Hi! I know I promised you all a sequel and here it is! But first, I really need to say something:

I've been looking back at Unstoppable, and I was mortified. Lisa was a defiantly a Mary-sue, something I vowed never to write again. I tried to get around it, but it was impossible. She was a blatant 'sue.

But I can't live with myself for doing that. This story is her and my second chance. The events of this story will be so extreme EVERY character will change significantly. And as for the Lisa/Hannibal side-story, well, let's just say it will be very scary, very informative, and will help rid Lisa of her sue-ness.

If you read Unstoppable and we're disappointed, give this story a chance. Please. I swear everything will turn out fine. Alright well you didn't click this to read an abnormally long authors note, so ON TO THE FIC:

(Jack's POV. One year after the spider disaster.)

"IT FIGURES YOU WOULD BRING THAT UP!" Lisa shrieked at Chase from across the table. It was like the every week. Every week for the past year we would trek up to Chase's mountain lair, and sit down for a nice "family" meal. And it almost always ended in a huge fight between the two siblings.

Unable to control her rage at her brother, Lisa grabbed the nearest bowl of food and hurled at it his head. I tried to recall what they were fighting about but had no such luck. Chase and Lisa fight over the stupidest things.

"OH REAL MATURE LISA!" Chase yelled as he dodged the bowl. It shattered against the wall and the contents inside, mashed potatoes, smeared all over the wall.

"WHO SAID I WAS TRYING TO BE MATURE?" Lisa retorted instantly.

"You're seven teen now!" He bellowed. "ACT YOUR AGE!"

"Actually if you wanna be technical I'm fifteen hundred seven-teen," She screamed back, "SO REALLY I SHOULD BE ACTING DEAD!"


"FINE THEN!" The two scowled at each other for a moment before silently sitting down and returning to their food. Lisa shot me a scary look, for reasons I am unsure of, and I quickly became very interested in my peas.

Dinner passed on for a minute until Lisa put her fork down with a loud clang. I looked up. Chase looked up. She looked at Chase.

"You know that stuff is really disgusting. Some of us are trying to eat." She said calmly, referring to Chase's dragon soup. Though she was always repulsed by the stuff, she was even more now-a-days. After having to kill two wolves that aided us in our quest to destroy the demon spiders, Lisa vowed never to kill another innocent animal again. She's now a strict vegetarian.

We finished up dinner and left to go home. Lisa was still in a sour mood. I hate it when she's like that.

We made our way outside and I flipped on my heli-pack. I started to fly away when I noted that Lisa was not following me. I turned around and flew back.

"Why aren't you following?" I asked. She gazed up at the sky with an un-sure look on her face. That's odd.

"I…I don't want to fly tonight." She finally answered.

"Why not?" I asked surprised. It was cold and dark and the journey home was long. Why wouldn't she want to fly?

"Because I just don't!" She snapped.

"All right. Sheesh." I landed next to her, wondering why she snapped at me. "Well then what do you want to do?"

"Walk." She said coldly.

"It's forty degrees!" I shouted. (A/N: 40 degrees Fahrenheit, that is . I know they use Celsius but I forgot the method to convert it…)

Lisa ignored my complaints and started trudging down the mountain side. With nothing else to do I followed. All the time wondering what had gotten into her tonight…or lately in general. She seemed very edging, was acting peculiar, and was starting to have an attitude with me. She NEVER has an attitude with me!


"S-s-so c-c-cold-d." I stuttered as we entered my house. With no where for to Lisa live, she moved in with me a year ago. She considered living with Chase but everyone knew that wasn't a good idea. If they lived together one would murder the other one in their sleep. Or something bad like that.

"Stop whining." Lisa commanded. Again with snapping at me! I couldn't figure it out. I starred at her as she made her way to the T.V. and just watched here. Looking for signs that she had changed since last year.

Well let's see…Her knee length hair had been cut short. It was now only a little longer than shoulder length. She's grown an inch or two. I had also grown a little bit, but enough to make me taller than her. We had always really been the same height, but Lisa's freakishly long neck kept her head higher than mine. Her neck is really long. Sometimes I call her the giraffe when I'm mad at her. Anyway, I was now taller than her.

But other than that she hadn't changed at all. I couldn't pin down the reason for this behavior. So I decided to talk to her about it.

"Lisa…is…is something wrong?" I asked cautiously.

"No, everything peachy." She sounded sarcastic.

"Everything doesn't sound peachy…" I said stupidly.

"Really? How surprising." More sarcasm.

"Look, just talk to me about whatever's bothering you." I said boldly.

"You wouldn't get it!" She scowled.

"Just tell me, please. I wanna help…I love you." I said in the calmest manner I could.

"No!" She yelled. "No one understands what's happening!"

"Maybe I could if you just told me…"

"UGH!" She screamed in frustration and yanked her hair hard, nearly ripping it out. "You REALLY wanna know?"

I held my tongue for a moment. "Yes…"

"You know how we haven't been going after wu at much?" She said forcing the calmest voice she had. Which wasn't very calm.


"Well, you know how we eventually just stopped?"

"Uh-huh." I nodded. It was true. We just kinda stopped going after all the new shen gong wu. We just gave the monks a break.

"Do you know WHY we stopped?" She said as I wondered where this was going.

"Because the wu detector stopped." I replied.

"Exactly." She said.

"Um…any thing else?"

"It's not the only wu sensing thing that stopped." She said, it looked like she was forcing back tears.


"I KNEW YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND!" She screamed getting up from the couch.

"But you haven't explained anything to me! Lisa you haven't told me what's wrong!" I yelled back, also getting up.

"Oh yes I did!" She yelled back. "YOU just didn't catch it!" We glared at each other for a moment that sat back down, still starring. I went through the conversation in my head, over and over again.

Wu sensing…broken machine…not the only thing that's broken…what could it all mean? Then I slowly pieced it together…

"You…you can't…you can't sense wu anymore, can you?" I finally asked, calming down again.

"Yes." She breathed out, looking relieved.

"Lisa you don't have to be so upset over that. It doesn't mean anything…I think."

"Oh it means something." She said darkly. "I can't use my powers any more."

"WHAT?" I exclaimed. The initial thing that drew me to Lisa in the first place was her amazing ability to manipulate most shen gong wu, allowing her to absorb their power.

"We stopped getting wu. I stopped absorbing wu. I got lazy and stopped practicing." She explained. "Now. My. Powers. Are. GONE!" She yelled.

"But I mean…You can practice. You can regain them can't you?" I asked nervously.

"Not easily!" She screamed then started to sob. This power failure was really hard on her.

"But it's not so bad." I said timidly.

"YES IT IS!" She sobbed louder. "I'm NOTHING with out my powers!"

"You're not nothing. Lisa you're wonderful, and I love you." I said trying to calm her.

"NO!" She screamed.

"No what?" I asked.

"JUST NO!" She screamed at got off the couch again. She stormed out of the room and down to the basement, crying the whole way down.

I gave her a moment then tried to the door to the basement. Locked. I wasn't getting in, and I doubted she was coming out.

So I stayed in the living room trying to piece together why she THAT upset over all this. It was just some powers. She could get them back…couldn't she?

I don't know why but this got me speculating things. And with each moment I became more and more worried. Not to mention, that I suddenly had the eerie sensation that I was being watched…


I know the chapter was REALLY weird, but keep reading. It will get better and make more sense soon. Again, if you liked Unstoppable, but were disappointed with Lisa, KEEP READING! I won't let you down again…Now, review. Please?