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"Raesha, get Isaac and Amy and meet me down at the Quantum Mirror. Can you do that for me?" Kristie asked her ten-year-old daughter fervently.

Raesha nodded at her mother before going off to find her two five-year-old siblings: Isaac Nathaniel-Gray and Amy Maria. She knew where they would be – the SGC Nursery with the rest of the children that had to go through the Quantum Mirror in order to escape the impending attack.

Raesha calmed the growing fears of Isaac and Amy, telepathically, while she communicated that they should gather their things together. When she arrived at the nursery, her Uncle Jack and Aunt Sam's children: Jeremiah (ten), Julia (eight) and Joel (four) were still there, along with her Aunt Janet and Uncle Daniel's children: Hannah (ten), Stephan (seven), Felix (five), and Eva (one). Raesha nearly growled in frustration – they were supposed to already be down there!

"Come on!" she finally said, exasperated with the simple mindedness of Hannah and Jerry. She knew for a fact that their parents had told them to watch out for their siblings and get them to her mom. It still didn't make much sense to Raesha that her four older siblings were staying until the last group went through the Mirror. What did Aunt Sam hope to gain by that?

Soon all ten children were gathered around the Quantum Mirror, waiting for Kristie O'Connor to arrive with the last four children. As Raesha looked around at the other children, she realized that she was the only calm one in the bunch. Even Eva was fussy, she didn't know what was going on, but she was picking up on the heightened emotions of her siblings and cousins.

Jerry was trying his hardest to be a 'big boy' and hold the fear that his parents would die trying to save them, at bay. While Hannah kept on glancing at the door, hoping that her mother would arrive and rid all the fear from her heart and the minds of her sister and brothers. Julia kept her mind occupied by helping to keep Joel out of harm's way, as SF's flooded through the corridors, going about their work. Felix was sucking his thumb as he clutched a stuffed alien in his arms possessively, trying his hardest not to attract attention or get in anyone's way. It was going to be a long night.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, Kristie showed up with the last four of her children. Cosette immediately went to the control device for the mirror and started turning it to find an appropriate reality. Jacquie started gathering up the bags that the group would need to take with them while Mike and Elijah helped their mother guard the door.

The Ori had finally figured out how to attack Earth with ground troops. The only way to save the children was to take them to a different reality where the Ori hadn't attacked yet. It had been so long since the last attack – everyone had thought they were safe again. Then the ship had appeared on the outskirts of the Ida galaxy.

"Got one!" Cosette said confidently from her place near the Mirror. "No Ori ground troops and none in the vicinity of Earth as far as I can tell."

Kristie nodded to her daughters, "Good work. Now I want all of you to go through, I'll be right behind you."

There was little time for argument as the younger children were herded through the Mirror and fanned out to wait on the other side in the unknown but 'safe' reality. In the other reality, the Mirror seemed to be kept in a dark cave – not on Earth, apparently.

Kristie watched as Cosette and Jacquie went through the Mirror. She turned to her sons, "Go, I'll be right behind you." Mike didn't want to go, knowing he could help his mother fend off the Ori that were now coming through the Stargate, but Elijah forced him over to the Mirror and the two went through.

A blast from a Prior's staff hit Kristie as she watched her sons go through the Mirror. With a cry of pain she leapt toward the Mirror, her hand barely touching it, just enough to activate it, before she fell down. "Shut it off!" she shouted to Cosette (who had taken the control device with her when she had gone through) before passing out from the pain.

Raesha ran to her mother, Isaac and Amy not too far behind. The quads were too busy trying to keep the other children calm to do anything for their mom. It was only a few moments before Raesha was able to get the twins calm enough for them to reach out their combined powers (under Raesha's steady mind) and heal Kristie.

Kristie opened her eyes and looked up with a smile at her three youngest children. She loved them all so much, but it made it so hard for her when she found out that Raesha was so telepathic that she reminded Kristie of the Phoenix from The X-Men. She just hoped her daughter wouldn't suffer the tragedy that was the Phoenix. Her youngest children, fraternal twins, were healers by nature. They shared the telepathic bonding with the other children and their parents, but the majority of their power was healing – and it grew as they did.

"Okay, kids, let's go find the Stargate," Kristie said, taking Eva from Hannah, and one of the bags from Jerry. "Did you remember the GDO, Raesha?"

"Yea, Mom, it's right here," the girl said, handing the 'Garage Door Opener' to her mother with a smirk.

With a sigh Kristie took the small device, putting it on her wrist. "Just follow the yellow-brick road."

Soon the fourteen children and one mother were walking on a path in the forest when the sounds of an approach were heard. Kristie turned to Cosette and nodded once, mentally telling her to make them invisible (a nice side-effect of having power over the air).

"Carter, are you sure there's something worth while on this planet?" Mitchell asked as the four members of SG-1 came into view of the hidden group. Kristie's eyes went wide as she saw the four of them together.

Okay, Cosette, take it off, Kristie told her daughter mentally. Soon four P-90's were trained on them as their forms became visible.

"Don't shoot," Kristie said, adjusting Eva so the wiggling child wouldn't drop out of her arms, "My name is Dr. Kristie O'Connor – I'm Jack O'Neill's niece. We're from a different reality."

Sam shared a look with Daniel and Teal'c before turning back to the woman standing before them with a large group of children. Mitchell nodded toward them, not moving the aim of his gun, "Who are they?"

Kristie smirked in a very O'Neill fashion, "Half are mine, three are Sam and Jack's, and four are Janet and Daniel's."

"What?" Sam cried at the same time as Daniel.

"Janet's dead!" Daniel said venomously, his enraged eyes meeting Kristie's calm green ones. She extended a tendril of her power into his mind to calm him down.

"In our reality she is very much alive."

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