Un-expecting- 1 Deception and dreams

I had to retype this story, although it was on the site once before and some of you seemed to of liked it. I know I already have one like this, but it is completely different, this one was when I hated John. But since my "fans" liked it and I never finished it. I'm reposting this.


It is said the past should remain the past, unless you have a curious brother then it gets dug up and ripped wide open. Once it is reveal Dean has to decide what to do… Some don't want the past rehashed.

Disclaimer- I do not own Supernatural or general hospital but I did mesh them in together. There is no time line set.

Flash back- 2003 summer

Sweat beaded on her forehead, she wiped it away with the back of her hand. She lifted her head up to look at herself in the mirror, her eyes were bloodshot, her skin paler than white. Paige turned on the water in the sink; she let it run for a little bit. She could hear her bed creak under his weight. She heard his footsteps come closer to the door." Paige?"

" I'm okay, just a nightmare. I'll be back in bed in a few " She heard his sigh then the footsteps moving away from the door.

Paige let out her own sigh and looked at the stick before her, it had a blue plus, another wave of nausea came over her. She reached for the toilet seat and heaved this time nothing came out. She lowered the toilet seat back down. Paige lifted her head up, she would have to make an appointment at the doctors in the morning, then come up with a plan. She flushed the toilet for the last time. Then threw out the little stick, making sure to hide it so it wouldn't be found. She washed her face once more and brushed her teeth, rinsed her mouth out.

Taking a few cleansing breathes; she opened the bathroom door and walked back to the warm awaiting bed. Paige carefully pulled back the blankets. She crawled back into bed, and carefully dropped he head down on the satin pillowcase; it was refreshingly cool on her face. Paige felt the bed move as a warm body cuddled up next to her. Paige closed her eyes and waited for the sleep to come, she would know in the morning what to do.


Like every day the sun rose, much to Paige's dismay, but the body that was next to her last night was not there now. She lifted her head up trying to see, where her man went. The room for the most part was dark except for the invading sun, which peeked in between the curtains. Paige got out of the bed and a wave of nausea hit her again. She raced for the bathroom door, which was closed. She opened it and saw the figure in the shower, but the toilet was more important. 'This sucks' was her only thought. She flushed the toilet and heard Dean swear " Paige what was that for" he squeaked out.

Paige fought the urge to laugh" Sorry Dean."

Dean turned off the water and looked at his girlfriend, then his mind clicked. He grabbed his towel and carefully stepped out of the shower. He wrapped the towel around his perfectly sculpted body and sat down at the edge of the tub. Paige tried to control all of her bodily functions so Dean would not guess what the problem was. Too late.

" Paige, how often are you getting sick"

She took a deep breath " It just started two days ago".

Dean squinted at her "Are you pregnant." Paige's eyes widened "I actually think its just the start of a flu. Dean, really I wouldn't worry about it." She knew he didn't buy it, but it was worth a shot. She was right a bit of anger was in those hazel eyes.

" Okay, well I'm going to pick up my knives from the cutlery store. I'll be back this afternoon." Dean told her. She smiled and nodded at him the whole time looking at the garbage next to him. Paige watched out the window as Dean pulled out of the driveway. She got dressed and headed out to her doctor's office looking for some answers.

Paige had peed in a cup and did the blood test, now she sat waiting in the exam room to hear the results. Her doctor returned with a smile "Well Paige, your body is jumping the gun a bit."

" What does that mean?"

The doctor sat next to her " You are not pregnant." Paige breathed a sigh of relief and a little sadness " Thanks, Dean will be thrilled to hear that." AS the doctor stood up Paige stopped him.

" Can I have a copy of that report?"

"Sure" the doctor told her as he left; he placed a copy of it on the counter. Paige picked it up and looked at it, a pang of disappointment came over her. It would have been nice to have Dean be a father. Paige let out once more sigh before she left the doctor's office.

Back at the house, Dean had been putting away his knives he had sharpened. He heard the door open and smiled when he saw who it was " Hey baby, what's shaken?" Paige had worked herself into a rage on the way home; she threw the report at him. Dean picked up the piece paper and it read all negatives across the page. Then his eyes drifted to hers "Paige"; he winced as he heard the slamming of the bathroom door.

Paige sat on the edge of the bathtub, her eyes tearing up. She wiped them away, she really shouldn't be mad at Dean, it wasn't his fault. Paige washed her face and calmed herself down. A small smile spread across her face as she opened the door to face him.

