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So You want to Play MASH?

Chapter 25: Do you still like me?

"Get out of Sam!" Danny yelled, he didn't want to attack this… Aimi ghost if she was in Sam's body… he had to attack Sam before unwillingly when she was controlled before… but he didn't want to again…

"I'm not inside your friend, I'm controlling her from my world…" Aimi laughed.

"What do you want?!" Danny was pissed. He did not want to deal with this now.

"I want you Danny Fenton…" Aimi licked her lips. Danny scowled… he didn't like this one bit.

"Let Sam go!"

"If you want Sam to be safe, listen to me…" Aimi smiled

"What do you want?" Danny said

"Change into Danny Fenton…"

Danny did as she told him… not letting his guard down. Aimi, who was using Sam's body walked over to Danny, she touched his face with her hand, and her eyes stared into his. Just then Sam's body fell over unconscious.

"Sam!" Danny grabbed her before she hit the ground.

"Hey! What are you two doing in there!" The Worden yelled

Aimi jumped back "N-n-nothing sir!" Walker glared at her and walked away…

"God Damn! I was so close to taking control of him!" Aimi pouted

"Oh go cry about it…" Chikako

"what?! We've been trying to get him for so long!" Aimi cryed to her sister

"Listen… I found a way to get out of this forsaken place… so listen closely, once we get out of here… we can go and fight Danny Phantom ourselves…" Chikako laughed.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Danny asked Sam for the third time.

"Yes Danny, I'm sure I'm fine." Sam smiled

"Really? Because you don't seem okay?" Danny pushed

"Is it because of the cuts?" Sam asked "Because if it is, I don't really remember doing that… I remember seeing myself doing it but I don't think I did."

Danny just sighed "Anyway… how are we going to stop Aimi?"

"I don't really know…" Sam thought "Well she's using me to get to you, so when she tries to attack you with me... all you have to do is ignore it… I think she can only get you when you're hurt emotionally, so keep optimistic." She smiled

"I'll try." Danny smiled back at her "It's hard when the girl you like yells at you…"

"Heh… well sorry I can't help that." She said giving him a hug. "You know that what I said… I didn't really mean it."

"I kinda got that after Aimi appeared." Danny said hugged her back

"Do you still like me?" Sam asked looking into his eyes

"No… I don't like you Sam…" Danny smiled "I love you." He leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips, which she returned.

Sam looked over at her clock it was 5 o' clock. The day had went fast. Just then Sam felt a slight vibration in Danny's pants… his cell phone. He grabbed it.

"Hello?" Danny said into the receiver "I'm at Sam's…its only five…but I… mom!... okay I'll be home soon…bye." Danny hung up.

"The school called my mom and told her I skipped out early today…They also told her that I might be doing drugs." Danny sighed

"Why'd they say that?"

"Who knows..." Danny hugged Sam. "Well I have to go… I'll see you tomorrow?" He kissed her gently.

"Definitely." Sam said wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him passionately.

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