!"

Ruka's voice woke her up from her trance. And then she noticed that he is actually holding her and his face is very near hers. Their eyes met, and she could see an emotion that seems to lurking in those blue eyes. She felt her cheeks slightly burning that she turned her head to the direction of the bird. She tried to maintain her cheerful disposition and pointed to branch where it was sitting "Look Ruka, it's really something, isn't it?" she asked.

"Yes, it is. Very pretty." Ruka replied.

Mikan sensed that he's referring to something else and blushed some more. Before she knew it, Ruka bent his head and kissed her on cheek.

"Déjà vu, isn't it?" he asked, referring to a scene during fifth grade wherein he also kissed Mikan on the cheek. "I have always liked you, Mikan, since fifth grade… But it's different now… I love you, Mikan… I really do…"

Geesh! I didn't think I could actually come up with a story… though there's nothing really original with the plot. Can't even come up with a better title… I just wanted a love story between Mikan and Natsume, so the hell with originality! Hehehe. But if you like it, please let me know to motivate me to finish this up…) This is my first fan fiction, so I'll truly appreciate your comments (whether it's positive or negative). Enjoy! )