Yey! I finally found a bit of time and energy to write up episode 6 of my fan-made season of Loonatics Unleashed! And just before my Christmas holidays are finished! Hope you all enjoy the read. It shall be my gift for the new year to all LU fans! But alas, I'll be back in university tomorrow (8th January '07), so again, it may be a while (months!) before I can write up another episode story.

Anyway, this episode introduces my ideas for Sylvester and Tweety descendents. So disregard the show's second season "Royal Tweetums" and "Sylth Vester" when reading this story.

Note that there's a little bit of 'supposed' Chinese I've written somewhere in this story. It's not accurate Chinese, I made it up, so don't try to ask a Chinese person to translate it precisely, 'coz it won't make any sense to them!

Thank you to everyone who left feedback on my previous episode stories. Please let me know what you think of this latest story readers!

As always, Loonatics Unleashed is the property of Warner Bros.! But Stealth Cat, Sonic Canary and the villains are my ideas.

Enjoy the read!

Episode 6: The Cat and the Canary

2:00 AM. At a quiet, ageing warehouse somewhere in Acmetropolis, a feline figure is perched silently on the roof of the building, scanning the vicinity around below him. He is covered head-to-toe in a dark navy blue jumpsuit patterned with silver lines running over his shoulders and down the sides of his body, complete with a silver utility belt and several pouches at various spots on his suit. A navy blue mask covers his face with two white eye holes. The feline anthro raises his gloved hand to his pointed cat ear and presses a radio button positioned there.

'No sign of them yet,' he mumbles into an in-built communicator in his mask. 'I'm starting to think your sources may have been somewhat incorrect Canary.'

Over at another secret underground location, a female canary bird anthro leans over a panel of electronics and responds to the cat's transmission. She is dressed in a similar jumpsuit to the feline except with gold lines on it, a simple eye piece mask that still reveals her aquamarine blue eyes, and long, bright blonde hair falls around her similarly coloured blonde-feathered face.

'Don't be so sure Stealth. The phone conversations I tapped into were definitely not 'incorrectly' sourced. They were from one of Maston's private lines. Our scanners I.D.ied his voice positively. It was him alright. The transaction should be going down tonight!' she confirms with certainty.

'Wait, I'm seeing two vehicles approaching,' Stealth Cat announces to her over his communicator.

As he spies the road below, he sees two inconspicuous silvery grey cars pull up just outside the large building. A group of 8 oriental-looking men dressed in dark blazers step out of the cars. One of them, wearing shades over his eyes, appears to be the leader of the group, taking the lead in front of the others. The other men carefully lift out a mysterious large metal case from the boot of one of their cars. They follow closely behind the leader with their cargo as he enters the shadowy warehouse.

'They've entered the warehouse. I'm following,' Stealth Cat announces over his com to his canary partner.

'Be careful,' she cautions in response.

With that, the feline anthro known as 'Stealth Cat' moves swiftly and quietly into the warehouse through a loose roof tile. Once inside, he expertly creeps along the length of metal beams just underneath the building's roof, following the direction of the oriental men.

The oriental men silently walk through shadows into the centre of the drafty building.

'You're late,' a deep, bodiless voice rings out from the shadows.

The source of the voice becomes apparent when a large, bulky man over 6ft steps into the scarce dim light available. His black hair is gelled smoothly back over his head, a thick moustache sits under his equally thick nose, and he is dressed in a spotless beige blazer and trouser suit set. A small group of 5 other dark brown-suited henchmen stand behind him.

Unknown to both sets of gangs, Stealth Cat is eavesdropping on them from the shadows above.

The shaded leader of the oriental group removes his shades from his eyes and neatly pockets them in his right chest pocket.

'Apologies Mr. Maston,' the Chinese gang leader offers, 'You understand how difficult our journey here was. What with having to travel overseas and avoiding detection by your country's 'tight' security and all.'

'You have the item?' Maston presses on.

'We do.'

Stealth Cat's white masked eyes widen as he eyes the cargo carried by the oriental gang.

