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Summary: Julie and Luis head back to Eden Hall to start senior year, what will happen?

Author's Note: So this is it, the end...Yeah, I know it's a little short, but trust me there is room for a sequel if I choose to write one, I'm not sure if I want to yet.

Epilogue: A New Begining

The sun peaked through the blinds on a window in a Miami hotel room. The gentle light woke Luis up and he rolled over to see Liz, then he looked at the clock over her shoulder. It read 10:30.

"Oh Shit!" He shouted and jumped out of bed.

"What is it?" She said, barely awake.

"It's 10:30, my flight is at 3 and I still have a tone of packing to do!" He ran to the other end of the room, "Where the hell are my pants?"

Julie woke to her alarm at 10:30. She stretched out and realized what day it was and smiled. Today she flew to Minnesota. She had stayed in Maine all summer for the first time since she was 13 and it had been amazing but she was eager to get back to Eden Hall, back to the Ducks.

"Why do you have to leave?" Liz whined.

"Now?" Luis said confused. "I have packing to do!"

"No I mean at all." She said, "Why can't you just stay with me?"

"Babe, we talked about this at the beginning of the summer." He said annoyed. "I have to go back to school. I gotta go, I'll call you at Christmas." He walked out the door. He had no intention of ever contacting Liz again. They had hooked up his first night home. He had gone out with some old team mates and gotten drunk and then met her. She had long soft blonde hair and a soft round face. She had resembled Julie and at the time that had been enough for him. He hadn't been able to shake her all summer. But every time he was with her he had wished it was Julie.

"Don't forget!" Julie's mother said, "If you want to go to BC don't let any thing or any one stop you from applying.!" She kissed her on the forehead. Julie smiled, she'd been eyeing the school, but had expressed her doubts because of her break up with Scooter. They were standing in the terminal at the airport.

"I know Mom!" Julie smiled. "Bye, I love you!"

"I love you too, have a good year." Julie boarded her plane with her stuff in hand. She settled into her seat and once the plane took off she looked out onto the clouds. She had made a decision a few days before that she was really happy about. On the same day she had gotten a call from Charlie saying he was going to run a Captain's practice and to get there as soon as she could. Right back in with the ducks. She couldn't be happier.

Luis stepped off the plane and headed to baggage claim.

"Luis!" Adam shouted to get his attention. Luis smiled, he had arranged for Adam to pick him up, because, well, Adam had a car.

"Banks." Luis acknowledged. "What's up?"

"Not much, man." Banks responded, hugging his friend. "Ready for senior year?"

"Hell yeah!" Luis laughed. They got his bags and headed to the car and then Adam asked the question that they both were thinking.

"Have you talked to her?" HE said, they both knew who he was talking about.

"No," Luis shook his head, "I called her once, but she wasn't home and she never called me back. Have you?" Adam nodded.

"Once," he said. "She called to ask if she needed full pads for Charlie's practice. She sounded happy."

Julie walked into the locker room where Luis sat lacing his skates, they were the first two there.

"So do you miss Miami yet?" She smiled and sat down next to him.

"I miss more things about here this summer than I ever did about Miami." He smiled at her. She smiled back. "Julie, nothings changed with me."

"Some things have changed with me." She whispered, moved in and kissed him. "Like I want to do a whole lot more of that!" Luis smiled and laughed.

"Good, because I'm thinking there will be plenty of that!" They suited up, and headed out onto the ice together, a team.

The End

A/N: Alright, well, I hope you like the ending...a little cheesy and yes Luis comes off as kind of a jerk in the beginning, but what can you do, I wanted it to be at least a little bit realistic. Thanks for all of the reviews, see you later, maybe.