(I obviously do not own DBZ or any of the DBZ characters. Saera and planet Kerinan, however,are my own creation.)

This story is about a girl, Saera, who goes to Earth to meet her saiyan father. Saera is half kerinani/ half saiyan.The kerinani is a powerful race which has many abilities. All have the ability to control the elements, shapeshift, teleport,and read minds. Each kerinani also has their own unique ability. Saera has the usual kerinani abilities, along with her saiyan ones- it will be mentioned later on in the story.

Saiyan Princess of Kerinan

Saera checked the com unit of the ship to see how long it would be until she reached her destination. 30.7 minutes. She was still a bit nervous about meeting her father for the first time. I wonder what he's doing on a planet such as this, Saera thought as she checked the information on Earth. She'd previously checked Vegeta-sei for him, but it was no longer in existence.

Back on Kerinan, she'd heard rumors that a monster called Frieza had destroyed the saiyan planet years ago and her own observations seemed to prove that those rumors may have, in fact, been true. Soon after she'd started back home, Saera had heard that her father had been one of the few survivors and that he was now on Earth. She would soon see if it was true. I hope it is, she was getting tired of searching.

Vegeta was training in the gravity room and it was nearing noon. After blowing up another robot, he left the G.R. to see what Bulma had made for lunch. When he walked into the kitchen, however, there was no food in sight. "Woman!" Vegeta bellowed, "Where's my food?" He walked over to the table and saw a note.

Trunks and I went to Goku and Chichi's for lunch today and I'll be going to the grocery store on the way back home. You can check the fridge to see if you can find anything, or you can come over.

"Damn onna," Vegeta grumbled as he checked the fridge finding nothing that would satisfy his hunger. He walked outside and took off into the sky toward Kakarotto's house.

Saera buckled in as the ship neared the Earth's atmosphere and the com unit began counting down for the landing. 10...9...8... Saera pulled the ship into correct landing position. 7...6...5...4... She braced herself, closing her eyes and holding on to the arm rests.3...2...1... The ship landed in a valley and Saera got out looking around.

This planet looked much like Kerinan, from what she could see. Saera took off into the sky and started searching for her father.

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