The Chinese gang leader nods at his men carrying the large metal case. They respond by lifting the case to Mr. Maston, then setting it down on top of a wooden crate in preparation for his inspection. Maston eagerly reaches for the case and opens it. Inside he glimpses what looks to be a rusty ancient piece of Eastern armour. But a glimpse is all he gets. A sharp boomerang-like weapon lands on top of the case, pushing it closed again. All the gang men look upwards in the direction from which the thrown weapon originated. The descending shape of Stealth Cat overshadows them as he jumps down from the metal beams above. Before his feet touch the ground, he kicks out his legs in opposite directions, striking down two of the oriental criminals, one behind, one in front of him. He lands gracefully on all fours.

'Get that cat!' shouts Maston to his henchmen.

The Chinese gang leader orders his men to do something as well in their Mandarin language. They obey and quickly move to pick up their large metal case with its precious armour contents.

Maston's men run toward Stealth Cat to stop him, reaching into the insides of their jackets for their guns. The sleek cat swivels on a grounded hand and knocks the legs out from under 3 men in one sweeping take-down move. He then produces razor-sharp claws from his fingers and slices the guns held by the remaining 2 men into pieces in swift strikes. The now unarmed men back away in fear from the feline anthro.

'Sorry fellas, but none of you will be taking that 'prize' away tonight!' Stealth jests at the gang men.

Suddenly, Stealth is pushed to the ground as a binding rope is launched at him from behind. He unexpectedly finds himself tied helplessly on the floor and struggles vainly to free himself.

'Looks like your luck just ran out kitty cat!' laughs Maston's deep voice as he walks up to the struggling Stealth Cat, holding up the launcher that he had used to fire the rope at Stealth from behind.

One of Maston's henchmen then runs to him shouting, 'Mr. Maston! The Triads have gone! Along with the package!'

Maston's face falls into a dark anger momentarily. His thick hands clench into tight shaking fists, but then he manages to suck in his anger and regain a fairly calm composure again. He turns his gaze upon Stealth Cat once again.

'You and your partner's reputation precedes you 'Stealth Cat',' he continues in an unnerving smoothness. 'I'd heard whisperings in my underworld about 'The Infiltrators' and how efficient they were at tracking down the most elusive of criminals. I can't have that kind of trouble dogging me in my line of work now can I?'

'Stealth! Stealth, are you alright?! What's happening?!' Canary's concerned voice rings out from Stealth's mask's in-built communicator.

Maston, hearing the cat's audios, smirks.

'The 'Sonic Canary' I presume?' he guesses.

Stealth Cat remains silent to Maston's question.

'You better tell your little birdie over wherever she is to not sing a word of tonight to the police or to come looking for us!' Maston threatens to Stealth.

Stealth again remains defiantly silent. Maston's face pulls into a fearsome snarl.

'Tell her now!' he bellows at the cat, pulling out a gun and aiming it at his face.

Stealth still remains silent. Maston's fearsome face approaches Stealth's.

'I hope you're listening to me Sonic Canary!' Maston's voice booms down Stealth's communicator.

On the other end, the intended bird recipient listens fearfully.

'If you value this flea-bitten feline's life, you'll stay clear from my current business dealings! Or if you sing one word of this to the police, you can also be assured of the cat's 'painful' demise!' Maston warns threateningly.

'Canary! Forget about me! Take this trash ou…!'

But Stealth Cat doesn't get to finish his statement. On the other end, Sonic Canary gasps as she hears the sound of a heavy fist thump into the cat's face, rendering him silent, not by his choice this time.

Opening sequence starts here.

In Southern Acmetropolis, the Loonatics are battling a giant-sized villain. A man the height of the buildings around him is attempting to trample on the Loonatics. He is wearing an expanding deep purple and light blue suit. The Loonatics on the ground beneath him, are dodging and weaving around his huge boots.

'Who is this big brute again?' Lexi shouts over the thunderous steps of the giant man.

