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"Mark, did you get the mail?" Debby asked her husband as he walked in from a long day at work.

He nodded, setting down his briefcase with a sigh, "Yeah, not much. I did find something in there from Sam, though."

Debby raised her eyebrows, "Have I forgotten an anniversary?"

Mark shook his head, "Not that I know of. It could just be Sam writing a letter."

"Well, open it."

"I'm getting' to it! Hold your horses, woman."

Debby glared at her husband, snatching the letter from his hands. She opened it and her eyes went wide in shock as she read the card. "Oh my God! Honey, Sam's getting married!"

"What? Did she and Pete get back together?"

"No, this says the groom's name is Jack O'Neill." Debby looked at her husband with a sense of confusion, "Didn't your father talk about him before?"

"Yeah, he said that Jack was Sam's CO. That's impossible that they're getting married."

Their telephone rang, caller ID revealing Sam's cell phone number on the screen. "Hello?" Mark asked as he picked up the land line.

"Hi, Mark," Sam said, obviously nervous. "Did you get my card?"

"Yeah, we just got it. Care to explain?"

"First I want to know if you guys are coming or not?"

"Are Sandra and Sue coming?"

He heard his sister snort, "They better be – Sandra and Sue are both in the wedding."

Mark sighed, "Sure, we'll be there."

"Good. Now answer your door."

"What, there's no" suddenly the doorbell rang and Mark went to answer it, finding his sisters and three men he didn't recognize standing on the other side behind his father. "Oh," he said, hanging up the phone he still held in his hand, "This should be interesting."


Sue leaned in for another kiss, relishing the feel of his arms around her very feminine and curvy body.

"Daniel! HELP! Jack can't find the paper he wrote his vows on!" Ethan said, running into the room and yelling at the best man in a panic.

Daniel groaned, pulling away from his girlfriend with a sigh. He turned to Ethan and said exasperatedly, "It's on top of the nightstand, where he put it last night so he wouldn't forget it."

Just then Sandra ran in, out of breath and very pregnant, "Sue! Thank, God! We can't find the extra bottle of hair spray – or the blue garter!"

Now it was Sue's turn to groan. She kissed Daniel softly on the lips before walking over to her sister, "Let's go – I'll help you find the damn garter."

Daniel sighed as he watched the two identical women walk out of the room, dressed in peridot gowns that accented their shapely figures perfectly.

"Let's go," Ethan said, waiting for the other man to get up. They were in the chapel at the Air Force Academy, only one hour away from Sam and Jack getting married. Daniel was the best man, with Teal'c and Ethan as groom's men, Cassie was Sam's maid of honor, with her two sisters as bride's maids. It was a small wedding party, with General Hammond officiating, but it was quite possibly the hardest event for the press to get into on the face of the planet. That is, expect for one Ms. Donavan, who was a friend of the bride and had the exclusive on the wedding and reception.

The guest list was long, and short at the same time: Sam's brother, Mark, was there with his family. And they were, quite possibly, the only civilians there other than Ms. Donavan and the President's family. Thor was there, with a holographic image covering up his true form. Lya arrived, representing the Nox. Bra'tac, Ishta, Ry'ac and Ka'ryn were even present to lend in the support of the Free Jaffa Nation. Even Jonas Quinn was able to get the weekend off to visit them all from Kelwona. Not to mention the majority of the SGC that was in attendance.

Jack's heart was pounding in his throat as the wedding quartet started playing the song chosen by Teal'c, Daniel and Cassie for Sam to walk down the isle to. A smirk lit up his face when he recognized the chords to 'We're Off To See The Wizard'. Some of the guests didn't understand, but those who knew SG-1 knew the importance.

"I Jack, take you Samantha, to be my Dorothy …"

"I Samantha, take you Jack, to be my Scarecrow …"


Daniel smiled at his two friends, thrilled that they were so happy at last. They deserved some happiness after everything that they had been through in the past eight years.

"Penny for your thoughts," a very feminine voice said softly into Daniel's ear.

He turned and found Sue sitting next to him, in Teal'c's seat, smiling. "What's on your mind, Daniel?"

Daniel grinned at his girlfriend, taking her hand in his, his thumb gently traced circles over the back of her hand, "Would you believe me if I said I was thinking about the speech I have to make in a few minutes?"

Sue giggled, "Nope. I have to make one, too, remember? You're not going to get any sympathy from me." She looked down at her watch and noticed it was time to give the speeches, "Speaking of which…"

Sue stood up and took a microphone from the stage, "Excuse me, everyone, it's time for the speeches. My name is Sue Carter, I'm Sam's older sister by approximately half an hour, and I'd like to go first."

Sam and Jack turned their attention to Sue, along with everyone else in the hall. Sue smiled at her sister and brother-in-law warmly, "I haven't known Jack that long, but it feels like I've known him for years. You see, every time in the past seven in a half years when I would talk to Sam about how her life was going she'd always mention this great guy that she loved so much but could never have a relationship with."

Her eyes misted over as she continued, "And then I met him, in a very ironic twist of fate and mistaken identities – and I saw them together. It was then that I knew that they were meant to be together. You can't live your life with regrets about 'should have's or 'would have's, and for a while I thought that's what Sam and Jack were doing … of course, then I talked to the President and he explained it all to me." A wave of chuckles went through the room – most of the base had heard that phone call.

"I've seen Sam in a lot of relationships," Sue continued, a stray tear falling from her eye, "And I've been in my fair share, myself. So it's not a very light thing for me to say that the two of them complete each other. They're soul mates in every sense of the term, and all I can hope for is to one day be half as happy as you are right now."

Next up was Teal'c, after the wave of applause died down and tears were wiped from numerous eyes. He stood up with the microphone and said, "I have but one thing to say to the newlyweds, but I could not say it on my own. So, in the words of President Henry Hayes: It's about damn time!"

The laughter in response to the normally stoic Teal'c's words was too great for anyone to speak for long moments. The sentiment was shared by all.

Soon the dancing began, and when the reception was in full swing, many (rather intoxicated) people walked up to Sandra and thanked her for volunteering to go first in the speeches and doing such a wonderful job, while Sue was bombarded with many people asking her when the baby was due.

Daniel laughed as he danced with Sue after extracting her from such a flock of individuals. "That's what you get for having a familiar face," he said with a grin.

Sue grinned back, leaning in for a kiss, she said, "You don't mind, do you?"


"So you'll stay with me, even though I look like Sam?" Sue asked, still unsure where her relationship with Daniel was headed. She loved him so much, everything about him, but she was terrified for the same reason.

He leaned in to kiss her again, whispering, "Always."

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