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The potion took several hours to prepare; the majority of which was spent talking. But by the time the cure was done brewing it was already quite late.

"Well…it's time to uh…put her in." Wuya announced. Chase nodded and made his way over to Lisa, who was still chained and unconscious.

"Wait!" Omi exclaimed stopping him. "I…we," He said gesturing at his fellow monks and friends, "have decided that it might be a little…what was the word you used, Raimundo? Awkward? Yes, we have decided it might be a little awkward if Lisa sees us when she gets up. I mean we are pretty much enemies and all. Also, we haven't heard from Master Fung or Master Monk Guan, so…"

"We've decided it'd be best if we leave." Clay finished for him.

Chase nodded. "Yes, yes, I understand. Well, you know where the exit is."

Chase began unchaining Lisa as the monks departed. It was a complex chain because it needed to be strong enough to hold her. Finally the lock clicked and she dropped into his outstretched arms. But the dropping motion proved to be a little too much for her sleeping state, and she woke up.

Lisa struggled and growled and lashed out wildly as the three remaining forced her into the bubbling black cauldron.

"Maybe we should've…gotten the…monks to help us…put her in first…before…they left!" Jack gasped in between breaths. Lisa's body was now completely submerged in the liquid but her head was still out and her right hand grasping at the edge.

"She has to be…completely covered!" Wuya exclaimed forcing her head under and killing the sound of the unnatural shrieks. As soon as the very highest top of her head went under all was calm. The screams and thrashing were no more. Even the liquid had settled down.

"So…where is she?" Jack asked peering into the pot.

"She's in there…you just can't see her." Wuya explained. "That's how potion like this work. Fully-body potions."

"Well, what do we do now?"

"We wait."

"Wait for what?"

"I don't know!" The witch exclaimed angrily. "I've never done this before. But I've made it right, I know that."

"Is she safe in there? I mean, how does she breathe?"

"Spicer, will you just shut up and wait patiently?"

"Yes Ma'am."

After another minute or so the pot began to shake back and forth, ever so slightly.


"It's fine…"

The rocking became a little more violent and suddenly the pot tipped all the way to the left, spilling its contents everywhere. The knocked over cauldron obstructed their view but they could hear Lisa on the other end gasping loudly taking in the air.

The moved to the other end to see her just as she coughed up some greenish-blackish goo. As soon as she came into their vision Jack gasped loudly.

Jack could remember the first time he ever laid eyes on Lisa. He had thought she was beautiful practically the moment he saw her. She was tall with a skinny body and slightly muscular limbs. She had gleaming black hair that came well past her hips. And her eyes were the deepest darkest shade of green Jack had ever seen.

But the girl that was lying on Chase's home's floor now was nothing like the image he remembered so vividly.

Her hair had been chopped so short it barely hung below her ears. And it looked like it hadn't been washed in ages. Her clothes were ripped and tattered so much they barely resembled clothes anymore. There were giant holes and rips all over it. There was a monstrous slash down her shirts and one of her pant legs had been completely ripped off. Her eyes were the same deep color the eyes to be, but were now rolling around in her head as she struggled to breath. But the most disturbing part was her body. It became clear immediately that Hannibal didn't feed her at all during their time together. The bone structure of her face was clearly visible. Her arms and legs looked like they were just bone with a thin skin covering. Because her shirt was so ripped they could see a large portion of her chest; and it looked liked her rib cage was fighting to break free, and winning at that. She looked worse than anorexic, she appeared like she was about to die from starvation. And on top of everything else, she was covered in scratches, bruises, and burn marks. It was the most miserable state a human could be in.

Lisa sputtered up more goo and used her arms to push herself up. But her weak arms weren't enough support and she tumbled to the floor once more.

"Lisa…Lisa, don't move; I've got you." Chase said softly picking her up gently. "Wu-Wuya…go…get water or something…or food. Something! She needs some sort of nourishment."

"Right! Of course!" Wuya looked flustered as she dashed off.

"Maybe…maybe we should lie her down somewhere." Jack suggested.

"Yes…yes…good idea. F-follow me." Chase answered, the two of them nearly in tears at the young girls miserable state. Chase led Jack into a large carpeted room with a huge red sofa in the middle. He laid her down gently on her back.

"She looks like she might pass out." Chase noted as her eyes continue to roll around. Finally after a minute her eyes slowly focused together…on Jack. "I think…she wants you to come closer."

Jack walked slowly to the couch and sat on the edge, being careful not to touch her.

"Huh…huh...h-hi." She croaked with difficulty.

"Don't try to talk Lisa…you need to save your strength." Jack cautioned.

