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"Kage Bushin no Jutsu!"

Five loud-mouth Narutos were now charging at the bruised pink haired kunoichi. Haruno Sakura quickly took a kunai from her pouch and did a cartwheel avoiding a powerful punch from her teammate before stabbing one of Naruto's clones in his chest, making the kage bushin disappear with a pouf in a cloud of white smoke. She turned around only to have her face kicked and her body flying before crashing on the ground, blood dripping from her nose. Breathing heavily, Sakura stood up wearily and took a fighting stance which told her sparring partner that he should go on. When Naruto charged at Sakura once more however, he was stopped by Kakashi-sensei who finally looked up from his perverted orange book, appeared right in front of his blond pupil and held him by the wrist preventing him to do more damage to Sakura.

"That's enough" Said the masked jounin letting go of Naruto's wrist.

Sakura coughed some blood on the ground before sitting on the ground, panting, every inch of her body aching. Naruto seeing this ran up to Sakura and bent down next to her.

"Are you okay Sakura-chan?" he said with a worried expression. "I hope I wasn't to harsh on you."

Sakura looked up to her teammate, annoyed. She used her hand to wipe away the blood on her nose and mouth before talking

"It's okay Naruto" She said "You shouldn't have to hold back on me. I'll just have to work harder." She said getting up and brushing the dust off her red outfit. Sakura was tired of being the weak one, the dead load, the burden. She was sick off being protected and depending on others to help her all the time. Each time she would train however, it seemed she just couldn't get stronger. Naruto would always end up beating her to a pulp after a spar and she would always be annoyed and say she would work harder. But Sakura didn't want that routine to go on forever.

"Alright then," Kakashi said walking up to his two students, "Class is over. Go home and see you guys' later." he said.

"Alright!" Naruto yelled in joy. "Sakura-chan hope you're up for some ramen eating at Ichiraku!" he said facing bruised up girl. Even thought he may seem like he didn't notice anything, he was deeply worried about Sakura. As days passed, she seemed to be more and more pissed off at him whenever he was too cheerful or when he would beat her at a spar. Although it was very subtle, he saw the clenching of her fist and fierce determination to win in her eyes. But since he didn't know exactly what it was that was troubling Sakura, he pretended not to be aware of those hints of annoyance until his teammate would open up to him.

"Sorry Naruto," Sakura said "I'm not in the mood for ramen today"

"Demo Sakura-chan, you can't leave me to eat ramen on my own!"

"I'm sure someone else would love to join you Naruto" Sakura said as the image of a dark-blue haired byakuggan user crossed her mind. How Naruto could ignore Hinata was still a mystery to her. She was certain those two would make a great couple. The loud mouth ramen eater and the shy stuttering girl, it was the perfect match indeed. Just imagining it made Sakura smile.

"Right," Naruto said "I'll see you later then Sakura-chan!" he said speeding off and leaving Sakura alone with her favourite sensei. She knew she could trust Kakashi with her life and so she had no hesitation in asking him the question that was troubling her mind for some time now.

"Kakashi-sensei, isn't there a way for me to become stronger?" She asked him.

Kakashi sighed. He was waiting for that question ever since the day Sakura's parents died. What a painful day it had been for his cherry-blossom pupil. The sight of Sakura in tears was something he never wanted to see again. And since that day, the poor girl had been strugling harder than ever to become stronger.

"I guess you are tired of losing to Naruto in a spar ne?" he asked her.

"Not only that…" Sakura said softly and looking at the ground as a frown formed itself on her face.

"Don't worry Sakura. I'll find a way. And as soon as I do, I'll let you know." He said placing his hand on the top of her head. Sakura kept her eyes on the spot of blood she had made on the ground as Kakashi-sensei disappeared leaving her alone in the training area. Sakura first sat on the ground, leaning on a nearby tree and proceeded with the healing of her wounds. Training with the fifth hokage herself did have its advantages, although it wasn't enough to Sakura's liking.

