I had a lot of fun writing this; and as you have already likely guessed from the huge gap in updates, I'm discontinuing this along with everything else I've put on this website. My love for fanfiction has really just died out, but I don't regret doing this – it was good practice, and really got me into the art of writing itself! But I can't escape the fact that this is an extremely poorly written story, and I've moved on and tried to improve. There was a time this kind of thing was really important to me, but my motives, inspirations, and tastes have changed; and while I still write, I steer clear of this sort of style now.

I still submit my works online, however – I have a Deviantart account! I do a lot of horror and fantasy now. I've put the link on my main page. My username is Virgini-Merisusa.

If you'd like to talk, or to see my work, or if you want me to take a look at your own work, it would be great if you could contact me there!

Thank you guys for all the past support and I hope to hear from you elsewhere!