'Tremor, you can probably guess why he calls himself that!' Ace answers back to Lexi.

The two bunnies leap out of the way as Tremor attempts to squash them underneath his giant foot. They then launch their brain-blasts and optic lasers simultaneously at him, but they have little effect on the gargantuan man.

'It's no good! We're little more than flies to him! Our powers are only tickling that huge body of his!' Lexi observes.

'He should be the one calling himself 'Massive' if you ask me!' Duck quips in a reference to their old gravity-controlling villain.

'Well I have a few 'tremors' of my own to deliver! With my new 'Seismic Ground-splitters'!' Tech declares as he slides on two bulky, hi-tech mechanical gloves. Power lines on the metal gloves light up as Tech activates his new weapons. The coyote then smashes his gloved fists down unto the concrete ground. From their point of contact, the ground trembles and fault lines rapidly spread out through the concrete toward the hulking form of Tremor. Tremor wobbles unsteadily on the now fractured, shaky ground beneath his feet, but he manages to stay standing.

'Pathetic Loonatics! You're just minor annoyances to me!' cries Tremor in triumph.

The giant bends to a crouch and drops his huge palm down toward the ground above a vulnerable Duck, seeking to squash him. At the last moment, just before the huge palm hits, Rev speeds to the rescue, pushing Duck clear of the falling huge hand. There is a massive indentation left in the ground when Tremor lifts his heavy hand up again.

'I could have quacked myself out of there!' Duck complains to Rev, in annoyance at having being rescued by him.

'You're-welcome!' Rev replies the ungrateful mallard sarcastically.

Slam then spins toward Tremor's huge ankle at full tornado force. But the Tasmanian devil just bounces off it and goes crashing into a wall nearby.

'Need a little help?'

The Loonatics all turn their sights around to see the source of the assistance offer. They see a navy blue and gold-striped suited blonde canary anthro, Sonic Canary.

'Whoah! Who's the bird babe?' Duck drools at the sight of her.

'She-looks-hot-alright!' Rev comments in awe as well.

Sonic Canary runs toward Tremor.

'Cover your ears!' Canary shouts at the Loonatics. They do as she says.

Tremor lets out a thunderous, raucous laugh at the sight of the newcomer.

'What are you gonna do little birdie? Serenade me to sleep? Ha! Ha! Ha!' he mocks.

'Something like that,' Canary responds. She then inhales a deep breath and lets out an unnaturally piercing, high-frequency sonic scream. The sonic waves cause cracks to appear in the walls surrounding Tremor, and he doubles over covering his aching ears at the high-pitched scream.

'AAAGGHHHH!' he cries out painfully, 'Stop! Stop, please!'

Tremor then starts to shrink down to a smaller size. Canary stops when he has reverted to his normal human size. Tech moves quickly to the shrunken Tremor and attaches a capture device onto him, which then emits a restrictive, encapsulating energy field around him, preventing his body's growth expansion. Tremor struggles uselessly to break free of his energy field prison.

The other Loonatics approach Sonic Canary.

'Thanks for the assist!' Ace thanks Canary.

'Yeah, thanks,' Lexi sarcastically adds, rubbing her painfully throbbing sensitive ears.

'Those are some impressive vocals you got there Miss…' Ace trails off.

'Criminals know me as the 'Sonic Canary', but you guys can call me 'Tanya Tweet',' Canary answers to Ace's identification prompt.

Rev zips in front of Ace to face Sonic Canary. 'It's-a-pleasure-to-meet-you-Miss Tweet!-I'm…'

'…Rev Runner,' Canary finishes for him.

Duck suddenly pushes Rev aside so he can meet Canary too. 'And I'm…'

'…Danger Duck,' Canary again finishes. 'I know who you all are Loonatics. I've been seeking you out.'

'Ah a fan of mine of mine I see,' Duck gloats, smoothing his spikey hair back over his head.

'Don't be so full of yourself duck,' Canary scoffs. She then turns back to address Ace again. 'I require the Loonatics' assistance for a problem of mine.'

