Chapter 1

The moonlight spilled into the slumbering dormitory, the silence of the night crept around me, drowning me in my own screaming thoughts. Each minute that I sat upon this hard wood floor beside my bed, the object that will change my world forever laying in front of me, makes me want to go through with my intentions more and more.

My fingers curled around the silver object, the moonlight danced off of the blade I now held, branding it before me. I should have come to this over a year ago, but I never would have considered such an option, I held too much respect for the human race, but now, not I realize what they truly are. Kindness, compassion, love they are folly, only one thing matters to these, these wizards, power. Perhaps Voldemort has the right idea, after all, what has the 'good' side done for me? How many lives have been taken from me in my pursuit of a world rid of evil?

How ignorant I was to think I could change the world, that I could make a difference with what I was blessed with, and the knowledge I have gained, but I was ignorant, and forgot the true flaw that rests in all of us, emotions. If I can leave any impact on this world, It would be for those who I leave behind, who will have to face the war that is brewing, do not think of mercy, of love, do not linger on hate and revenge. For emotions, while they may drive power, also stop it.

This all most sound very confusing, after all, you don't know me, you might comprehend a sliver of what truly is me, for you see, I dance in this masquerade, hiding my true self behind many masks, each layer only being shown to a select few. I have many masks you see, one for school, one for home, on for this world I have thrown myself into. Very few souls have seen behind these masks, one is sleeping peacefully in the bed beside me, her curly brown hair catching the moonlight softly, the same that threatens before me, looks so peaceful for one of my best friends. And over there, across the room, Ginny's flame red hair almost dances in the same light.

Some will cry, some will weep when they here the news, Jamie is dead, but they will all have on thing on their mind, why? No one but myself can tell you my tale, while others know my secrets, others are my secrets, I alone know my entire life, something one day, could make an entrancing story.

I could start this off as some biography, about my parents, how the loving couple raised their only daughter in some cozy little home, surrounded by love and laughter, the three completely happy, but what a lie that is. My parents, mere children, in their final year of school, hide the fact my mother was pregnant. I was born in a little run-down shack, with a haunting past. Not a week after my birth I was shipped away, half way across the world to live with an older man, the one I came to love as my father, My Sam. Wonderful start don't you think? Parents that are ashamed, having to be taken in so far away.

It doesn't matter, I don't care about them anyway, Sam was my family. He used to tell me stories about the day the old man brought me too him. I used to laugh at how described me when he first held me, a little bald pink Munchkin. Now, don't get me wrong, I must sound like some unloved brat, never having somewhere to call my home, but I am luckier than I sound, but you wouldn't know that yet. Enough rambling, I know you don't care for the trivial, so here goes.

"Sam!" I called into our little house, it was more of a one room shack, but I didn't care, this was my home, my world of the eleven years I have lived. Looking around quickly, I called my father's name out again. Seeing he wasn't still sleeping, I went back out to the beautiful landscape around us, the hot July sun slowly rising. Looking back up at our home, I slowly approached the wide lake our home found residence besides. My reflection smiled back up at me, my coal hair blowing with the slight breeze behind me, a look of pure terror in my wide brown eyes. For as long as I can remember, I was told to keep away from the lake, it was evil. He never would tell me why, but I was not stupid. Any idiot could tell from our home. Hidden away, beside his bed, was a stack of news paper clippings, all having to do with the lake. You see, no one comes up to the lake anymore, well, except once in a while, this young woman, she only parks her car, and watches the water, before she leaves again. When Sam is out, usually down in town getting groceries I have found myself looking through those clippings, Before I was born, there were so many people drowned in the lake, all right here at the dock that I now stand on. One in particular caught my eye. The last one, a woman named Patty. Sam doesn't know that I know, but he carries a picture of her, in his wallet. I don't have the nerve to ask who she is, after all, I don't want him to get mad at me.

The water looks so clear, standing right here in front of it, so still. I stood their for what seemed like ages, simply watching the water. Occasionally, a fish would swim up to the surface, then disappear again, down into my mirrored reflection. The water seemed to mesmerize me, for I could only watch it.

