Kristie looked out at the Stargate from the Control Room, her rounded belly reminding the techs that she was pregnant – and the most important person to ever step through their halls. Her eyes glassed over as she pondered the device in front of her, the one that had changed her life so long ago.

It was hard for her to imagine what her life would have been like without the Stargate Program, Thor, or even Uncle Jack and Sam. She was a completely different person than she'd been fourteen years ago, when she'd first shown up on Jack's doorstep, pregnant and with nowhere to go. He'd taken her in, given her a place to stay and a new path to lead in life. Somehow, she felt she could never repay him for that and everything else he'd done for her.

Her hand aimlessly wandered over her stomach, causing the unborn baby inside to kick at her palm. What was she going to do now that all previous threats had been eliminated and Earth could now, seemingly, live on in peace?

She knew what Jack was going to do: run for the White House and try to create a whole new perspective on the office of the presidency. She wished him the best of luck in that endeavor, but it wasn't for her.

Jeff was now a Lt. Colonel, making his way up the ranks because of his own abilities and not his wife's or his children's. He had made sure of that before accepting either of his promotions since marrying Kristie. The Powers that Be wanted to send him to head off another colony, and it was up to Kristie if they went.

Was that really what she wanted? To be the head of a colony of humans on the edge of the galaxy? Why not? They could create a beautiful place full of love, and a safe haven for both children and adults. All those not wanted by their own kind, and home worlds. Could she live with that? Could she content herself with raising her children on a foreign planet with foreign people?

She thought she could. That's why she sent a tendril of her power out to find her husband and tell her he could accept the command with her blessing.

Sure, there were many things about Earth that she would miss – like the internet. But the important things she was taking with her: her family; her children. Chocolate. And those people who would be staying on Earth could be visited frequently as she got on with her life and her marriage to the wonderful man who'd fathered four of her wonderful children.

Okay, so they had their moments, but all in all, Kristie was pretty pleased with the way she had raised her children and was continuing to raise them. The job wasn't done, and there would probably be many different things they would have to go to counseling for when they had grown up; but you can't be the first of a brand new race without having some baggage that needs dealt with.

She heard someone come up behind her and turned just in time to see Raesha stop, two feet away from her standing in the doorway. The girl silently asked her mother if she could join her, and was rather surprised to see the warm, loving smile that answered her question.

Raesha stood next to her mother, their arms wrapped around each other as they silently discussed everything and nothing at the same time. This was the one thing Kristie had never been able to do with her other children, and the one thing that managed to save her relationship with the wonderful daughter she had in her arms.

Perhaps it was all just a comedy that the gods decided would be fun to watch. Perhaps there was no point to it all. Perhaps the sky was fuchsia on the planet they were going to. Perhaps…

"I'm tired of 'perhaps's," Kristie whispered, her head falling to rest on top of her daughter's, "Let's just trust in the Keeper of the Stars to show us what to do, and live our lives to the best of our ability."

Raesha nodded, "It's just like what Oma told Uncle Daniel all those years ago."

"What's that?"

"The universe is so vast, and we are so infinitely small. In the end there is only one thing we can control: whether we are good or evil."

Kris smiled slightly, tightening her arms around her daughter. "And which have you decided on, Raesha?"

Raesha didn't move her head from her mother's shoulder throughout their conversation, "Good."

The two fell into a comfortable silence that was only broken by the technicians typing away on the computers as they ran seemingly endless diagnostics on the Stargate and the computers set up to control it.

"What are we going to do now, Mama?" Raesha asked as they started to walk back to the Nursery to pick up the twins before heading home.

"What do you mean?"

Raesha shrugged, "I mean, now that the universe is safe and everything, what are you and Dad going to do?"

Kris smiled, pulling her daughter closer as they stepped into the elevator, "Start living, of course. Now that the fate of the universe is out of our hands, we can get down to the really fun stuff."

"Like what?" Raesha asked, her grin relaying how silly she thought her mother was acting at the moment. The elevator car rose higher into the mountain, bringing them closer and closer to the surface.

Now it was Kristie's turn to shrug, "Oh, I don't know. Maybe I'll write a book. A Greek tragedy… or maybe a comedy."

Raesha rolled her eyes at her mother, "You can't write a Greek comedy, Mom. We're not Greek."

Kristie waved off the comment with a flippant, "That's just a minor technicality."

"Okay. Then, what shall you call this Greek comedy of yours?"

Kristie pretended to think for a few moments, refusing to answer Raesha until the elevator came to a halt on the floor of the SGC Nursery, "A Comedy of the Stargate: What Everyone Wanted to Know But Was Too Afraid to Ask."