'We're all ears Tanya,' Ace responds.

Later at Loonatics' HQs, Sonic Canary is relaying her plight to the Loonatics in their command centre room.

'My partner 'Syvo Cat', better known as 'Stealth Cat', has been captured by Marcus Maston AKA 'The Crime Lord' during a particular illegal dealing of his, which we sought to prevent.'

As Sonic Canary talks, Rev and Duck stare dreamily at her with their faces cupped in their hands. She continues.

'Stealth and I have been tracking Maston's activities as best we could for the last 3 months, and we discovered he'd made a deal with Chinese Triads to purchase a priceless piece of artifact armour, stolen from a Shao Lin temple in Northern China.'

'What would this 'Crime Lord' want with an old piece of Chinese heritage?' Tech questions, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

'That is still up for speculation, but we do know he's willing to pay a hefty sum for it,' Canary answers.

'So you and this 'Stealth Cat', you guys work for the secret police or something?' Lexi queries.

'No, we're a low-profile vigilante duo known as 'The Infiltrators'. We've taken it upon ourselves to monitor and hunt down underworld criminals, just as you have become public superheroes to protect the city from major threats,' Canary responds.

'Other justice-doers operating right beneath our noses, who'd have thought?' Ace comments with intrigue.

'My main dilemma now though lies with rescuing my captive partner. I need help for a rescue mission as well as to take down the Crime Lord,' Canary summarises, 'I can't do it alone, and I'd prefer no police involvement at this time.'

'Don't you worry your pretty little head Miss Tweet!' Duck dramatically announces to Canary, 'Danger Duck is at your service!'

'And-the Rev-Runner-express-too!' Rev quickly chips in after Duck.

Canary raises an eyebrow curiously and looks at Duck and Rev, in puzzlement at their attempts to look heroic.

'Any ideas where Crime Lord would be holding yer buddy Tanya?' Ace asks.

'Not yet, but I can find out,' she answers confidently.

'Chief, if I might suggest, I think it would be of benefit if I went and did a little bit of research into that artifact armour Maston wants, from its source location in China,' Tech suggests. 'I can take the new turbo-fitted jet. Be there in 5 hours flat!'

Ace nods at Tech's suggestion. 'Alright Tech, take Lexi wid ya and do that. Keep in contact with updates.'

Tech nods in acknowledgement. 'Yes Chief!'

'The rest of us will follow Tanya to try and find the rock Crime Lord's hidin' under,' Ace instructs to the others. 'Loonatics, let's jet!'

Soon after, Tech and Lexi are buckling themselves into the seats of the turbo-fitted jet. Tech flips a few switches as they prepare to take off.

'Initiating launch sequence,' he informs.

'You just can't wait to get in the air and test this new baby of yours can you?' Lexi jokes at Tech.

'Don't be absurd Lexi! I'm just getting us to the Sei Ping region in Northern China,' Tech briskly denies.

The jet lifts out of the Loonatics' HQs gracefully.

'Hmm, perfect take off,' Tech comments to himself in a pleased manner, 'The Turbo Jet 5000 looks good so far.'

Lexi just smiles and shakes her head at him knowingly.

Meanwhile, Ace and the others head out in Tech's Turbo Accelerator 7500 vehicle to a run-down suburb area of Acmetropolis, following behind Sonic Canary who is riding her motorcycle and leading the way. They eventually come to a stop outside a dimly lit clubhouse.

'This looks like a friendly place to visit,' Duck sarcastically comments as he looks at the entrance to the shabby building.

'This is a hotspot meeting ground for thieves, mobsters and other manner of criminal offenders,' Canary informs the Loonatics. 'If anyone knows where Marcus Maston is at this time, they'll be in there.'

'Oh-boy!-We're-gonna-be-in-way-over-our-heads-this-time!' Rev nervously remarks.

Canary suddenly pulls herself uncomfortably close to Rev, approaching almost beak to beak with him. 'No worries Rev darling. You just gotta let them know who's boss, and they'll bend over backwards for you. Asserting your authority over criminals shouldn't be a problem considering you're a superhero. I assume it'll be a breeze for you.'

