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Be Not Nothing

To be no part of any body, is to be nothing.

-John Donne

Her baby boy loved everyone. He shared his bright, toothless smile with everyone.

To every stranger who cooed at his dark curls and blue eyes, and dimpled little face, to every relative or friend who picked him up and held him close.

The second anyone held him, he would instantly be their's, and they, his. He would giggle and cuddle and charm even the most reserved into baby-babbling at him.

She supposed she should be more jealous of her son's attention, but she knew it was her and her husband that he loved the best.

She had the private moments with him as he ate,-enormous quantities, he was his father's son, after all- when he gazed up at her with such adoration in his bright eyes, only for her. In those precious minutes, she could never recall a time when she didn't want this.

He had the moments when he would go about his work in the kitchens, carrying on conversations with his son, to which the only replies were various noises and the occasional affectionate gumming of his shoulder.

The baby reserved his widest smiles, his happiest squeals for his parents.

But she noted the sadness in his eyes when a newly made friend left. She saw the sulking, the drooping of the little body when she took him from his grandfather's or uncle's grasp and said her goodbyes.

"He's going to have his heart broken so many times over," She observed to Wolf, walking through the park from their weekly visit to the 4th Kingdom. As if to emphasize his mother' point, the boy let out a soul-deep sigh, burying his face in her shoulder.

At her husbands's questioning look, she clarified. "He gives it away so easily, to everything."

He smiled gently at the dark head nestled into her, "But he'll feel something wonderful before that. And that's sometimes worth the heartache."

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