RJ was finishing the story about a creature called The Shrieker, when Hammy jumped him. His voice
was too fast for anyone to understand.

"RJ I don't wanna be a vampire I don't don't wanna have to drink blood to survive I don't want to
have to never see the sun again!"


"I don't wanna be a vampire!"

"What are you talking about?"

Hammy showed him the "bite-marks."

"Hammy, vampires aren't real. Is there any other way you could have gotten those in your neck?"

"Well, I did trip over two small rocks..."

"Then they must have left those in your neck."

"Are you sure I'm not a vampire?"

RJ smiled.

"I'm quite sure."

Hammy was too awake no to go asleep. He sat there by the others, who were all sleeping. Then,
Hammy heard a noise. It sounded like a Werewolf. Hammy cuddled down next to his pal RJ, and
finally went to sleep.

Hammy awoke because he was hungry. He crept over to the mini-fridge, and pulled out some cheese.
He sat by the fridge eating it, when he heard another noise. It was to his right, and this time
it sounded like whispers. Hammy back up, until he bumped into something. He raised his head
up, and saw a giant, grinning pumpkin monster(the pumpkin basket). Hammy screamed, waking every-
one up, and ran to RJ's side.

"The monsters are watching us."

"Hammy, there is no suck thing as monsters."

As RJ said that, everyone else went back to sleep. Only RJ & Hammy were still awake.

"But I saw & heard them!"

"Hammy, its just your imagination."

But Hammy payed no attention.

"Oh, no! I heard whispers, I heard dead people! Next I'll start seeing them, just like off the
Sixth Sense!"


Hammy turned to RJ.

"Hammy, the Sixth Sense is all fake. Monsters are not real. It is all just your imagination!"


"Hammy, go to sleep. You're tired, and seeing things. I need to sleep too."


Hammy layed against RJ, and watched the stars. Then, as he was about to fall asleep, he saw a
giant bird fly across the sky(I got this from the reports of "Thunderbirds," giant birds that have
been sighted all over the world, supposedly, and can control lightning. I am a huge Cryptozoo-
logy fan).

Hammy just closed his eyes, knowing it was his imagination. Or was it?