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"So, T, where do you want to go?" Jack O'Neill asked as he turned a corner away from the mountain.

"I believe the Mexican restaurant on Seventh Street would be most enjoyable, O'Neill," the big Jaffa said, looking out the window at the cars zooming by beside them.

"'Kay," Jack said with raised eyebrows, Seventh wasn't exactly the best side of town to be on – but they really did have great Mexican.

Jack was pulling his truck up on the sidewalk next to the restaurant when he noticed a hooker near by that looked familiar. "T," he said, motioning in her direction as the woman in a flimsy looking sequins top, mini skirt and fishnet hose with tall black pumps on her feet leaned against the wall of a building, smoking a cigarette as she waited for a customer to come by.

"O'Neill, I was not aware Colonel Carter was employed in this area," Teal'c said stoically…and was that confusion in his voice?

"She isn't, T." Jack handed him some money, "Go get the food you want to go, T. I'm going to go talk to her."

"O'Neill, I do not believe that a wise course of action," Teal'c said warningly.

"That's an order, T."

"Very well, O'Neill."

Jack walked up to the woman who looked surprisingly similar to Samantha Carter, "Carter?" he asked warily.

She looked up, "Yeah? You lookin' for a date?"

"Sam Carter?"

The woman rolled her eyes, "Look, mister, time is money. You got the money, I've got the time."

Jack sighed and handed her a twenty, "Now, are you Sam Carter?"

She put out her cigarette with her heel as she smirked at him, "The name's Sue, but I can be whoever you want me to be, mister."

A sports car pulled up alongside Jack's truck. A woman walked out and over to where Jack was standing, "Sue?"

Jack turned around at the familiar voice, "Hey, Carter."

The new woman looked at him oddly, "What? I haven't been a Carter in years."

"O'Neill, I told you this was not a wise course of action," Teal'c said as he walked up a few minutes later carrying two full doggy bags of Mexican food. "Colonel Carter will not be pleased."

Sue and the other woman standing beside Jack looked at each other. Simultaneously they said, "They think we're Sam."

"What?" Jack said, now very confused. He looked at both of the Sam Carter look-alikes with confusion.

The second woman to show up thought for a minute, "General Jack O'Neill?"


"Crap," she whispered. "I'm Sandra Nelson, this is Susanna Carter. We are Samantha Carter's sisters."

"Holy crap."

Once again the conversation was halted when a car pulled up behind Sandra's and Jack's. This time another woman got out. She stopped as she looked at the four people talking next to the Mexican restaurant that had been her destination.

"Holy Hannah," she said as she walked up. "Sue! I thought you were over this."

Sue smirked at her sister, "Apparently we both have little secrets we don't like to share, Samantha."

Sam glared at her before turning to her other sister, "What's going on, Sandra?"

"Your…um, friends here thought that Sue was you. Then I pulled up and they thought that I was you. Care to explain."

Sam groaned, "Sir, Teal'c, you might want to wait for me at my house."

"Very well, Colonel Carter," Teal'c said, "Come, O'Neill."

Jack went back to his car unwillingly. He wanted an explanation – and he wanted it now! There was no way Sam had sisters that he didn't know about! Jacob never said anything about sisters … had he?

Sam turned to her sisters as the truck drove off, "Come on. You guys got me into this mess, now you have to help me explain it to them."

Sue shook her head, "I'm working, Sam. Sorry."

"I'll give you two hundred bucks if you get in my car and help me explain to my boss and two of my co-workers why I have two twin sister I never told them about."

"There was only one other guy there," Sandra pointed out.

Sam grinned menacingly, "Yes, there was only one other man there … but they're bound to call Daniel on the way to my house. Get in the car, Sue."

"Four hundred."



"You coming, Sandra?" Sam asked her other sister.

Sandra nodded, "I just have to call Ethan and let him know. I'll be there in a few."


"Now, Sue," Sam lectured as she pulled her car into the garage, "What are you going to do when we go inside?"

Susanna sighed, repeating what Sam had told her at least twenty times on the ride over, "Go into your bedroom and put on a nice big, conservative Air Force tee-shirt and jeans to make your boss and co-workers more comfortable. And so they don't find out where our mole is that all of us share."

"Very good," Sam said, unlocking the car and getting out. "Now go."

As she promised, Sandra pulled up behind Sam's car thirty seconds later. It was now or never, Sam sighed as her sister used the garage entrance into the house and made her way into Sam's bedroom.

"Ready?" Sandra asked as Susanna came out of the bathroom in a very conservative, very Sam-like outfit on instead of her hooker clothes.

Susanna nodded, "As ready as I'll ever be. Sam's already out there trying to explain it to them. I don't know why, but she's really worried about what they'll think of her."

Sandra rolled her eyes, "She's in the Air Force, Sue. Do you realize how hard she's worked to get to where she is now? Just like Dad that way. Come on, let's go help Sam out of this, okay?"

"Sure, sure."

The two sisters came out of the bedroom and walked into Sam's living room where three men and the third of the triplets were sitting, talking.

Sandra raised her hand in a greeting, "Hi."

"Hi," Sue said, a very self-satisfied smile on her face. It seemed dearest Sammie had an interesting career – three hot guys on her team? Maybe she'd be willing to share…

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