"Nnn-no…I-I'm fuh…fine."

"No you're not." Jack replied unable to hold back tears any longer.

"Y-yes I am!" She said defiantly. "S-see I can…speak."

"Lisa you don't have to be strong for us." Chase said calmly. "You need rest."

"Nooo…" She shook her head slightly. With out warning she gave a huge cough, spewing a large amount of goo onto the carpet. "That…th-that made…I…feel much…better."

Her eyes fluttered as she tried to move her head.

"Lisa!" Jack cradled her head.

"Sit up." She said without stuttering as she opened her eyes. "I want to sit up."

"Okay." Jack replied, gently propping her up. "Good?"


Wuya suddenly opened the door carrying a large silver tray.

"There you are! Is she awake?" She asked coming closer to Lisa.

"Yes…I'm f-fine."

"She keeps saying that." Chase told Wuya. "We can't get her to rest."

"Well, Lisa, at least drink something." She said handing out a large cup of water with a big straw in it. "Or eat something, I brought crackers. It'll be a while before you can eat anything heavy."

"I'll do it." Jack took the cup and held it out for Lisa. She took a small sip, pulled back, coughed again then simply said,


"I'll bet everything hurts after what Hannibal did to you." Wuya commented.

"Hannibal!" Lisa's eyes snapped wide open. "Hannibal! I…he…I have to tell you!"

"You can tell us later. You need to drink more water and sleep now." Chase instructed.

"Noo! N-no! Hannibal…he…important!" She was almost yelling now. "Important…tell now!"

"Lisa, you're hysterical. Calm down." Chase said soothingly. "You don't want us to sedate you, do you?"

Lisa shook her head and took a long sip of water. She pulled back and then calmly and clearly said, "I hallucinated that he died."

"That wasn't a hallucination." Wuya said. "He really did die."

"Guan really…?" She seemed shocked. She closed her eyes. "He died…he really…dead…"

"Wonderful isn't it?" Jack asked.

"I have very important things…you need to know…then I'll sleep…okay?"

Chase and Wuya exchanged glances.


Over the next hour and a half Lisa explained all about what Hannibal had done. And she gave a full account on the Cave of Destiny; only pausing every now and then to sip more water or eat a cracker.

"And then he told me we were comin' here and next thing I knew I was tied to his podium thing. I guess you know…the rest."

There was a silence for several minutes. The three had just received a large amount of information in not a lot of time.

"I've heard of the Cave before…"Wuya said slowly. "I didn't think it was possible to find. Or control at that."

"I've heard stories as well but I never believed it was true." Chase added.

"I've never heard anything about it." Jack chimed in. "It's scary to think that there's something like that out there…at least Hannibal is gone now. Erm…both Hannibal's…if the parallel world exists and all."

"It's like our lives were never ours…" Lisa said quietly. "But we…can change that now. Find our real destinies, not the one Hannibal set up."

"I wonder what our real destinies are…" Wuya thought out loud.

"I have more to tell you…but I think I…need…" Lisa never finished the sentence because right then her eyes snapped shut and she was instantly in dream land.


A mere three hours later Lisa awoke once more.

"I feel a lot better now…" She remarked as she sat up. "Like all that sleeping and crackers has really rejuvenated me."

"It's good to see you're healing quickly." Wuya commented. "But it will be a while before a full recovery."

"I can't believe he never once fed you!" Jack exclaimed. "I mean I understand that Hannibal doesn't care about anyone but himself but he was risking your death. Why would he risk the death of his…well, servant?"

"Hanniabal! Oh!" Lisa exclaimed loudly. "I still have more to tell you!"

"You can't possibly be serious; there's more?" Chase asked. "And you need to stop over-exerting yourself, Lisa. Really…you're worrying me."

"Well…there's not exactly 'more' but speculation…Oww!" She added loudly as she re-adjusted herself. "Why is everything so painful…it hurts all over…you guys really gave me one hell of a beating back there."

"Well if we knew Hannibal had been abusing you maybe we would've been a little softer." Chase said, sounding annoyed. "You were about to say something?"

"Right, yes, I was…um…Do you guys mind if…um, can I just speak to Jack privately? Well…all right Chase can stay too…um Wuya?"

"It's okay I have some things I need to do anyway." Wuya said and departed.

"It's about…our lives." Lisa said when the witch was gone. "My speculation, it's about our lives. I…I've never had the best memory or anything but Hannibal's words are still ringing clearly in my head. He said some stuff…well, he didn't outright say very much but he sorta hinted." Lisa started.

"Hinted at what?" Jack asked.