Dean was silently relieved she wasn't pregnant. Not that the thought of a son or daughter, didn't warm the cockles of his heart. He was also relieved when she finally stepped out of the bathroom.

" You okay?" he asked cautiously. Paige saw the concern on his face and smiled " I'm okay Dean."


" Dean, earth to Dean."

Dean blinked his eyes a few times " what?" he asked the man sitting next to him.

" You want me to take over for a little bit, you looking like you are falling asleep and I am wide awake."

Dean looked at his younger brother and decided he was right. " Yeah, just for an hour or so."

Sam shook his head, his brother had been acting funny for a few days now, and Sam was afraid it would effect his hunting abilities. With Sam behind the wheel, Dean rested his head on the window of his Impala. He knew Sam was mumbling something, but what it was he had no clue. His eyelids started to droop; he let his body slide down against the leather seat. Next thing Sam knew, his brother was softly snoring again.


Dean lay on the bed watching Paige sleep. He was taken by surprise when she pounced on him, she had thrown him on the bed, and had her way with him, not that Dean minded sex with Paige.

A few weeks later after a hunt, Paige opened her eyes to see Dean watching her. Her head and leg were throbbing. He wiped her face with a washcloth. " Don't try to move too much" Paige coughed, enough to make Dean a little nervous.

" Dean, where am I?"

" You are in your house, a vamp/ werewolf mix bit your leg remember?"

" What?"

Dean told her about the hunt. Paige started to sit up " There is more isn't there." She asked as she looked around the room and saw Dean's things packed up.

" Dean, what is going on?" She took one look at him and knew. " You know what, just get out!" she started to get out of bed. Dean, put a gentle, yet firm hand on her body, pushing her back down." Paige, relax, calm down." Paige allowed him to push her this time.

Dean pulled up a chair next to her bed. "Why didn't you Tel me Paige?"

She knew what he was talking about and suddenly she couldn't look at him. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks "Dean, the first tests must not have picked it up and I guess I just blew it off as the flu."

When the doctors told Dean Paige was indeed pregnant, he couldn't believe his ears. He knew he could be with Paige because the baby was his. Dean was never going to forget that day, when the doctor said. "I'm sorry Mr. Winchester but the baby isn't yours." What Dean didn't know was John Winchester handed the doctor money afterwards and thanked him.

Dean stared at Paige "Whose, baby is it?"

Paige stared right back at him. Dean shook his head and left the room

The next day Paige had begged Dean to listen to her, she did know who the father was it was he. A week later Dean had moved out, leaving Paige to live with her sins. In the back of his mind he always wondered if she was telling the truth.


Sam hit a pothole, jostling the car and Dean. Dean woke up looking out the window, he saw a woman who looked a lot like Paige. She even turned her head as the car went by. Dean could have sworn it was she.

" How much longer to the place Sam?" Sam looked charmingly over at his sleep-deprived brother " An hour or so. Relax."

"Humph." Was Dean's response. Relax, how was he going to relax Dean's mind wandered back to Paige. What if Paige did tell him the truth? What if that baby was his, he left a pregnant woman… Stop it! You did the right thing. Paige lied to you. Sam watched his older brother out of the corner of his eye. Some thing was bothering Dean, and Sam was not going to wait for his melt down. He looked at his brother again, noticing how his eyes closed again. Sam gave a small smile to his brother as snuggled further into the seat.


Dean was sitting at a counter in Dallas, Texas watching the news. He had just vanquished an angry spirit from a ranch house. The spirit was non-too happy about being cast out of his home. Dean, some how convinced it to leave. Dean had placed a protection spell over the house. Then the next day, his father just disappeared. Dean shook his thoughts out of his head.

"Some say it was a marriage made in heaven, when Jasper Jax, married Paige Sommers yesterday, in Port Charles .NY They are going to Australia for their honeymoon. Mrs. Jax wore…" Dean tuned the rest of it out of his mind Maybe she will be happy nowDean finished up his lunch and headed out the door to pick up his little brother from school.


Sam poked Dean harder after Dean started talking in his sleep. Sam found the Best western that the family they were helping set them up at. Sam had listened for the past two hours Dean mumbling in his sleep and it was starting to interest Sam.

Dean rubbed his face and looked around "Hey Sam where are we?" Sam grinned " We are in Monroeville P.A. We have to meet Mr. Ryan tomorrow morning."

Dean yawned " What time?"