'Heh-heh!-Yeah,-a-breeze,' Rev nervously repeats.

Canary pulls herself away from a sweating Rev. Duck gives Rev a jealous stare as Canary walks to the clubhouse door. Inside the smoky clubhouse, a doorman hears a loud knocking at the door and goes to answer it. He opens a small peeping hole in the door.

'Password?' he asks gruffly.

The doorman's eyes widen in shock though when he sees who it is. Before he can react, the clubhouse door is kicked down by a stern-looking Sonic Canary, backed by four Loonatics. Everyone in the clubhouse turns their glares to the unwelcome intruders.

'I want the Crime Lord!' Canary dangerously demands as she and the four Loonatics make their way through the displeased stares of a sea of criminals. 'And someone here knows where he is!'

'You heroes got nerves barging in here!' shouts one ruggedly dressed man with a stubbly chin as he approaches the Loonatics and Canary with a metal bar in his hand.

More of the thugs also approach the heroes with chains, bats and knives at the ready.

'Uh oh, this mob's turning angry,' Duck nervously observes.

The first thug with a metal bar takes a swing at Sonic Canary, but she grabs his weapon, flings it out his hand and delivers a swift knee into his stomach. The other thugs then take shots at the five heroes with their own weapons. One man runs toward Ace with a knife held above his head, but Ace simply fires off an optic laser blast and melts the steel blade in the man's hand before he even reaches close enough to strike the bunny. Another man swings a bat at Duck, but hits empty air when the mallard teleports out. The man looks around himself in confusion at the disappearance of the duck. Duck then rematerializes behind the bat-wielder in a crouched position and he kicks the back of his knee, causing the man's legs to buckle and his hand to drop his bat. Rev runs dizzying circles around a man spinning a chain and before the man can blink, Rev snatches the chain out of his grasp and smacks a back fist strike across the man's face. Slam imposingly stomps toward two men who look up at the large-framed, burly beast in a frightened manner. They run away from him screaming. After the heroes have squashed the resistance, Canary walks up to a disoriented man lying by the wall rubbing his head, and picks him up roughly by the collar.

'I won't ask again! Where is the Crime Lord?!' Canary blasts into the man's face.

'He'll kill me if I tell!' the man pleads desperately.

'You'll have worst things to worry about if you don't tell us what you know!' Ace threatens, turning the man's petrified stare to face his glowing hot gold eyes.

The man gulps. 'I…I hear he'll be at the old factory on Rotherham Street, tomorrow night! Something about a second meeting with Triads!'

'Have you seen him in person since last night?! Did he have a captive with him?!' Canary further interrogates the trembling man.

'I…I don't know anything else! I swear!'

Ace places a restraining hand on Canary's shoulder. 'Canary, he doesn't know anything more. Let him go.'

Canary drops the man reluctantly. 'Alright, let's go,' she instructs to the Loonatics.

Canary, Ace, Slam and Rev make their way to the exit. Rev stops when he spots Duck at the bar trying to order a drink.

'And I want a slice of lemon on the glass too!' Duck orders at the man behind the counter.

Rev zips over to Duck and grabs him quick as a flash.

'Hey!' Duck protests as he is dragged out of the clubhouse by the speedster.

Two hours later, Tech and Lexi arrive in China. Their turbo jet lands at the bottom of some rocky mountains. The two Loonatics walk out of the jet only to be confronted with the sight of a dauntingly tall mountain.

'The Shao Lin temple we're looking for is up this mountain,' Tech informs.

'What?!' Lexi cries in disbelief. 'You mean we have to climb that whole mountain to get there?!'

'It would seem so,' Tech replies strangely unphased.

'No way are we gonna make it!' Lexi protests.

'Oh yes we will!' Tech holds up a set of hi-tech climbing gear including grappling hooks, extending cords, spiked boots and rock-digging clawed, metal gloves.

