Drabbles I did for a meme on my LJ. I have others, but here are the zutara-flavored ones.

Aang/Katara/Zuko--Called Out

"You whiny, simpering son of a bitch." Zuko grumbled--no, growled. He was angry, and rightfully so--

Katara was dead.

"I'm sorry--" Aang sobbed. "Zuko, I'm so sorry, I loved her too! I didn't know--"

"Didn't know what!" Zuko screamed. "Did know I cared? Didn't know how much I loved her? Fuck you, Aang, just--"

"I didn't know he'd still be dangerous without his bending!"

Zuko didn't say a word--he slumped down to the floor, his back against the cell Ozai had escaped from merely hours beforehand. He leaned over and placed Katara's soulless corpse in his lap, gently pulling the knives from out of her beautiful chest.

The tears rolled freely down Aang's cheeks. "I'm sorry. I didn't know."

"You should have just killed him when you had the chance."

Aang wished he had.

Zuko/Katara--Nothing Is Ever Easy

Nothing was ever easy for them.

First it was the cake. Then the napkins. And then her grandfather had tried to kill him in his sleep.

"Why the hell couldn't we have just eloped?" He mourned as she placed the ice packet on his head where Sokka had bludgeoned him with a baseball bat.

"My poor baby," She cooed, and kissed him so deeply he could feel it in his toes.

No, nothing was ever easy for them.

But it sure as hell was worth it.

Zuko/Katara--Aang Getting Toph Killed

He couldn't stop crying.

Toph was dead. Her face was gone. Koh now had the luxury of having the love of two Avatars in his collection.

"It's all you're fault, Aang!" Katara screamed at him, the guilt eating away at her. Zuko kept his arm wrapped tightly around her, nodding in agreement.

He flinched, but couldn't find the strength to argue.

They were right, after all.


She was more nervous sitting on the bed in a gown of silken gold than she had been in any battlefield. She had fought wars, defied kings, raised from rags to riches until now she sat the Queen of the very throne she had left her home to fight against.

Amazing, what love could conquer.

He kissed her shoulder briefly, whispering words of love and fire against her skin as he pulled her into his lap. It would hurt, she knew. There would be pain. Blood.

But it was also an act of love, and she did love this man.

She would conquer the world again if it meant he got to stay in her arms forever.

Zuko/Katara--We Learn By The Sea

Uncle had learned lightning by watching waterbenders.

Watching how they moved, how the turned. How they moved their arms in and out--push and pull.

How the water glistened their dark skin. How he could see all her curves from beneath her wet white undergarments. How her eyes, so full of passion, could sparkle like the sun.

…Well, Uncle might not have learned that much from waterbenders.

His loss, then, and a rare smile, wandering down to the oceanfront where his beloved would be.