(Hey I got this idea from playing MASH! Lol that's the funniest games ever, if you don't know how to play MASH, I pity you, I Really do. It will explain in further chapters so, keep reading )

So you want to play MASH

Chapter 1: A Sleepover?

Sam was sitting at home, when her cell phone rang. Caller I.D. read: Valerie. "Hey Val." Sam said pleasantly into the phone. "Um, I don't know, a sleepover, this weekend?" Sam thought about it, and thought if she was doing anything. Honestly Sam was tired of spending her weekends helping Danny fight ghosts. Sam and Valerie had become friends, after awhile they were both into similar things like: music, guys (Danny), and friends. But the things they weren't in common with was: Style, movies, clothes, and shopping in general. Valerie, of course was the "Oh my God, I love shopping, and staying in style, cute pony movies, and pink everything (well not entirely everything)" And Sam was the "Stay away from me and we'll be fine, and black everything." Type, but only one thing brought the girls together… Danny. Both girls had major crushes on Danny (NO DUH!). But both of them agreed on a truce that neither of them would make him fall for of them, but that he would come to the girl he liked, and they wouldn't fight over him. And Sam was fine with that.

"I don't think I'm doing anything, sure, well what should I bring, just the normal?" Sam asked then paused to let Valerie answer. "Yeah, yeah, ok I'll bring everything over, I'll just call my mom to let her know I'm not going to be home this weekend." Like she'll care…

"Ok mom, I will… I remember, yes… I know… no he won't be there, ok thank you mom." Sam hung up the phone. She sighed. "Time to start packing…" Valerie wanted Sam to sleepover Friday-Sunday. So Sam had to pack a lot of stuff, plus the stuff Valerie asked her to bring. And today was Thursday.

Valerie had asked Sam to bring all her make up over, and anything else she needed. Sam grabbed her eyeliner. SNAP! It broke in half. "Ugh! Dammit, that was my last one too, well I guess I'll run out to Hot Topic after I'm done packing." Sam said aloud

Sam put five pairs of clothing into her backpack, not counting her pajamas and under shirts. She threw a bunch of pads and tampons in too. She put her make up case next to her over stuffed backpack and picked up her cell phone and dialed Danny's number.

"Hey Danny, do you want to run out to the Mall really quick?" Sam said "Uh, yeah sure, I just need to pick up some more eyeliner, it shouldn't take to long." … "Ok, thanks, Danny." Sam hung up, and sat down on her bed, closed her eyes and fell onto her back, asleep.

"Hay Sam… wake up." Danny said "Oh… huh, hey. How long have u been waiting?" Sam asked drowsily "Not long, but are you ready to go?" "Oh yeah, lets go."

Danny and Sam flew off toward the Mall. Sam looked at Danny's white hair and beautiful green eyes, oh how she longed for them, if it was up to her right now she'd kiss him, but she had to remember the truce between her and Valerie. Danny looked down at Sam and noticed her staring at him. "Uh Sam… are you ok?" Sam blushed "Uh, yeah I'm fine." She looked away.

It wasn't long until they got to the Mall, Sam bought her eyeliner and a few more things, and she bought hair dye, gages, and red nail polish.

Danny flew her back to her room and left, he had to study for his test tomorrow, Danny was in Summer school, and he had tests every Friday, and this Friday's test was gonna be a killer.

Sam stayed up late watching some horror movie till about 1 then she fell asleep on the sofa. She woke up the next morning at 12. She went out for lunch then cam back, and headed over to Valerie's place.

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