After that little healing session, she slowly walked and picked up some of her kunais she had used and put them in her pouch still thinking about today's events. She felt annoyed at her lack of strength and even more pissed off because of her 47th lost to Naruto in a spar. Her blood was boiling with anger and she needed to let it out before going home. She headed to one of the many trees around her and kicked it with all her might, causing the poor tree to fall hardly on the floor.

It could have be the loud racket the tree caused when it fell, or maybe Sakura was really tired after today's training and she was starting to hear things, but she thought she heard someone scream. Or swear. Or curse. Or gasp. Which meant someone was actually on that tree when she kicked it. She ran to the tree's branch praying that the weird sound she heard was just her wild imagination playing a trick on her.

As she worriedly looked in between the tree's leaves, she cursed Mother Nature for giving the damn tree so many branches. She was still looking for the source of that, she hoped, imaginary sound when she saw a figure move and a man appeared in front of her. The man was clearly pissed beyond reasons and Sakura caught herself blushing as the handsome man before her walked out of the tree brushing off dust and leaves from his raven hair.

"I'm really sorry sir!" Sakura said walking up to the raven-haired man whose features were somehow familiar to her.

"Che, when you have monstrous strength you usually watch where you throw your punches and kicks pinkie." The man said with an annoyed tone of voice. Sakura blinked several times not sure how to react. Her eyes landed on the man's clothings. They were the same as Kakashi-sensei which meant he was most probably a Jounin too. Jounin or not however, Sakura would let no one talk to her like that. It wasn't because the guy had a gorgeous face that he could treat her like a kid. She was sixteen damn it!
"What were you doing on a tree anyways!" Sakura said her hands resting on her hips.

The young man shot her a menacing glare which made Sakura shiver.

"Who do you think you're talking to?" The man said his voice dangerous.

It suddenly struck Sakura. Those raven hair, handsome features, those onyx eyes… The man standing before her was none other than Uchiha Sasuke!

"Uchiha…Sasuke?" She asked not quite believing her eyes. Every girl in Konoha wanted him to become sensei and be in his team just to have a chance to look at him. The man with the biggest fan club, the one and only Uchiha…had fell off a tree because of little Sakura Haruno.

The thought of it made Sakura smile.

"Uchiha or not," she said "It doesn't give you the right to talk to me like that, nor does it tell me why you were on that tree."

Sasuke looked at the girl in front of him. There were three things he had notice about her.

1)she had pink hair

2)she was annoying

3)she could knock trees off

But right now, note number 2 was most obvious. At least, she wasn't one of those stupid girls that would follow him anywhere just to look at him and giggle crazily whenever he would look back. She didn't look the type to send her flowers either but she was still pissing him off. Not only was she annoying, she was insolent. He was a jounin damn it! She had no right to ask him anything! But he saw she was the kind of girl who would think he was stalking her and he really didn't want her to think that.

That's what you could call bad timing. First there was this horrible mission and right when he comes back he gets a message from Kakashi telling him to meet him right away and now there was this annoying pink-haired girl in front of him. He slapped himself mentally. What the hell had taken over him, to come to an appointment with Kakashi on time! He should know better than any one that the silver-haired pervert would be late as usual. He looked at the girl standing before him. She was still waiting for an answer.

"I have an appointment with Kakashi and I'm waiting for him." He said.

"Well I guess you should go now because he just left." The girl said.

Sasuke smirk, thinking of something

"For someone who can knock down a tree, you're pretty weak."

The girl had exactly the reaction he was waiting for.

"What the hell!... How dare you!" She yelled fuming with anger. Sasuke smirked thinking that she was just like he expected her to be, she was a feisty one. He could tell that right now, she wanted to kill him more than anything else in the world. Her green eyes were burning with the passion of anger and he couldn't help but think it looked good on her. But he still wanted to see where he could get with her

"I saw you spar with that blond friend of yours" he said "It was plain lame."

Sasuke saw the girl blush and his smirk grew larger.She reminded him of a friend he had long ago. A loud-mouth he just loved to piss off. The girl looked at the ground and what came after that, he did not expect. He thought he saw tears being held in her eyes. He recognized that look on her face immediately. It was the thirst for strenght, the long for power. How many times did he feel those emotions? The question was: Why was that kind of look on such an innocent(yet annoying) girl?

