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Summary: Junior year at Eden Hall comes. Scooter tells Julie he can't come home from college for the prom, and she and Luis decide to go together as friends...but could further feelings develop?

Author's note: My first Duck fic...It's actually already finished, I wrote it in my journal on a road trip, so new chapters will be up as fast as I can type them up. I know this is an unconventional pairing, but hey, they're my two favorite characters, how could I resist?

Chapter 1: A problem and a solution

"I'm really sorry babe!" Scooter said on the other end of the line. "I tried really hard but I can't make it back.

Julie sighed heavily. She hated that her boyfriend was in college sometimes.

"But it's junior prom!" She sighed, "You really can't? At all?"

"It's finals week Jules." He explained. "I didn't just to BC to play hockey. I'm going to school too." Another frustration of Julie's; here she was far away from home in Minnesota, and Scooter was in Boston, a drivable spot from her home in Maine. "But I'll make it up to you, I promise."

"How?" Julie giggled.

"When I got home we'll have our own prom. I'll take you out to fancy dinner, we'll go dancing, and you can wear your dress."

"Wear my dress?" She smiled he had answered the question she had on her mind. "So them you don't mind if I go?"

"Of course not!" He laughed. "It's your prom."

"And if I bring a date?" She smiled. "I mean, like just one of the Ducks, not a real date."

"Also fine!" Scooter smiled, "Just not Portman! I have a feeling he gets handsy." Julie laughed, she wouldn't have brought Portman anyway. "Maybe Averman, he's a safe bet." Julie laughed again. "Anyway, I have to go. Again, I'm sorry."

"You'll be forgiven." Julie teased, "I love you!"

"I love you too! Bye!" He hung up the phone. She racked her brain about who to ask.

Luis Mendoza walked away from his locker and looked behind him to see a gaggle of freshman girls following him and giggling. He smiled and waved at them awkwardly. Almost all of the Ducks had entourages of underclassmen, trying to latch on to their social status but his was the biggest, and also the only all female one. At the beginning of the year he had loved the attention, but now it just felt strange. He knew why it was. Connie Moreau had explained it to him. These girls were rich suburbanites from Minnesota. They had never met anyone like Luis, who was from Little Havana in Miami Florida. They had this image of him as a smooth Latin Lover. They weren't too far off, but he hated the following around. He had hooked up with one of them for a while, a girl named Cathy, but it hadn't worked out. She spent most of the time they weren't making out saying "I can't believe I'm with you!" Which again was flattering, but not what he was looking for. He walked out of the main school over towards the dorm, finally losing the girls. As he strolled through the quad he saw Julie Gaffney sitting on a bench, her chin resting on her hand. She was obviously deep in thought.

"Hey Cat Lady!" He said brightly. She was also obviously bummed out.

"Hey Luis." She sighed.

"What's on your Mind?" He was concerned, but he figured she was just homesick, they all got that way from time to time.

"Prom." She shrugged. He should have guessed, every Eden Hall junior girls' mind was on prom.

"What your dress doesn't fit?" He laughed, "Goldberg try to fatten you up again?" She laughed at the reference to the incident their freshman year.

"Nah," she shrugged, "I don't even have a dress yet. Connie and her mom are taking me shopping tomorrow. It's just…" she stopped.

"It's just what?" Luis coaxed, he was truly curious about his friend's state of mind.

"Nothing, it's stupid, forget I said anything." She shrugged and stood up.

"No, come on!" He said pulling her down.

"Scooter's not gonna be able to make it in from Boston is all." She explained. "So now I have to find a date." Luis laughed.

"Is that all?" She looked at him.

"Is that all?" She said. "Some one Luis be a little more sensitive, please. Every one already has a date. Even Kenny!"

"Not every one Julie." Luis shook his head. "If you're that worried about it I'll take you!" He said simply.

"Really?" She raised an eyebrow. "I figured you'd be taking one of the posse," referring to the freshmen that he just dodged.

"Well, I was planning on it." He said, "But, now I have an excuse not to." Julie nodded and laughed.

"Happy to be your excuse." She smiled. Luis was great and she was happy to not be sitting alone in her dorm on Prom night.

"Great so, why don't you go call Scooter and make sure it's OK." He smiled, they had spent enough time together since they were thirteen that all the Ducks could read each other's mind. "I have a feeling you figured you go with Goldberg or Kenny, who don't have my," he cleared his throat, "appeal." Julie laughed.

"Whatever, Luis! I don't think he'll mind." She shook her head. "He only had one rule, no Portman." They both laughed hysterically.

"That's probably a good rule." Luis agreed. "I wouldn't want my girlfriend at a prom with Portman."

"Did I just hear my name?" Dean Portman walked up to them. "What are you two doing here?" He sat on the bench between them and stretched his arms out.

"Just talking about the prom," Julie giggled. "Well, I'm gonna go call Connie about shopping tomorrow. Bye! Thanks Luis!" She hugged him and ran off.

"No problem!" He shouted after her.

"What was that about?" Portman asked.

"What?" Luis said. He had spaced out. "Oh, Scooter can't make it to prom, so since I don't have a date yet, I'm taking her."

"I don't have a date yet!" Portman exclaimed. "Why didn't she ask me?" Luis fell of the bench laughing and then got up and walked away. "What did I say?" Portman wondered to himself out loud.

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