While a confident smile, I got down on my knees, and swirled my finger around in the water, watching myself dissolve into the ripples. My simplistic happiness collapsed as the water around my finger began to bubble rapidly, swirling harder. Stumbling to my feet, I backed up on the dock, heading back to the lake shore.

Horror filled my body as the bubbles rose, the water forming a dominating figure before me. Slowly I backed away, my body longing to be on land, but afraid of this.. this... demon. My breath caught in my throat as I realize what I got myself into, Sam taught me about them, about how to protect yourself from them, but I never thought I would face one, so close. Taking a deep breath, I tried to clear my mine, recalling all of Sam's words, but unable to calm my panic. The figure rose higher, leaning over me, water droplets falling onto my hair. The Object brought itself down upon me, the water surrounding me, drowning out my scream. Closing my eyes, Fear took over, somehow, by body felt lighter, as if the heavy weight of the water was lifted, through my closed eye lids I say light surround me, my closed eyes seeing only a brilliant red. The weight came back, as I no longer felt the wooden dock, but the soft dew covered grass.

Opening my eyes, I gasped as I saw the lake from a distance, for I was laying on the grass in front of our home. Slowly I rose, the figure by the docks gone.

"Jamie Siria Evans!" I heard Sam's voice scream from behind me. Bitting down on my lip, I turned to see him running towards me, throwing down the bags he was holding. Waiting for his scolding, I lowered my gaze to the ground, clenching my fists in anticipation. His arms wrapped around me in a tight embrace, as he fell to the ground in front of me. His left hand gently stroked my hair.

"Are you alright?" He gasped, holding me closer.

"I'm fine." I spoke shockingly, he wasn't going to yell at me? But I broke the one rule he enforced, never go near the lake.

"Jamie, I'm so proud of you." He pulled away, a single tear falling from his right eye. I went to speak, but I couldn't understand why he was saying such things.

"But, Sam? I disobeyed you, I should be punished." I insisted, this wasn't my Sam, this wasn't the almost dictator father who spent all of his time at my studies, never letting me quit for the day till I seceded at the day's lesson. He simply shook his head, and helped me up off the ground.

"Low long as I acted as your tutor?" He asked calmly.

"Since I was 5."

"Don't you think it pleases me to see you use what I thought you in a real situation? Perhaps he was right." The last part he whispered to himself.

"Who? Who is right?" I asked with curiosity.

"The headmaster of Hogwarts." He spoke happily, a twinkle in his eye.

"Hog- what?" I asked, trying to recall if I ever heard of such a place. He chuckled, wrapping his strong arm around my shoulder.

"It's a school of witchcraft and wizardry, in England." He explained, leading me into our home.

"What did he say?" My mind slowly connected all the dots.

"He wants you to attend." Sam sat me down on my small bed, finding residence beside me.

"I believe it would be best for you, best to know you're roots." He smiled down at me, running his finger along the bottom of my cheek.

"After all, you can't stay in this little shack with me forever, you are destined for so much more." Tears where starting to form in the bottom of his eyes.

"When?" I asked blankly, absorbing all that my father was saying.

"The next school year starts September first, But I believe it would benefit you to live with a wizarding family before, to adjust to their world." He explained.

"But, Sam, I can't leave you here all alone!" I spoke pertectively, wrapping my arms around him, burying my head into his chest. Truth is, I was terrified, I have never traveled before, the farthest I have ever gone is into town with Sam, and now he expects me to go half way around the world, alone?

"Jamie, listen to me." He spoke sternly, tearing me away from him to look into his blue grey eyes.

"I can only teach you so much, about our world, but there, there you can be part of a community, over there one doesn't have to hide their power, believe me Jamie, I have known quite a few witches growing up concealing their true selves, you don't want the same ending as them." He dropped his gaze, looking over towards his bed, where the clippings hide.

"Please go, for me?"

"I would do anything for you Sam... Father."