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"Gabriella! Stop sleeping on the job! Have you ordered the flowers for the Johnson's wedding yet? Their wedding is in less than a week!" an annoying voice rang out in her office.

Gabriella jumped up at the voice, recognizing it as her boss's. She looked up to find that it was indeed her boss, standing in the doorframe of her office with her arms crossed. She snatched the piece of paper that stuck to her forehead off, and began to rub her eyes from dozing off on her desk. Gabriella yawned, and then stretched her arms.

"Yes, two dozen lilies and pink roses for the bridesmaids' bouquet?" she inquired making sure her order was correct.

Her boss, Jamie was blonde and had hazel eyes. She was fairly easy going, but she always wanted a job to be done correctly and without hesitation. When she asked you to plan a wedding, you had to answer a 'yes' right away, otherwise she would hand it off to another planner in the agency.

Jamie smiled, "Yes, good work Montez. You know, you are one of my best wedding planners. Keep it up. Oh, and don't forget to call the caterer's and cancel the spaghetti platter order for the Smith's," she said before walking out of Gabriella's office.

Once she left, Gabriella groaned and let her head fall and hit the desk. Gabriella was not one to sleep during her job, but she was up half the night because Taylor spent the night at her apartment weeping and sobbing about her ex-boyfriend, Josh. Taylor and Gabriella kept in touch after high school, and were still friends. They both lived in Louisiana, where they moved after they graduated college. Taylor became a chemistry teacher, and teaches at a school nearby Gabriella's office. Sometimes on her lunch break, Gabriella would stop by and they would eat lunch together.

Kelsi called her office once and awhile, to catch up on things. She and Jason were still dating, after they got together during junior year. She became a famous composer, writing for Broadway in New York. Gabriella and Taylor recently flew out to see one of her shows, and Gabriella thought it was fantastic.

Gabriella hadn't heard anything from Sharpay or Ryan; she guessed they were too busy with their 'drama lives'. All she could remember was that Sharpay went off to college with an acting major and Ryan with a directing and producing major. As for Zeke, he now had his own cooking show on television and also opened up a restaurant near where Gabriella lived. Gabriella kept trying to go and see him there, but every time she was about to walk out the door, Jamie would give her another wedding to plan or problem to solve.

Chad and Troy had become basketball stars, both in the NBA. They played for the L.A. Lakers. This was always a sore subject with Gabriella; Troy and Gabriella had dated in high school, but they broke it off before they left for separate colleges. She didn't want to break up, but long-distance relationships were hard. Besides, Troy was probably going to have girls all over him; she didn't want to find out something that would break her heart. Chad and Troy both usually were on television for interviews, since now they were the newest and hottest thing in basketball. Most of the time Gabriella would change the channel, not wanting to think or see him. It hurt, and Gabriella didn't go a day without thinking about him.

Gabriella sighed as she picked her head up from her desk. Her brown eyes wandered to the clock on her computer screen, and saw that it was five after seven. Her eyes widened in shock, and then picked up the phone. She swiftly dialed the number of the caterer's, hoping to catch them before they left for the day. Luckily for her, a man picked up.

"C&C Catering, how may I help you?" a scruffy voice said.

Gabriella smiled and perked up. "Hi, I need to cancel part of a previous order," Gabriella spoke into the phone with a bright voice.

The man sighed on the other line. "What is the last name of the order?" he asked irritated as Gabriella heard tousling papers in the background.

"Smith. I would like to cancel the spaghetti platters, please," Gabriella said sweetly, not wanting to get on the guy's nerves.

She continued to hear the ruffling of papers. "Yeah, Smith. Cancel the spaghetti platters?" he confirmed.

"Yes, thank you," Gabriella replied.

"You got it toots," he said before he hung up.

Gabriella made a sound of disgust as she hung up the phone. She yawned again and then stood up. She looked around her office; observing how messy it had become. She had papers everywhere, manila folders falling off her desk and computer monitor and order forms all over the place. This time of year became busy; it was the beginning of spring and wedding season was right around the corner. She sighed, and then started to clean up the mess.

Her walls were painted a light shade of blue, and she had pictures of her friends and family hung up. While she was cleaning one of her bookshelves, she looked up and saw a picture of her and Troy. Troy had his arm around her waist while he was kissing her on the cheek. She faintly smiled, but then shook her head and started to clean again.

An hour later, she began to gather her things to go home. She grabbed her purse, jacket and a couple of folders for further planning at her apartment. She closed her office door and began to walk out of the building, her heels clicking on the marble floors underneath her feet. Unfortunately, before she got to the elevator, Jamie stopped her.

"Gabriella!" she yelled as she passed her office.

Gabriella hung her head back and let out a small groan. She reluctantly turned and walked into her boss's office.

"Yes?" she asked, trying not to sound annoyed.

The blonde smiled. "How are you coming with the Smiths' wedding? Did you cancel the order?" she asked, leaning back in her black leather chair.

"Yes, I did. I called and canceled about an hour ago. Their wedding is coming along fine, I'm taking home their plans tonight to tie up some loose ends," Gabriella replied.

Jamie nodded. "Good. You know you are one of the most requested wedding planners in Louisiana?" she asked with a bright smile on her face.

Gabriella's face lit up. "Really?" she asked surprised.

"Yes! People from New York are flying in just to get married here because they want their wedding planned by the astonishing Gabriella Montez!" she exclaimed.

Gabriella grinned. "Thanks. I better be going home, though. I'm starving," Gabriella said as she started to walk out of Jamie's office.

"Oh, and Gabriella?" Jamie asked before she left.

Gabriella closed her eyes and sighed before she turned around. "Yes?"

"You might have another wedding to plan tomorrow. Someone called earlier, and they asked for you. These people are from California! But more details tomorrow. Well, I'll see you later!" she said as she waved.

Gabriella put on a fake smile and waved back. "See you tomorrow," she answered back as she left for the elevators. 'Great, another wedding. Just what I need. As if I don't have enough to plan already! Ah, well, maybe this one will be easy,' she thought as the elevator took her down to the lobby. Regrettably, she was in for a surprise the next day.


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