Lexi grins. 'I should've known! You always come prepared Tech!'

The coyote and bunny begin their ascent up the mountain. Half an hour later, they reach their destination near the top. An old Chinese temple greets them there.

'That must be the place,' Lexi declares, hauling herself up over the last stone ridge.

Tech and Lexi approach the temple entrance. To their surprise, two orange-robed monks leap down from nowhere in front of them, taking fighting stances. Lexi responds immediately by taking on a fighting stance as well, but Tech blocks her path with a straight arm.

'Wait Lexi! We don't want to make enemies here! We need information from these monks! Let me handle this!' Tech explains.

Lexi nods and relaxes her guard. Tech slowly takes a few steps forward toward the monks with his arms raised calmly at his sides.

'Wor bu sart sha ne chi sah na,' Tech speaks to them in a peaceful manner.

The monks relax their guards as well as Tech speaks.

'Ee wrah buah ju!' one of the monks reply to Tech in a greeting tone.

The two monks bow in greeting to Tech and he reciprocates them with a bow of his own.

'Ka suh nee bai ja lor moo jia. Bu yow zuwah mei!' Tech continues in his surprisingly fluent command of Chinese.

'Ho! Lai lai!' one monk calls with a beckoning hand as the other pushes the temple entrance gate open.

'We can go in now,' Tech informs Lexi.

'Wow Tech! I never knew you could speak Chinese!' Lexi says impressed.

'And 11 other languages plus reading skills in 4 forms of ancient writing systems and sign language!' Tech smugly boasts.

'Okay, that's just showing off now,' Lexi replies.

Tech and Lexi are led through the temple gates and into the temple itself. Inside they are met by an old, bearded grand master of the temple. Tech explains in Chinese their reason for coming to him. The aged man nods in understanding. He proceeds to tell Tech something in Chinese.

'What did he say?' Lexi queries to Tech.

'He says they were raided a week ago, and their revered ancient armour of warriors was stolen, hence why there were guards at the gate just now,' Tech translates back to Lexi, 'They've, understandably, become a little wary of outsiders since then. He also said that according to their legends, that armour is said to bestow great power upon its wearer.'

'Would a crime lord from Acmetropolis seriously believe in such a story?' Lexi wonders aloud.

'Why else would Maston go to the extent of dealing with Triads and be willing to pay so much for that armour?' Tech reasons.

'But who in this age believes in ancient magic?' Lexi argues in some disbelief.

'I've always thought it's not out of the realm of possibility,' Tech replies.

Tech turns back to the grand master and asks something else in Chinese. The grand master gives an instruction to one of his monk students, who then runs out into another room. He returns a few seconds later holding an impressive, long sword with ancient engravings on the blade. The monk hands it over to Tech and bows. The grand master proceeds to explain about the sword to Tech in Chinese.

'He says this sword, again according to legend, is said to be the only weapon that can withstand the power of the armour and penetrate it,' Tech translates again for Lexi, 'It could be useful to us.'

Tech and the grand master respectfully bow to one another, then Tech and Lexi take their leave of the temple. Later, they board the turbo jet and take off into the air again.

Tech activates the com channel, contacting HQs. 'Tech to base, is anyone there?'

'Ace here. What did you and Lex find out Tech?' Ace responds from HQs.

'We spoke with a grand master at the Shao Lin temple. Apparently, the armour that was stolen from them is supposed to grant its wearer 'great power'. We also picked up something that might be of help in combating it,' Tech informs Ace.

'And we got a tip that the Crime Lord is gonna be at the old Rotherham Street factory to meet with the Triads again tonight!' Ace informs Tech in return.

'We'll be back as soon as we can. Whatever you do, don't let Maston put on that armour! I don't think any of us wants to find out what kind of 'great power' that armour would give him!' Tech advises Ace.

'Got'cha Tech. Ace out.'

With that the communication is cut off.

'Strap in tight Lexi, I'm putting this puppy into overdrive!' Tech warns.

'Oh boy…' Lexi mutters, gripping her seat's arm rests tightly. 'Just watch out for the…AHHH!'

