Loonatics Unleashed - New Season

I have heard that this site does not accept stories in script format so I have reworked and now changed the original episode script-format of this story into a typical prose-format story. Apologies to those of you who may have read my first script-format story and preferred that one to this new rewritten version, but we have to obey the site's rules on story submissions!

The stories to come are all ideas of mine for Loonatics Unleashed episodes in a new season. I will be introducing new original character villains and a long running plotline that will build up to a season finale. Hope you like what I've come up with. Oh, and Loonatics Unleashed is the property of WB.

Episode 1: A Living Nightmare

It is a quiet evening. The roads of Acmetropolis are empty save for a truck driver transporting an oil tanker delivery to a factory. Suddenly, the driver sees a dark hooded figure standing in the middle of the road in front of him. Taken by surprise, he swerves the tanker wildly around the figure, barely missing her. But as he glances down at himself, he sees hundreds of spiders and other insects crawling all over his body and hands. He panics and screams, losing control of his steering and the oil tanker topples over onto its side upon the road. The driver pulls himself out of the vehicle frantically just as it explodes into flames. He wildly tries to brush off all the imaginary insects off of him. The mysterious hooded person disappears into the night. The Loonatics, via jetpacks, arrive at the scene to find the petrified truck driver on his knees and slapping himself madly crying, "Get 'em off me! Get 'em off me!" Slam and Rev curb the fires from the fallen tanker with their tornadoes and super speed respectively. Ace and Lexi attempt to calm down the frantic driver as Tech and Duck watch them.

'Hey take it easy mister! Just calm down!' says Lexi.

'Yeah, and tell us what happened here!' Ace adds.

The driver, with a fearful voice, stammers, 'Someone…on the road….insects all over….lost control….'

'That makes a lot of sense.' Duck mutters sarcastically.

Tech looks at the shaking driver thoughtfully and offers an observation. 'He seems to be suffering vivid hallucinations.'

Rev and Slam, having put out the fires from the tanker, join the others with the driver. Police cars and an ambulance van pull up at the scene too. Medical staff see to the frightened driver.

Rev asks, 'That's-weird.-What-do-you-think-made-him-start-seeing-things-all-of-a-sudden-then?'

Ace replies to Rev's query, 'Ah dunno, but somethin' tells me that we'll find out soon enough.'

From a building top nearby, the mysterious, shadowed, hooded figure crouches and watches the Loonatics. A masked lower half of her face is shown.

'Yes, you'll find out soon enough indeed.' she utters darkly.

The show's opening sequence starts at this point.

The Loonatics are back at HQs reviewing the case of the hallucinating driver.

Tech presents his analysis of the case. 'This is the third case of, apparently, hallucination-induced accidents in Acmetropolis this week. Coincidence?'

'I think not. Somethin' screwy's goin' on.' Ace affirms.

Zadavia appears in a monitor screen. ''Screwy' is right Ace. There's another incident occurring downtown at The Acme Prehistoric Museum as I speak. Security cameras have caught images of a hooded figure breaking in.'

Zadavia uploads video footage for the Loonatics to see. The footage shows the mysterious figure setting up explosives onto the museum entrance and blowing it up, then making her way inside.

Lexi questions, 'What would anyone want with a bunch of old dinosaur bones and ancient stone fossils?'

'Umm, maybe they make good ornaments for the home?' comes Duck's offered reason.

'We're on it Zadavia!' Ace responds confidently.

Scene changes to the outside of The Acme Prehistoric Museum. It is night time again. The Loonatics make their way through the rubble and debris of the blown-up entrance and start investigating inside, turning on their in-built arm torches.

'So where's our mysterious intruder?' Duck queries.

Ace turns to Rev. 'Can you pick up anything on your GPS Rev?'

Rev activates his GPS powers then shakes his head. 'Nope-nadda-nothin'-Ace.'

Lexi's auditory amplification is activated. 'Hold on guys, I thought I heard something!'

From a dark, shadowed corner of the museum, the hooded woman emerges. She is wearing a long, stylised, navy blue trench coat with an additional shorter layer to the coat hanging from her shoulders. The lower half of her face is covered by a half-mask so that only her deep blue eyes are visible under her thick hood. She looks up at the Loonatics.

'Finally we meet Loonatics. I have been awaiting your arrival.' she says calmly.

Tech questions, 'And you would be…?'

