The sun it goes down, to leave us alone
In darkness that binds us, that cannot atone.
Black snow and cold storms that blow us away,
That pull us back into dark night from false day.

The pain is so great, the pain that we feel –
The love and the hate, the ugly appeal.
These things we must feel in this time, in this place,
Surely 'tis unjust – should we feel this disgrace?
All alone in the dark, locked away, far apart.
Who thought it a joke to scar our lost hearts?

Life is a battle. I want nothing of it!
Life is not worth it if pain is the profit!
Never have I felt such solid conviction
That life is not fun, this is real, not just fiction!
Life is pain – that is our purpose.
To cry on inside and die on the surface.

But surely . . . the promises spoken long ago
Were not hollow words, were not just false hope?
Promised of spring, of laughter and love.
Promised of comfort, of gifts from above.
Surely, now, these things are but true.
Hadn't we been promised we'd get on through?
Together, not alone, linked with white wings –
The promise we'd get through, the promise of spring?

Together, we can get through this... Together, we will not be broken.

A/N: I hope you liked this poem. It was inspired by volume 2! Ummm. . . It's like a combination of all the hurts and thoughts of all the Juunishi I guess.