Title: Desperate Measures

Verse: X-Men movieverse

Timeline: During X3

Author: KumaDaPuma

Pairing: Magneto/Mystique

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters and I am not making any money off of this.

Summary: An alternate version of when Mystique takes the cure dart for Magneto.

Note: The beginning of this chapter is going to sound a whole hell of a lot like twistedmind's story Where You Wander. I initially came up with the idea on my own but so did twistedmind and she published it first so I backed off. Now that her story has continued I realize that even though they start out almost exactly alike they end up in completely different directions. I'm going to try to make the beginning as different as possible but for the most part you will notice they are very similar. I swear I too came up with this idea and even though it no longer seems original you can at least understand that the probability of two authors thinking up the same concept for the alternate scene would really not be so farfetched. Luckily after the first chapter the similarities will end. Also her story is much longer than mine and currently still in progress. Since this story will have only three or four chapters, chances are I'll finish mine before she finishes hers.

And now for something completely different…or pretty damn similar…


Lying on the hard floor of her recent prison, the Cure transformed her azure scales back to the fragile, pale human skin of Raven Darkholme. Mystique cursed her fate. She wanted to be Mystique, or anyone of her shape-shifted forms, anyone other than Raven Darkholme. She hated the way her human skin chilled at the cold floor of her moving prison. She despised the way her brown hair fell in front her eyes. She missed the easy care of her ruby red mane, plated sleekly to her head; it had never blocked her vision. She cradled her naked body, shielding herself as best she could, from the unfeeling stare of the man she knew as so many things. He was her commander, her friend, the object of her unrequited affection, and currently her arbitrator.

With trepidation Mystique moved her hair out of her eyes to see the shiny black leather of his steel toed military boots only inches from her face. She raised her gaze slowly remembering how much she loved his long, lean legs. She looked higher passing his long-fingered hands on her way to his toned chest and his broad shoulders. She slowed down to study his distinguished face with thin lips that so often had praised her in moments of triumph. Gone was their warm, wry smile; it had been replaced with a hard unyielding line. She knew by heart every wrinkle on his cheeks; and loved him all the more for each of them. It hadn't been so long ago she had held one in her hand with tenderness.

His eyes, the twin sky blue orbs, above his aristocratic nose, had always been her favorite part of him. She could have spent forever staring deeply into them to see the affection he expressed wordlessly with their approving glance. What had once been surprise at both her willingness to protect him and her sudden transformation now had bleeded out to frosty, emotionless entities Mystique could not rectify with their owner. He had never been this cold to her. He had never looked so inhumanly cruel before.

He stood before her not as Erik but as Magneto, his caped glory towering over her small floor ridden frame. His cold stare was hard for her to bear but she could not look away from him. She looked intensely into his eyes, searching for that glimmer of affection he had once shed so easily for her but finding only traces of mixed emotions. This was not the Erik she was in love with looking down on her but rather the calculating Magneto whose ultimate decision would be her fate. She could tell he was having difficulty accepting her current state. His eyebrows twitched slightly in anger and frustration and she just knew he was thinking what he should do with her now that her humanity had shattered what had once been their cause but presently disincluded her from the Brotherhood. Slowly and without breaking his cold stare he shook his head with angry sorrow.

He seemed to be having trouble taking the scene before him in. She continued to stare at him, pleading for his sympathy through her eyes, but his hard glare did not soften. His teeth were gritted in hard thoughtfulness, his eyebrows furrowed in intensity, he was thinking hard and furiously, trying to figure out what would be the best course of action in this scenario. He was angry. So angry. Why should this have happened to her? Why should this have happened to him?

Magneto was sure she would not be accepted by the newest members of his Brotherhood. They didn't know her like he did. And even though she was his most loyal member she was only one out of the thousands he had appointed himself to liberate. He knew what he had to do. He knew it would break his heart later on but he knew this was what he had to do.

Magneto slowly turned his back on her.

"Erik." Her soft voice whispered to him, barely audible, and not at all like it had once been but it was hers nevertheless. There was so much in her voice. Pleading, pain, strained panic. He stood still and closed his eyes briefly knowing he should walk away but the man inside him couldn't do that to the woman he wouldn't even admit to himself he loved. Erik, not Magneto, made his final decision.

He turned around to face her, his expression filled with pity. He came to her and kneeled down next to her, taking his cape off as he did so. He draped it around her and helped her stand up. She was a little shaky, like a newborn doe walking for the first time. In a sense she was newborn. Mystique, or rather this human woman grasped onto Erik, hugging her body tightly to his in extreme relief. She whispered his name again but this time there was none of the panic, only thankfulness.

"Come, my dear, we must depart quickly." He said to her. He was surprised by his own gentleness in his voice but it seemed only to make her grasp onto him even tighter. Together they walked towards the light streaming in from the exit of the mobile prison. As they passed the others Magneto scanned their faces in search of any hint of disapproval but Jamie and Juggernaut looked indifferent and Pyro had a slight smile on his otherwise blank face.

Erik held Mystique's hand and they left the truck behind them. Below were three other people Mystique did not know. They all looked at each other in perplexity.

"Callisto, go get the car." He ordered. She was off in a flash. As they waited for her to bring the transport around Mystique was aware of all eyes on her. Except for Erik. She could feel him beside her as she tucked her head against his chest but she knew he was as troubled by this predicament as she was. She had seen him turn to leave. She had no doubt that if she had not called his name he would have left her.


Author's notes: I don't remember how twistedmind's first chapter was written because I read it when it was first submitted, which I think was right about the time X3 came out. It's been a while and I purposefully didn't read it again so that if I did decide to write this story then at least the memory of her details would be long forgotten. Hopefully they're different enough. Also I cheated. Some of these paragraphs I took from my own fic entitled The Difference Between Magneto and Erik because I wanted to emphasize that I'm alternating that story too.

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