Link: Jenin, you have to give Navi back to me.

Jenin: No!

Link: Jenin…

Jenin: But it was, like, totally 3 a.m. and all it wanted to do was ring and tell me about stuff I don't even care about, and, like, I was all, like, shut up, and he was all, no, and-

Link: Just when did you get the sex change?

Jenin: …what do you mean by that, hm?

Link: sigh This may take awhile.

Boss: This is chapter 5: Nocturne: A Lonely Melody

There was only one thing on Link's mind: "Aw hell. Caught by a group of bloodthirsty thugs."

Before they could do anything to disarm him, Link pulled out his fairy bow and shot the chain of the medallion. It fell off of the acolyte, but still the acolyte did not respond.

"Boss, that was the only amulet! We ain't got no more!"

"That is correct; we will just have to…punish the child that dared to get in our way."

Just then, the acolyte chose to give advice.

"If I were you, I would turn tail and flee."

"Oh? And why is that?"

"If you do not, I will destroy you."

The gang looked stunned, then started laughing.

"I pity the fool who believes that he can destroy us."

"I can destroy you now."

As if to prove his point he held his arms out in front of him. They were no longer bound.

"Oh…," was the boss's only reply.

With that, Nocturne placed his hands on the ground mumbling strange words that Link had never heard before, and then proceeded to drag them upward, as though picking something up with claws.

"Face the truth. You have lost."

At that time a hand pulled through the ground, unsettling the dirt and Link's nerves. The hand was followed by an arm, then the rest of the corpse of a Gibdo.

"Try this on for size!" screamed the acolyte.

"Easily dealt with."

A man rushed up with a war axe slicing the Gibdo cleanly in half, then turning to the acolyte. With a shout, he ran up and slicing at Nocturne's hands. The axe became wedged in his forearm, but he could no longer summon creatures. After a sort cry of pain, he turned to them with a smile that only the deranged and the supremely confident have.

"Well, you may have stopped my summoning, but now I have other help."

"Who is here to help you? The child, no. The mummy, no. No one is here to help you and no one will ever be here to help you!"

Wrong, I win."

"And why is that?"

"Because I sense Light."

One of the thieves broke in laughing then voiced his opinion.

"And you got ta thinkin' that we'd fear that?"

Nocturne glared at the thief, but only received a blank stare in reply. The boss, perturbed at his lack of attention, spoke.

"Don't look at my drones; I'm the one you should be watching. And of course you'd sense light. Watcha think that amulet was?"

"No, I sense…Prelude. Boy," he said addressing Link," cast one of your light arrows."

Link was shocked by the fact that someone would refer to him as boy, but nonetheless complied with the acolyte's wishes.

"What should I fire at?"

"Anything in the room, preferably the wall."

Link took aim at a bloody skull lying nearby and fired. His arrow was swift and true, his aim precise. As it touched the wall, a young woman appeared in the glow left in the wake of the enchanted arrow.

"So, you finally fucked things up, huh? I was wondering how long it would take you to really mess things up."

"Go to hell, frigid bitch!"

The boss looked from one acolyte to the other.

"Just who the hell is this?"

"An incredibly unfeeling, narcissistic, sadistic, holy bitch, but some prefer to call her Prelude."

"Hmph. I am Prelude of Light, and I am here to crush you."

Next Time: Prelude, Minuet, and Nocturne: The Tangled Web

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