James opened the small envelope that held his future. He looked at it for a few moments and then shrugged. Throwing the letter on the bed ; he lay back and thought about Lily.

Lily! Lily! Lily! What a wonderful name he thought. Everything should be called Lily. No correct that, he thought afterwards. Everything wonderful should be called Lily. Things like chocolate , Summer , sunny days and no homework. Yeah , he smiled. That would be good.

"So what did you get?" said Sirius climbing in the window.

"You know ," muttered James. "A decent result."

Sirius grabbed the envelope. "All Outstandings!" he cried. "Not bad , Mate."

"Ah leave it!" said James. "I don't want the world knowing."

Sirius raised his eyebrows. "Am...did James Potter fall and hit his head?"

"Look , " said James. "I think I finally get what Lily was saying. I'm a bit arrogant. I get that and well...I'm cutting down the bragging , okay?"

"Yeah , whatever!" muttered Sirius. "Anyways , rumour has it , Snivellus got all outstandings too!"

"WHAT?" yelled James. "That's impossible. I'm a hell of a lot better than that double crossing , greasy haired sneak!"

Sirius laughed. "Nah! I'm only messing with you. I haven't a clue what he got. But your reaction was funny though. Do it again!"

James cursed darkly and smoothened his hair with his hand.

"Oooh!" cooed Sirius. "Getting all dressed up are we?"

James sighed. "No! Can't get my damn hair to stay flat. It's driving me mad!"

Sirius grinned. "Lily think's it's cute!"

James smiled. "Does she?"

"NO , YOU FREAK! Now can we please do something. I'm starting to get old."

James grabbed his bag and stuffed a few things into it. Flinging it over his shoulder , he grabbed his results.

"I'm going over to Lily's. You coming , mate?"

Sirius nodded. "Yeah , sure. Got nothing else better to do. Just as long as you two aren't going to spend the whole day huddled in a corner kissing. It's revolting. It's like watching a lion eat his prey. One bad move , Prongs and you'll have devoured her face.

"You're sick!"

Sirius grinned.

"Don't see why you don't have anyone , Padfoot. You're practially beating them off with a stick at school. Can't get near you sometimes."

"Ah yeah!" said Sirius. "Well guys like me need a bit of time off , you know. Can't be that good looking all the time."

James laughed and he opened the window.

"Uh...cant we just use the door," said Sirius.

"Sure we can," said James a devious smile on his face. "But this way is a hell of a lot more fun."

Chapter 31 will be posted shortly!