Halloween Party.

It was Halloween, and everyone was dressing up. RJ was a Werewolf. Hammy was a Mummy. Ozzie
was Hamlet. Heather was dressed up like her favorite singer, Avril Lavigne. Verne was Franke-
nstein. Stella was a Gargoyle. Lou & Penny were ghosts, even though their quills kept poking
holes through the sheets. And the three Porcupine kids were all zombies. The porcupine kids
then snuck up on Hammy, and jumped on him. "Brains!"

"AH! They're going to eat my brain!"

Hammy hadn't known it was them, and really thought they were real zombies.

The group managed to steal a lot of candy bags from kids, and even stole a large Pumpkin basket.
Then came the ghost stories, with RJ as the storyteller.

"A long time ago, in an old bakery, a criminal came in and held everyone inside hostage. Then,
one of the hostages, a young girl, managed to jump the criminal from behind. She knocked his
gun out of his hand, and grabbed it. When he charged her, she fired, killing him. Then, 10
years later, one of the bakery employees claimed he had seen a ghost of a man at night. It was
the ghost of the criminal, and he wanted revenge. When an employee was cooking a Gingerbread Man,
the ghost went inside of it. The Gingerbread Man came to life, and attacked the employees. They
finally managed to destroy it, by tossing it in the furnace. The ghost never returned(Note: I
used the idea from a movie called The Gingerdead Man, although I changed a lot of it)."

Hammy had fainted.

RJ smiled at everyone after they had woken Hammy up.

"So, ready for another scary story?"

Hammy raised his hand.

"Actually, I think I'll go watch TV instead.

"Suit yourself."

Hammy sat in front of the TV, and turned it on.

"Welcome Back to William Shatner's Full Moon Fright Night, featuring the movie: The Vampire Journ-

Hammy changed the channel.

"Welcome back to the Night of The Living Dead Marathon!"

Hammy changed it again.

"Welcome back to the Peaceful Channel."

Hammy sighed in content.

"Our next program features only safe & soothing movies...Yeah right!"

Hammy stared at the TV.

"Our next movie, Demonic Toys, will blow your mind away in fear as you watch demon toys kill peopl-

Hammy turned the TV off.

Hammy was walking over to the log, when he tripped, and hit two sharp rocks. The rocks hit his
neck, leaving two small stabbs that looked like vampire bite-marks. Hammy got up, and continued
on to the log. He looked down at a small mirror, and then saw the "bite-marks."

"I'm a vampire!"