The hooded woman replies, 'I am Psy-clops.'

'Eeerrr, you have more than one eye miss.' Ace jokes.

Psy-clops replies, 'But it is only one 'eye' that holds most significance for me.'

Psy-clops pulls back her hood revealing long jet black hair with a centre-parting on her head. She closes her two eyes in concentration.

'Yo! Lady! Don't fall asleep! Wake up!' Duck shouts at her.

Suddenly, to the surprise of the Loonatics, a large third eye opens on the woman's forehead.

Slam, in surprise, cries, 'Raadaablaablaahuh!'

Slam suddenly sees the walls of the museum closing in on him. He frantically tosses his head around to look for an escape route, but can find none. He cries out in alarm and panic and falls over, looking around him wildly at the approaching walls. Rev looks down at his feet to see them buried firmly into the floor. He struggles to free himself but cannot, then he turns his head around to see a terrifying, large, faceless shadow of a monster coming toward him. He cries out in fright as well, still helplessly rooted to the spot. Lexi looks down at her arms and hands only to see them change into grotesque grey mis-shapened appendages, then to her further horror, she sees the rest of her body following suit and transforming into a disgusting, malformed, melting mess. She screams in terror.

Ace, looking at the terrified Slam, Rev and Lexi, demands, 'What's happening to them!'

Then suddenly Ace too sees his whole team screaming and crying out to him. He tries to run to their aid but their forms seem to retreat further and further away from him as he tries to reach them. He cries out in anguish.

Duck is confused by what is happening. 'What the…?'

Duck is hit by the sounds of echoing mocking laughter from all around him.

Duck angrily shouts out, 'Shut up! Shut up!'

Duck tries to conjure up some of his power orb randomizers to throw, but to his dismay he cannot. He lets out a gasp then a whimper of 'Mommy…' as the sounds of mocking laughter grow louder around him.

Tech, quickly pulling out a flash grenade from his belt, attempts to warn his team mates, 'She's a psychic telepath! Everyone! Get back! Get….'

But Tech falls to his knees too. The grenade drops from his hand as he sees a heart-wrenching scene of some of his prized inventions exploding into flames and a flame-thrower gun of his pointing directly at him and charging up to fire. He squeezes his eyes shut and clutches his vigorously shaking head.

Tech croaks, 'My…precious babies…'

The flash grenade, fortunately, rolls over to Psy-clops' feet and goes off, emitting a bright flash and stunning her from her concentration. The Loonatics' frightening visions cease as suddenly as they came.

Ace recovers first and points in Psy-clops' direction, ordering to his team, 'Quickly! Get her!'

But the Loonatics find her missing when they manage to recover themselves from their shock.

Duck, with dry sarcasm, exclaims, 'Great, she's gone with the wind!'

'What did she do to us?' Lexi asks, holding herself tightly.

Tech, with a hand to his head, replies, 'As far as I could tell, she was telepathically inducing extremely vivid and nightmarish hallucinatory images in our minds.'

Rev, glancing down at his feet, claimed, 'It-all-looked-pretty-real-to-me.-I-mean-I-coulda-sworn-that-my-feet-really-were-stuck-in-the-ground-and-there-was-a-giant-monster-after-me-and-….'

Slam weakly agrees with, 'Yabaalaarablaarahscary.'

Ace acknowledges, 'Yeah Slam, it was pretty scary stuff. Let's get back to HQ and recuperate. We're gonna need to prepare for the next time we lock horns wid this Psy-clops lady, or we'll be as helpless as cornered mice!'

Commercial break comes in at this point.

The Loonatics are back at HQs recuperating. They are all trying to get some rest in their rooms, but they are having little success as nightmares plague their sleep. Ace, with gritted teeth and a tensed, creased brow, dreams of leading his team into grave danger. They all fall down into a bottomless canyon as he watches on, completely unable to do anything to save them. He wakes up startled and shocked, then looks up to his bedroom ceiling to see he has burned two holes right through it. Lexi dreams of looking at herself in a mirror and finding her whole body drastically deformed beyond recognition and horrible to behold. She wakes up with tears in her eyes and covering her face with her hands. Duck dreams of crowds of people pointing, laughing mockingly and whispering taunts at him about his uselessness. He wakes up crying out protests. Slam dreams of being in a small, confined room with the walls moving in on him. He wakes up scrambling and gasping for air. Tech dreams of being in an air battleship creation of his with a giant particle beam canon charging up and targeting Acmetropolis. Tech is at the controls frantically trying to stop the canon from firing, but he fails, and the canon fires, decimating Acmetropolis. Tech shoots up in bed screaming, 'NOOOOO!' Rev dreams of once again being pursued by the faceless shadow monster, but his super speed is useless and he cannot outrun it. The monster closes in on him and Rev wakes up sweating beads and panting heavily. The Loonatics gather in the main living room early next morning.