"What's your name?" he asked. The girl looked surprised at the question and so was he. It seemed his body had acted on his own. The words just slipped out of his mouth. But now that they were out, there was no turning back ne?

"Haruno" she said "Haruno Sakura."

Haruno Sakura…the cherry blossom of spring…Sasuke looked at her soft-looking pink hair. The name suited her pretty well. He then looked at her emerauld eyes and found himself lost in a pool of green. He wondered for a second if it was due to a genjutsu she had used but soon decided he didn't care. He sensed a weird feeling coming over him. He felt at peace, almost as if his whole body was numb.

Neither the girl nor the man blinked as they lost themselves in each others eyes. An eternity might have passed that they wouldn't notice.

Soon however, Sakura shook her head from left to right as if breaking from some sort of trance. She took a step back from the man wondering what was going on. His onyx eyes seemed to have captivated her. For how long had she been staring now? Sasuke would probably think she was crazy or think she was one of those girls who became ninjas to find a boyfriend which, to her, was way worse. She would rather want Sasuke to think she was crazy than some stupid brainless-boy-obsessed-freak (coughInocough)

Sakura bent down and put her ninja gear in her bag.

"Well I guess I'll let you…um…wait…" she said taking her bag and leaving before embarassing herself in front of Uchiha Sasuke (which, she reminded herself, she already did when she knocked the tree down., or when she lost to Naruto in that stupid spar.)

She ran trough the woods letting her long hair swaying with the wind behind her as she headed home.

Sasuke was left alone sitting on the tree he was on some moments ago.

Weird girl…he thought. What kind of ninja has pink hair damn it! He didn't know how much time passed with him thinking how ridiculous pink hair was but soon, Kakashi appeared right in front of him. He couldn't believe he had passed…whatever amount of time had pass thinking about a pink-haired kunoichi

"Yo!" said Kakashi sitting next to Sasuke.

"Late as always Kakashi" the last Uchiha answered.

"Well you see I walked under a ladder so…"
"Spare me the dumb excuses pervert" Sasuke said, his eyes landing on the seventh volume of Icha Icha Paradise in the silver-haired jounin's hand.

"What do you want Kakashi?"

"Before that Sasuke, tell me, what happened to you?" Kakashi said taking a leaf from Sasuke's hair. "Did you fall off a tree or something?"

Annoyance could be seen in Sasuke's eyes as he remembered the reason the tree was laying on the ground.

"An annoying girl kicked the tree I was sitting on and it fell" he said as if it was normal for every girl to be able to knock trees off. As if he had every right of falling off a tree if he wanted. As if wanting to fall off a tree was normal too.

"Really," Said Kakashi "Did she have green eyes?"

"Yes." Said Sasuke

"Did she have pink hair?"

"Did she…"

"I think the pink hair gave her away pretty easily Kakashi. It was Haruno Sakura your student. Stop messing around."

"It's a good thing you met her Sasuke." Kakashi said "I have a favor to ask you." It was the only way he had found to help Sakura become stronger. The poor girl needed it. And he was sure the Sharingan user was perfect for the job.

"I know," Sasuke said looking at his colleague "That's why I came. What do you need?"

"I want Haruno to be your first student. I want you to train her."

Kakashi felt his heart twinge. As if he was sending his own daughter in marriage. He had always felt that he was overprotecting Sakura and he had the feeling that it was now time to let her go and find her path in the ninja way.

Sasuke looked away in the horizon.The sight of Haruno Sakura, the cherry blossom of spring crossed his mind. Her pink hair, that was someting he would never forget. Her green emerauld eyes, her thirst for power, another thing he couldn't forget about her... He sighed. His life was perfect as it was. He was a higly respected Jounin, and an even more respected ANBU. Why would he want to mess it up? He didn't know what took over him, what exactly possessed him and made him say such stupid thing. A thing he knew he somehow would regret.

"Alright Kakashi," Sasuke said with a smirk "I'll train your blossom."