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Chapter One: The Collapse


"Ron! Harry! Come on we're going to be late!" Hermione told her best friends. She quickly walked backwards so that she could still give them a glare, but not prolong the class any longer. Harry and Ron sighed in unison.

"Why?" Harry asked tiredly. Potions was not his favorite subject. Mainly that had to do with a certain greasy haired professor.

"Because it's Potions and if we're late we'll get even more points docked! Plus it's our first day back!" Hermione said impatiently.

"It's not as if he won't dock any points anyway," Ron said. He figured, they were going to get points docked anyway, so what was a few more?

"Please Ron? For me?" Hermione pouted and slowed her pace so that she and Ron were closer. It actually worked for her. If she had done it the previous school year she would have looked quite ridiculous. But it seems she had been a late in blossoming, for if she had done it last year, her large teeth would have protruded forward giving her a very beaver-ish appearance.

But that was not the case now. When Hermione returned for 6th year, she was quite beautiful. Before her teeth had been large and had braces on them. She had gotten her braces off, and had fixed the size with magic ("Mom and dad were furious, since they were both dentists, but they did admit they looked better!"). Her frizzy brown hair had been lightened by the sun, and was now a dark blonde. It had also relaxed a bit, into relaxing curls that stopped just above her waistline (which you couldn't tell, but had also gotten smaller and harder due to running and doing crunches). While her breasts had previously been nearly nonexistent they were now a full B or small C which fit her figure perfectly.

Ron was still tall and lanky, but had filled out a bit. He had been practicing for keeper all summer with Ginny and his brothers and had gained a fair bit of muscle.

Summer was clearly the best for Harry. He had shot up a startling 5 inches and now stood at a respectable 5'11". While before his hair was simply wild, it now had that "just been shagged" looked about it. He no longer had glasses, which completely surprised everyone, including himself. He had woken up the morning of his birthday and could suddenly see clearing without his glasses. Hiss stunning green eyes had, if possible, gotten even greener. His body was lean, with muscles from Quidditch training and working all summer. He had also gotten a tan from all of his work.

Ron sighed. "Alright," he said, and quickened his pace. Not wanting to be left behind, Harry quickened his too.

Hermione thanked him happily and pecked him on the cheek. Ron blushed and turned his head away. Harry just rolled his eyes. The two were not officially together, but did everything together normal couples do, save the dates and snogging.

The trio entered the classroom right before the bell rang. They looked around for seats together, but they couldn't spot any.

"Well? Take a seat!" They heard their professor, Severus Snape bark. The three jumped, for they had not seen him enter behind them. They stood there for a moment. "Now!" the professor yelled impatiently.

They quickly scuttled to the closest available seats. Hermione sat next to Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil, while Ron sat next to Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan. This left Harry. He sighed as he sat down next to Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini.

Draco sneered at him while Blaise smirked. "Welcome to the Snake Pit Potter," Blaise whispered. Harry sighed once again and slammed his head down on the desk.

"Potter! Pay attention!" Severus demanded. Harry raised his head lazily, suddenly coming down with a bad headache. He groaned and grabbed his head to keep it up and facing the board. The two Slytherins beside him snickered quietly and smirked at each other.

Harry sneered at them and tried to keep his focus on what his professor was talking about. Something about a lamb's gallbladder carrying some sort of liquid needed for some potion. Harry found it impossible to pay attention, as his headache was slowly increasing from a big one to a giant one. Harry's hand was suddenly smacked out from under his head. His head came crashing down onto the desk. Suddenly a searing pain ripped through his mouth.

"Bloody hell!" Harry cried. He had bitten his tongue and it was now bleeding profusely. Blaise and Draco laughed quietly.

"20 points from Gryffindor! No foul language!" Severus said angrily, clearly upset that his lesson had been interrupted. Hermione and Ron both turned to look at him questioningly.

"Sorry sir," Harry replied. He wasn't really sorry. Severus nodded and turned to face the board once again. Harry turned to Ron and Hermione and mouthed, 'Tell you later!' to them. They nodded and resumed focus on the board. He then stuck his tongue out and attempted to look at it.

"Bloody hell!" Blaise shouted. Harry, Draco, and the rest of the class turned to look at him.

"Mr. Zabini!" Severus whipped around to glare at his pupil.

"Sorry sir!" Blaise yelped. His eyes were wide. Severus nodded in an annoyed way and once again returned to facing the board, as did the class.

"What was that about?" Draco asked his friend once all eyes were off them.

Blaise ignored him. "Potter!" Blaise whispered.

"What?" Harry snapped. He was irritated. His head was throbbing in beat with his tongue in pain.

"Are you quite aware that you have fangs?" Blaise whispered urgently. Draco scowled at his friend for ignoring him before turning to look at Harry.

"What are you talking about?" Harry asked, clearly confused and annoyed. Blaise simply opened his own mouth and felt at his canines.