Ace, tired and hunched over, yawns, 'Couldn't sleep a wink last night.'

Lexi rubs her eyes. 'Same here. I had a really bad dream.'

The others nod in agreement to the bunnies.

Tech, trying to stifle a yawn, theorizes, 'It would seem Psy-clops's mind control has longer lasting effects too. If this keeps up on a nightly basis, we're going to be suffering permanent insomnia!'

'Noooo waaayyy! I need my energy boost naps!' Duck exclaims.

Slam agrees, 'Radablaamarah!'

Ace orders, 'We need to go track down that 'psycho-lops' and find out how to rid ourselves of our living nightmares! Tech get on the scanners, search the whole planet if you have to, find her!'

Tech confidently responds, 'Searching is what canines do best! I'm on it chief!'

The scene changes to Acme Central Park. Night-time again. The Loonatics arrive there on their motorcycles.

Tech informs his team mates, 'According to my city wide brain wave scanner, there was an unusually high electro-neurological signature emanating from this location.'

'Tech, in English please?' requests Ace.

Tech rolls his eyes. 'I think Psy-clops might be here.'

Psy-clops' dark voice rings out clearly all of a sudden, 'Excellent detective work Coyote!'

The Loonatics whirl round to see Psy-clops again.

Ace quickly gives the command, 'Loonatics! Nail her now! Before she has a chance to use her psychic powers again!'

The Loonatics rush at her except for Tech, who readies a long stun gun in his hands. Psy-clops avoids a brain blast from Lexi by jumping high up and knocks her backwards with a jumping round house kick. Ace fires off an optical laser blast at Psy-clops too, but he is cut off by Lexi flying into him and they both fall over backwards. Then Slam tornadoes his way to her, but her third eye opens and instantly Slam sees the ground rising up above him as four walls, boxing him in tightly. His claustrophobia sets in and he cowers, curling up into himself.

Lexi cries out, 'Slam! Someone help him! He's claustrophobic!'

But Lexi is then confronted with the sight of her body becoming deformed and grotesque again. She gasps sharply as she stares down at her apparently twisted hands and fingers.

Ace tries to call to Lexi, 'Lexi! Fight it! Whatever you're seeing, it isn't real!'

Lexi covers her face with her hands and backs away from Ace. 'Stay away from me Ace! I'm hideous!'

Ace in dismay tries to reach for her, but is hit with the sight of all his team mates lying dead on the ground around him. He collapses into a defeated heap at the sight.

Ace whispers between tears, 'It's…all my fault….'

Tech shouts over to Ace whilst raising his stun gun. 'C'mon Ace! It's just an illusion! Snap out of it!'

Duck exclaims, 'Looks like Danger Duck and Boy Rooster will have to save the day!'

Duck and Rev teleport and run (respectively) toward Psy-clops. Duck conjures up two power orbs and prepares to toss them at her, but she turns her third eye's gaze onto him and he drops the orb eggs as he is surrounded by the sounds of taunting whispers and mocking laughter once more. He covers his ears with his hands in a vain attempt to block out the sounds.

Duck screams out, 'Just leave me alone! All of you! You have no idea how hard it is trying to be a role model hero!'

Tech shouts over to Rev, 'Rev! Distract her! And don't look her in the third eye!'

Rev runs from side to side in a zig-zag pattern in front of Psy-clops, keeping a fair distance between them. Tech takes aim at her with his stun gun and fires off a shot, Rev retreats over to Tech's position, but the stun shot misses her narrowly as she jumps to one side. She then faces the last two standing Loonatics.

Tech and Rev together utter, 'Uh-oh…'

Rev suddenly feels his legs growing weak and feeble and finds he cannot move them as he senses the approach of his faceless shadow demon from behind.

Rev squeaks in fear. 'Not…again!'

The sense of vulnerability overcomes him.

