Dawn looked about quickly to see if anybody had noticed that a woman had just vanished from the café within a second. The couple they had noticed earlier were too busy looking into each others eyes to notice anything else. In fact, the world could move on and they would not notice. They were in love.

It looked as if nobody had noticed. The waiters had continued their job as if nothing had happened and tourists and villagers passed by without giving Dawn a second glance. This was very fortunate for Dawn, as trying to explain how someone had vanished into thin air would be very difficult, especially to Greeks. This would be a normal occurrence back in Sunnydale, but this was Corfu, not Sunnydale. As far as Dawn knew there was no Hellmouth near Greece. The nearest as far as she knew was in Ukraine somewhere, which was very far away from this current location.

Dawn edged closely to the seat where Buffy was sitting. There was no evidence to show that anything had happened there. The only thing Dawn had to go on was the faint 'pop' she had heard.

Though, Dawn could smell something faint in the air around the seat. It wasn't very clear and Dawn could not put her finger on what it smelt like, though she was sure it was not native to this area. She was sure it had something to do with the disappearance of Buffy.

This led her to another thought. Buffy was gone, and she was left alone in Corfu. What would she do? It was not a matter that she could not look after herself. She had been trying to convince her mother to not bring a babysitter over for Dawn since she started high school. Now, that she was left fully responsible, it was scary. She had to do everything herself for the time being.

"Have you finished?" A voice behind her said in a rather impatient voice.

Dawn turned around and saw a waiter standing with a tray to collect the ice creams Buffy and Dawn had just consumed.

"Yes," Dawn said quickly, realising her surroundings for the first time, "It was lovely."

The waiter said nothing. He gathered the ice cream bowls quickly, not giving Dawn much attention and left a piece of a paper and a smaller tray on the table.

Dawn picked up the piece of paper and realised it was a bill. She had no money on herself. Thankfully, Buffy was not wearing her bag which held everything from passports to money and it sat silently by the chair that Buffy went 'pop' in.

Dawn took out a few notes and a few coins and took them inside by the counter. She did not like leaving money lying in the open like that for people to pick up and spend on their own luxuries.

"Thank you. Come again!" One of the waiters told Dawn, who seemed a lot chirpier than the fellow who spoke to Dawn earlier.

Dawn was not fully listening. Her mind was on Buffy.

The only thing it could possibly be was Magic, Dawn told herself. There was no way someone could disappear naturally like that. It was definitely magic. It would also explain the 'pop' sound and the faint smell Dawn could still not quite work out. It smelt like a mixture of smells. It smelt of one of the candles Willow and Tara used to light in their home, before Buffy got resurrected. Though there was something more pungent in the smell than that. It smelt of something decaying also but a combination of both.

Dawn started to walk back to the hotel where Buffy and herself were staying, making sure the first thing she would do was get in contact with someone. She was now grateful Buffy made sure there was an internet connection in their room and that they bought a laptop before setting off. She'd have to email one of the Scoobies. Who, she was not sure.

Willow would be the obvious first choice, but Dawn was reluctant to email her just yet. The spell to give all the Potential Slayers the power of Buffy and Faith had taken a lot out of her, and there was no guarantee Willow would be able to help. Another limitation was that Willow was currently half way round the world in South America somewhere with Kennedy.

The second choice for Dawn would be Giles, but again he may not be able to help. He was not as powerful in magics as Willow was, but his research skills would be needed. Besides, she'd have to contact him as they were meant to meet in a few days to spend some time in the UK. She'd have to tell him.

The third choice would be Xander, though his magic skills are limited to a few spells, which he either did by accident or with Willow. She doubted if a love spell or a musical spell would help, though the musical spell would make her feel better. The only powerful spell he ever did was with Willow and Giles when they all combined their efforts with Buffy to defeat Adam, Professor Walsh's mutated person. Though she'd could use his comfort right now, even with his one eye.

In the end, Dawn decided to contact all three to let them know the situation and ask all three to come over. Xander would probably arrive first as he was only in Italy with Andrew.

Dawn got to the hotel and started to make her way up to her room. The receptionist gave Dawn a little smile and started to play with her necklace which had a large blue pendant at the centre.

Dawn got to their room, and opened the door and set up the laptop. She put Buffy's bag on the bed and waited for the laptop to fully load.

Already, Dawn had formed some sort of plea in her head to the other Scoobies.

The internet took a few seconds to load with Broadband and started to type out an email.

Guys, It's Dawn. I need your help. I'm in a place called Kassiopi in Corfu and something strange has happened. Me and Buffy were eating ice creams outside this café and she just vanished into thin air. I think there was some magic involved as there was this faint smell of incense and decay and she vanished with a 'pop'.

You have to help me. Please come as soon as you can.

I'm in the hotel Pathios.

Love you,



She sent the same message to Giles, Willow and Xander.

All had been sent.

Now all she had to do was wait.