Lexi cries out in fright as the turbo jet's engines blast out with increased ferocity, propelling the craft at an even higher velocity through the air.

Some hours later at midnight back in Acmetropolis, Maston and his henchmen are waiting in the old factory. Stealth Cat is bound to a chair nearby him, flanked by two armed men. He writhes in the tight ropes that bind him.

'Don't bother struggling anymore Stealth Cat. No one's coming to rescue you y'know,' Maston taunts.

'Just you wait Maston! Sonic Canary will take you down soon enough!' Stealth retorts back.

Maston laughs loudly in the masked cat's face. 'I very much doubt that,' he smirks, 'Not with your life on the line.'

Maston turns his back on the feline anthro and walks away. Soon, the Chinese Triads arrive again to meet with Maston, along with their cased armour.

'I hope there are no more interruptions to our transaction this time,' comments the Triad leader with some annoyance in his tone.

'There won't be Mr. Cho,' Maston assures.

Mr. Cho, the Triad leader, snaps his fingers and two of his men bring forward the cased armour again. Maston's eyes follow it eagerly. The Chinese men open up the case to reveal the ancient armour to Maston. He nods at them in pleased satisfaction.

'Finally, it's mine!' he breathes to himself.

'And now for our payment?' Mr. Cho impatiently reminds Maston.

'But of course,' Maston smilingly replies.

Before one of Maston's men can move forward with a suitcase of money, a flaming ball that turns into tar splats onto the suitcase, knocking it out of the man's grasp and sticking it to the floor.

'What the?!' Maston cries out in surprise.

Suddenly, Danger Duck jumps out from behind some wooden crates, launching more power orbs at the men. A couple of the men are knocked over by his tar eggs and stuck fast to the floor.

'Surprise! Who's up for some Duck omelettes?' Duck jokes.

As more of the armed men attempt to take aim at the mallard with their guns, a red blur whizzes past them all. They then notice that their guns are missing.

'Looking-for-lost-toys-boys?' Rev teases as he waves their guns at them from a distance. He then snaps the long guns into halves across his raised knee and scatters the broken pieces onto the ground around him.

Slam lumbers out from a hiding place by some old factory machinery and starts swatting the unarmed men aside. Ace punches and kicks his way through the clusters of henchmen, including Mr. Cho, as well.

Meanwhile, Maston runs to the Shao Lin armour. He grabs it from its case and rushes to hide behind some wooden crates by a wall.

Sonic Canary runs over to the tied up Stealth Cat and begins untying his ropes.

'Took ya long enough Canary!' Stealth complains mockingly.

'Sorry Stealth, went to get some help.' Canary nods at the four Loonatics to demonstrate her point.

'So I see,' Stealth acknowledges.

Ace runs to the case that the armour had been held in and checks it. 'Ey, where's the armour?!'

'Right here rabbit!'

Ace whirls around only to be whacked across the head by a strong, thick-armoured arm. He goes flying right into a wall. A fully armoured, aura-radiating Maston marches into view, laughing sinisterly.

'Rugahbah Ace!' Slam goes running to Ace's aid, but he is knocked about 15 feet back by a powerful blast of bright crimson energy from Maston's glowing, armoured arm. Maston lets out a maniacal laughter.

'He has the armour on!' Canary gasps in dismay.

'I'm invincible!' Maston cries out triumphantly.

Rev and Duck attempt to charge at Maston from each side. Maston fires a narrow crimson beam at Rev's approaching feet, tripping the sprinting road runner over. Then a large wooden crate nearby is encompassed with his red energy and he levitates it right at Duck. The flying crate smashes into the side of the mallard, knocking him over hard.

'The Loonatics are down!' Canary cries in dismay at the situation.

'Then it's up to us!' Stealth Cat pulls out a small explosive pellet from his belt and tosses it at Maston. It explodes, but when the dust clears, the red-radiating Maston is still standing, undamaged.

'No way!' Stealth cries in disbelief.