Tech drops his stun gun and feels himself encased in one of his power exo-suit creations which seems to take on a mind of its own. It raises his arm inside of its own, targets Tech's team mates and prepares to fire its in-built machine guns at them. Tech tries to resist the machine's murderous objective, but it is futile.

Tech cries out in helpless despair. 'NOOO! Don't do it!'

Psy-clops scoffs, 'So pitiful! The great Loonatics so easily conquered by their own inner fears! Is this the best Acmetropolis has to offer in its own defence?'

Ace shakes his head and stands up slowly to face Psy-clops.

'No. I wouldn't let my team mates down that easily. I'm not that bad a leader. I'm better!' he affirms to himself.

Ace's distressing hallucination disappears as he regains his confidence.

Ace shouts out, 'Loonatics! Don't fall prey to your fears! Conquer them! Rise above them! And they'll no longer have power over you!'

Lexi looks down at the vision of her deformed body again.

Lexi creases her brow in determination. 'I don't look like this! This isn't me at all!'

Lexi, to her delight, sees her body change back to normal.

Duck faces the imaginary critical crowd surrounding him in a fed up manner. 'Ah zip it the lot of you! I don't need your approval to know that I'm a great superhero!'

Duck stops hearing the mocking voices and laughter.

Slam gets up from the ground and begins smashing through his imaginary wall prison with his fists, breaking free of it.

Rev forces his legs up. 'My-legs-aren't-that-weak!-I'm-a-roadrunner-with-super-speed-for-cryin'-out-loud!-Nothin'-can-catch-me!-Nothing!'

Rev regains the use of his legs and starts running dizzying circles around his nightmare shadow monster. It disappears into thin air at this.

Tech growls within his hallucinatory exo-suit. 'Hrrrr! You don't control me! I control you! You don't malfunction unless I program you to! I don't make such major mistakes with my inventions! I am not an incompetent genius!'

Tech's exo-suit prison dissipates from around him. He activates his electro-magnetism and attracts his dropped stun gun back into his palms, then takes aim once again at Psy-clops, and fires for a second time. This time, the stun shot hits Psy-clops square in the chest and she falls over, apparently knocked out cold. Her third eye closes shut. Tech bends over the limp form of Psy-clops and inspects a strange insignia mark he spots on the back of her hand. The mark is an image of a cracked sun with a chimera-like creature emerging out of the solar crack. The other Loonatics gather to his position and Tech stands up to join them in conversation.

'Nice-shot-Tech!-Good-thing-you-brought-that-stun-gun-along-otherwise-it-might've-been-more-difficult-to-capture-Psy-clops-if-we-….' Rev blurts.

'Yeah yeah, we get the picture Rev! Tech's gizmos are handy and all. But he didn't defeat miss mystic eye here all by himself you know.' Duck dismisses.

Ace agrees, 'Duck's right for once guys! We all overcame our own personal inner fears and came through for each other. And in the space of 5 minutes too! Not bad for a day's work!'

Lexi points at where Psy-clops was lying a few seconds before. 'Umm, where is miss mystic eye?'

The Loonatics look around puzzled.

Duck complains, 'Great! She's gone with the wind. Again!'

Tech rubs his chin thoughtfully. 'Hmm, she had a strange marking on the back of her hand. Some kind of organization's emblem, though I didn't recognise it. I suspect this Psy-clops is working for someone else, someone that has interest in us perhaps. She only seemed to be intent on challenging us. That would also explain her lack of obvious motivation for her other crimes in the last week.'

Ace concludes, 'When you put it that way Tech, it does sound like somethin's afoot. We may have ourselves some new enemies Loonatics.'

Scene changes to sometime later. Psy-clops, having escaped the Loonatics, returns to her mysterious organization's base of operations somewhere unknown. Only the interior of a large, dark hall is shown as Psy-clops walks up an eerily spotlighted aisle. She stops at a short flight of steps that lead up to a platform with a throne-like chair standing upon it, and bows to the shaded figure of a sinister-looking man seated in the highchair. Psy-clops pulls back her navy blue hood and removes her half-mask to reveal the rest of her face with dark blue lips as well.

Psy-clops reports to sinister man, 'The 'test' has been conducted as you requested. They have each passed with flying colours. And I believe they have great potential for your future plans my lord.'

The sinister man, in a satisfied manner, replies, 'Excellent! The Loonatics will play a crucial role in our new world order...'

The End of Episode 1!