079. Colors


For Katara, the world was seen through colors.

Blue and white had dominated most of her life, not that that was a bad thing, of course. Blue and white was purity, serenity. The colors were the colors home, they were safe.

They were also dreadfully boring, after a while.

Luckily there were other colors in her life as well. The bright yellows that Aang had sprinkled throughout her life were a welcomed change. They were warm, but not too warm, and they were fun and lively, much like the boy himself. Very recently there were greens, courtesy of Toph, that had scattered themselves around her as well.

It was the red she was afraid of.

Red was the color of the enemy, the color of fire. It was the color of passion, of anger, of blood, and of regret. Red was this dark haired, yellow-eyed boy in front of her, the son of her greatest enemy. Red was the bloodstains in his torn black robes. Red was his bloodshot eyes that stared at her, stared past her, stared through her. Red was the scar, the unforeseen consequences of a fate he had no control over.

Red was the tired desperation in his voice. Red was admitting to her that he had a weakness. "Help me." the color said.

She wasn't so afraid of red after that.


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