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Title James and Lilly : " Their Life story "


" James Potter come here this instant " bellowed a voice from the kitchen.

James sighed and dropped the snitch he had been playing with and hopped off his bed. He sauntered down the stairs and walked into the kitchen to face his Mother.

" James Potter " she began.

" Reporting for duty Madam how can I help you?"

" Dont give me cheek young man. Or I'll set you some real work to do that involves no magic."

James nodded and sat down.

" Sorry Mum " he smiled.

" James I just got your report card."

" Are my results bad?" he asked a little shocked.

" No " she replied. " However it say's here you have been misbehaving in school again and so has Sirius."

James smiled. " Ah thats nothing Mum. It's just harmful stuff. I bet Filch wrote that ... I wouldn't be surprised."

" It say's here. Mr Potter and Mr Black taunted a Mr Severus Snape and hung him upside down with an illegal hex not permitted in school."

" Oh yeah " said James smiling thoughfuly. " I had forgotten about that."

" JAMES " yelled Mrs Potter. " You assaulted a student."

" No Mum. I wouldn't call it assault."

" Oh really and what would you call it?"

" Self defence Mum."

" Self defence eh... yes okay and tell me young man. What entitled you to use this so called self defence against... whats his name again. Let me see , ah yes...Severus Snape."

" He insulted another student. He called her a foul name , disgusting and insulting."

" And tell me James did you always only tease this boy when he provoked this other student?"

James remained silent.

" I thought not " said Mrs Potter.

" Snivellus ... I mean Severus Snape isn't nice Mum."

" Oh really James and I suppose taunting him and making a spectacle of him in front of his schoolmates will make him nicer will it?"

James looked at his shoes. " He always makes snide remarks towards us Mum."

" And I would have thought an almost seventeen year old young man could have handled a few childish remarks."

" They aren't childish Mum."

" James... please control yourself and Sirius. For gods sake you are head boy and academicaly good. Do you want to throw everything away by behaving badly at school?"

" No Mum."

" Well then do something about it. I bet Lily Evans has her head set on this year and the importent NEWT exams you will be taking towards the end of it. I bet she doesn't waste her time teasing that boy or acting like a four year old who has been let loose for the first time. Honestly I've had so many letters telling me about you running around with Sirius like you own the school and going on little adventures. Tell me does Lily see this boy Severus the same way as you do?"

James looked at her and said nothing.

" Oh " said Mrs Potter. " I see... I think I realise exactly whats going on. This other student that the boy Severus insulted. He didn't call the student a Mudblood did he?"

James nodded.

" And this student. It wouldn't be Lily Evans would it?"

James nodded again. " She defended him and then he turned around and insulted her."

Mrs Potter nodded and turned towards the window and waved as James Father walked in.

" Just stay out of trouble James and that applies to Sirius as well."