" About 11AM. I guess this family has a few bucks and is going to pay us." This statement brought a smile to Dean's face.

" Is that why we are at a Best Western?"

"Yup, come on and help me bring our stuff in. Oh and tonight want to keep your talking down?"

Dean's head sprung up to look eye level at Sam " What did you hear?

Sam only grinned" A lot of moaning, a little talking but mostly moaning. I wish I had your dreams and not the one I've been having." Sam headed towards the door, then stopped when he didn't hear Dean behind him. Sam saw Dean sway a little "Dean" Sam called to him.

Dean leaned against the car after feeling a little light headed. Dean looked at his brother and decided to try and keep it together for Sam's sake, no need for both of them to be crazy. Dean popped the trunk and hauled both of their bags into the room. Sam was already in the shower, when Dean brought the bags in. He decided to skip the shower. He stripped down, pulled back the covers, and hopped into bed. Dean was sounding asleep before Sam's shower was over. Sam smiled when he saw Dean sleeping; maybe it would be a peaceful night if he slept well.

Sam went back into the bathroom to finish drying his hair. He went to his bag to pull out boxers to sleep in. Next he sat on the small couch with his laptop. He searched for different potions and spells, then on accident he found an interesting web page "Port Charles business mogul Jasper Jax, missing after a disagreement with his wife, Paige Jax. Paige reportedly told him who the real father of their daughter was and an argument ensued. Mrs. Jax is beside herself saying she just wants to know where her husband is" the article went on and for some reason Sam kept reading. " Mrs. Jax admitted that the real father of her 3 year old was never told about her, she also revealed the real father to be a man who was shot to death after a killing spree. The man is one Dean Winchester."

Sam's eyes stayed locked on the last paragraph " Dean Winchester, son of Mary and John Winchester, brother to Stanford student Samuel Winchester."

"Oh my God" Sam breathed. He sat back on the couch and looked over at Dean. Sam looked back to his laptop, he typed in Paige Jax in the search engine, and it came up with all sorts of info on Paige. There was a picture of her wedding to Jasper. And one of her daughter. The little girl held his attention, she had dark hair but hazel green eyes and the cocky smile like Dean.' That was his niece' The little girl's name was Mackenzie.

Sam closed the laptop and looked at Dean. He made the mistake of getting to close to him, Dean grabbed his shirt, threw him to the ground. Straddled him and was somehow holding a knife against his throat. Sam grabbed his arm "Dean, its me Sam."

Dean lowered the knife " Jesus Sammy, you know better than to sneak up on me like that." Dean let his brother up.

" A better question is, who is Paige Jax" Sam asked. Dean's eyes grew dark " No one."

Sam got up with Dean's help, he started to say something, but Dean stopped him.

" Sam please, just leave it alone okay."

Sam was getting pretty tired of the one sided conversations.

Sam grabbed his brother "Dean, I want to know the truth this time. You make me share and you never share with me. So sit down and spill."

Dean chuckled "there isn't anything to share, Paige…."

Sam noticed the hurt look Dean had when he said her name " Paige what?" Sam prodded.

Dean cleared his throat before he started again" Paige is. Was" Dean stopped; he didn't want to talk about her.

" Sam, just drop it"

" Dean, come on."

" Sam, I said to just drop it." Dean told hi min a dangerous tone

" Get some sleep okay?" Dean went back to his bed and pulled the blankets up to his eyeballs, he watched Sam go back to thew laptop. Dean tried to go back to sleep but his mind kept going back to Paige.

Sam found an email and proceeded to email her, he hoped she'd see it and get back to him. Sam finally closed the laptop. Sleepiness finally hit him, he looked at his watch 3:30 AM. Sam took off his jeans and crawled into the bed next to Dean's. He was asleep before his head hit the pillow.

The smoke made breathing unbearable, Sam heard Dean yelling for him. Dean came into view; he was standing in front of a little girl with dark curly hair. Sam ran over to the two " Dean, we have to get out of here." Dean nodded and picked up the little girl.

" Sam take Max and run."

Sam grabbed the little girl and did what Dean asked. When he turned around he saw a Dream scene-

younger woman pushing Dean to the ground as a spear was driven into her stomach. She was thrown against the wall, flames burst all around her-

Sam jerked awake with a sharp "NO" coming out of his mouth. He looked over at Dean, making sure he didn't wake him. Sam sighed out loud as he lay back down again, unwilling to close his eyes in fear of the dream starting again. This time he hoped it was only a dream.

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