Harry rolled his eyes and mimicked the motion. His eyes widened when he felt a sharp point on his finger. He pressed a little harder and tasted blood once again.

"Ow!" Harry whispered loudly, waving his finger around. Draco's mouth opened in shock. Harry Potter had fangs! Why? He had no idea. But the fact that his worst enemy had fangs made him a bit wary. He ran a hand through his fine locks.

Summer had been kind to Draco as well. He had grown to be 6'1", a couple of inches shorter than his father, who stood tall at 6'4". Quidditch training over the summer had made him leaner than he previously was and was quite muscular, but not overly so.

His hair had grown out a bit to a little above his shoulders. Instead of slicking it back he had opted to pull it into a tight ponytail. It had also gotten lighter. Well maybe not lighter, but it certainly seemed to shine and give off a more golden appearance. A few strands were loose, framing his face, which had matured as well.

Before his features had been pointy for his boyish face. But they now had a dignified masculinity to them, making him look even more high class. His skin was still pale, but now had a slight glow to it, making him look almost like an angel. His piercing gray eyes now shown brightly with curiosity at his enemy's new discovery.

"Well, well, well…." Draco said quietly, mostly to himself.

Harry was now looking at his hands in amazement. He drew his left hand up close to his face and inspected the tiny mark on his finger wear his fangs had punctured the skin.

Draco suddenly gasped and grabbed his head. The pain! He felt like his head was splitting open. He bent down, his head in between his legs, hoping it would stop the pain.

Blaise quickly rounded on his friend. "Draco! What's wrong?" he whispered to his friend in concern. When his friend didn't respond, he put a hand on his back. "Drac?" he asked again.

Out of the corner of his eye Blaise saw Harry clutch his head as well. He turned to look at him and saw he looked to be in excruciating pain. Blaise looked worriedly between his friend and enemy.

"Professor!" Blaise spoke up in a shaky voice.

"What is it, Zabini?" Severus asked with a note of irritation in his voice. He turned around and saw that Harry and Draco were both clutching their heads and gasping in pain. Harry leaned back while Draco was bent over.

Snape briskly walked over to his students.

"Mr. Malfoy! Potter!" He said loudly. He was more worried about Draco, but Potter was his student too, and he couldn't have a student die in his class.

"Sev!" Draco gasped. He sounded horrible.

"What is it Mr. Malfoy?" Severus asked quietly, so as to not make the headache worse.

"It hurts, Sev. It hurts so bad," Draco moaned.

By now all eyes were on them. Hermione and Ron had rushed over to Harry and were asking him questions.

"Harry, what is it, is it your scar?" Ron quickly asked his friend, putting a hand on his back.

"Harry, what's wrong?" Hermione asked frantically. She put a hand on his forehead and quickly withdrew it. Her friend's forehead was scalding!

"Professor, Harry's burning up!" Hermione cried. Severus quickly forced Draco's head up. His face was flushed. He put a hand on the boy's face and felt that he was also burning up.

"Zabini, Weasely, hurry to the hospital wing! Get Madame Pomfrey down here as quickly as possible!" Severus ordered his students. The two boys quickly nodded and raced out of the room, eager to do what they could to help their friends.

The class was now in a circle around them, whispering lowly amongst themselves, wondering what was happening to their classmates.

Severus quickly cast a cooling charm on both of the students. It had no effect.

"Granger! Quickly start removing their robes!" the professor instructed Hermione. She nodded before beginning to remove Harry's school robe.

"And all of you! Class is dismissed! Get out! Now!" He added when the class stood there for a moment, staring at the boys. The students quickly scuttled out of the dungeon in fear of their professor's wrath.

Hermione was now working on removing Draco's shirt. Severus rushed to his office, grabbing a pan and two rags before turning around and walking back towards his heated students.

He tossed a rag at Hermione. She had successfully removed all the boys' clothing, except for their boxers, which she had kept on them. He quickly cleaned his own rag with a "Scourgify!" and Hermione did the same. He spelled some ice cold water into the pan before dipping his rag into the cool water and set it on Draco's forehead. Hermione followed suit and was whispering comforting words to Harry.

The water didn't work. If anything, the boys got warmer. Hermione sent an anxious look towards her elder. Where was Madame Pomfrey!

Severus was worried. The boys should have cooled down by now. He pressed more firmly on the cloth on Draco's forehead and water ran down the side of the blonde's head.

Suddenly, Harry cried out. He sat up quickly, grasping his head tighter.

"Harry!" Hermione cried. She now had tears running down her cheeks. Severus turned to look at his other student.

Harry promptly fell back to the ground. He groaned loudly. His vision was hazy. His head was throbbing. He felt as though his skull were being ripped into tiny pieces. He shut his eyes tightly, and then relaxed as the world around him slowly faded to black.

"Harry!" Hermione cried again. She collapsed and hugged her friend tightly.

Severus turned quickly his attention back towards Draco to see how he was holding up, and he noticed that he too had lost consciousness.


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