'Is that the best you can do?' the empowered Maston taunts.

'There's more to come Crime Lord!'

Canary, Stealth, Ace and the other Loonatics look around to see the source of the voice. It is Tech with Lexi standing next to him. Tech holds up the sword he received from the Shao Lin grand master.

'Sorry we're a little late, but y'know what traffic's like these days,' Lexi jokes.

'You think you can stop me with a puny sword?' Maston roars at them.

He fires a crimson bolt of energy at Tech, but Tech deflects it with the sword.

'Well what d'ya know? The legends are true!' Lexi comments.

'Is it that surprising?' Tech curiously questions her.

Tech blocks more blasts from the powered Maston with the blade. Finally he positions the blade to reflect a blast right back at Maston. The reflected beam hits the villain right in the chest, knocking him over onto the floor.

'Stealth! Canary! Catch!' Tech levitates the sword with his magnetic powers in their direction. Stealth catches it. 'It'll cut right through that armour!' Tech shouts to them.

Maston picks himself up from the floor in a fury.

'Canary! Soften him up!' Stealth orders.

'You got it!' Canary inhales deeply and fires out a piercing sonic scream at Maston. He is pushed back a couple of feet, but still withstands the tearing sonic currents.

As soon as Canary's sonic scream stops, Stealth then jumps up and flips forward through the air. He brings the sword above his head and lands performing a vertical strike down the centre of Maston's armour. Maston stumbles backwards from the force of the sword strike and the armour splits in two. Maston gasps and attempts to make a break for the exit, but he is halted in his tracks by a brain blast from Lexi.

'What's the big rush Crime Lord?' Lexi jests at him, 'Stick around for a while! You'll be having guests in uniforms coming round soon.'

Stealth and Tech proceed to tie an angry-looking Maston up.

'Good job guys!' Ace commends everyone.

Some time later, at Loonatics' HQs, Stealth and Canary are speaking to the Loonatics for a final time.

'Thanks for your help Loonatics. We couldn't have brought the Crime Lord to justice without your help,' thanks Stealth.

'And I wouldn't have been able to get my partner back on my own,' Canary adds. 'We owe you guys one.'

'Don't mention it,' Ace replies in a friendly manner. 'We help where we can.'

'We worked pretty well together actually,' Canary comments to all the Loonatics, 'We should do it again sometime.'

'If you could do with some extra help for a tough mission in future, look us up,' Stealth offers, 'The Infiltrators are always around!'

'We'll be sure to do that,' Tech replies gratefully.

'Pardon my saying so but…it's rather odd seeing a cat and a bird working so closely together,' Lexi comments uncertainly. 'I mean, don't you guys ever 'not get on'?'

'Sure, we nearly killed each other on our first encounter,' Stealth shrugs glancing at Canary. 'But we're not quite a Sylvester and Tweety rivalry.'

Lexi just smiles and nods politely at Stealth's answer, though she is still confused.

Duck sidles up to Canary's side. 'Soooo, since we're your heroes now, do I get a kiss?'

Canary gives the mallard a sharp smack across his beak.

'Oww!' Duck rubs his beak tentatively.

'In your dreams Duck,' Canary huffs in offence.

Stealth and Canary bid the other Loonatics farewell as they head out.

'Bye Rev!' Canary winks at the road runner.

Rev, in a happy, dream-like state, waves back to her. 'Bye Tanya…'

Duck glances in surprise from Canary to Rev. As soon as Stealth and Canary have left the room, Duck marches up to Rev.

'What was that all about?' Duck demands.

Rev blinks at Duck. 'Hmm?-What?'

'Why'd Tanya give 'you' a wink?' Duck interrogates again.

'She gave me her number,' Rev sighs in an unusually slow speech speed.

Duck feels his face turning red with jealousy. 'That's not fair! I'm the better looking one!'

'Rev must be the better sweet talker then,' Tech surmises to infuriate Duck further.

The other Loonatics giggle at this.

'You're all despicable!' Duck mutters.

The End!