"Hinted that he convinced all three of us to go to the heylin side. Hinted that he arranged for me to discover wu-fuse. And, this one thing he said…he said something about discovering powers you weren't meant to have. He said that to me. And I thought…" Her voice trailed off.

"What?" Jack asked.

"Chase…why do I have the powers that I have? The mind reading and the snake thing?"

"Hey…why do you have those powers?" Jack interrupted.

"Lisa, you know why; it's the family's legacy. You know the story, why are you asking?"

"I don't know the story…" Jack said quietly.

"Very well, Spicer. Every few centuries a Warlock or a Witch is born. Take Wuya for example; she's a witch. Dashi was also a warlock. Three thousand years ago one of my ancestors, whose name has long been forgotten to history, was born a warlock. As the tale goes he fell in love with a witch. But witches are unpredictable. And they do not love. Heartbroken that this witch rejected him, he wandered into the forest and tried to kill himself with magic." Chase explained.

"What happened?"

"I'm not sure exactly, but the spell did not kill him. However, that's not to say that no damage was done. He turned himself…into a beast. Something that was half-animal and half-human."


"Then many years later a woman found him and she fell in love, despite the fact that he was a hairy monster. She just loved him for some reason." Chase said. "Her name was Melinda Young. She could never marry him, for he was not human, but she spent the rest of her life with him. One day she wanted to have children, but the beast was very concerned that the children wouldn't be…human. But she really wanted children, and eventually Melinda convinced him to agree. The children they had were born appearing to be completely normal human babies. But each had the ability to turn into some sort of animal. A gene clearly passed on from their father. And since then all of the Youngs have been gifted, or cursed, with such an ability." He concluded the story.

Jack starred at him for a moment. "You mean to say that this Melinda girl…had children with…I mean she did it with…"

"Oh yeah." Lisa chimed it. "The founder of our family got on with an animal. Yet surprisingly we've always been such a proud, respected family…"

"We were until we pretty much died out fifteen hundred years ago." Chase cut in.

"Hello; we're still alive, aren't we?"

"For now. I don't plan on reproducing." Chase said. "A decision I made many years ago."

"Well I could still have children…" Lisa's eyes wandered over Jack. "Some day…"

"Anyway, that Lisa is why you have the powers you do."

"No it's not." She said darkly.

"What do you mean?" Chase asked, slightly annoyed.

"That explains why I can turn into a snake…what it doesn't explain is why I can freeze time or read minds." She paused as tears started streaming down her face. "It's his fault…he did something…Hannibal did something…he gave me those powers in hopes of me helping him rule the world or something. I shouldn't have those powers. I shouldn't be evil. I shouldn't have lived in the yin-yang world for so many centuries…Chase, this is the speculation I'm talking about. Nothing we've done, nothing any of us have done was real! It was all Hannibal! He's been using the cave to control us…He…" Her tears were now flowing more freely.

"He's gone now Lisa…" Chase said, soothingly. "You said Hannibal said that the cave tried to revert back to its old ways when he wasn't there. He's dead now. I think that means our lives will change to the way they should be. It's time to find our real destinies."

"You're right…Jack!"


"I want you to turn over all our remaining wu to the Xiaolin Monks. We don't need it."

"But I thought you wanted to re-try wu-fusion?" Jack asked.

"No…"Lisa shook her head. "I was never supposed to learn it. That's why it just failed all of sudden. I don't like the idea of a cave planning my life for me, but its plan is probably better than Hannibal's. I want to see where it takes me."

Jack nodded. "Yeah…me to."

"And I as well." Chase added.

"Jack…" Lisa said softly. "I'm sorry…I'm sorry for everything that I've done…all the drama I've caused…the way I treated you before this disaster started…I'm really sorry."

"It's okay Lisa."

"No it's not…there's no excuse for me. I...I really am sorry." She paused, wiping her tears away with her hand, and starting to smile. "Hey Jack…lean in a little closer."

"Um okay…" He said leaning. "Why?"

"Cause I haven't kissed ya in ages." She said before giving him a big smooch.

Chase coughed loudly. "I'm standing right here you know."

"If you don't like it then leave." Lisa winked as Jack pulled away, embarrassed.

Chase sighed. "Fine…but I'm coming back in two minutes. Don't do anything I wouldn't approve of, you two."

"I love you Jack." Lisa said as the door slammed. "I haven't been able to say that to you for so long…"

"I love you too, Lisa." Jack replied, kissing her once more.

"Ow…my lips hurt." Lisa said but had a smile on her face. "But it's worth it. Um…So…Hannibal is dead…with out him what will the next adventure be?"

Jack took Lisa's hand in his and looked her in the eye. "It's time to live our destinies."

The End

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