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As the sun, filtered into her hospital room. Paige tried to stifle a yawn. She had been up all night, deciding what to do. She wanted the family life, but she knew she wouldn't get that with dean. He would keep the quest alive for his father. Paige let out a loud sigh as the door to her room opened. A nurse came into the room.

" Mrs. Jax, I hope you are feeling better" Paige tried to smile " Well my skin still hurts and I can't get that charred smell out of my nose."

The nurse smiled in sympathy "Well the good news is that you are not as badly burnt as we thought you were and you should be able to go home tomorrow".

Paige looked at the nurse carefully " How would you know all that information" she asked her. The nurse picked up her chart and handed it to her. " Oh."

" The doctor will be in later today. I'll bring you your breakfast in a little bit." The nurse opened the curtains a little more before he left the room. Paige picked up the paper, which laid in front of her, on the front page was her house blowing out the windows. She threw down the paper and rubbed her face with her hands. Her next task was looking over at the clock 9AM, 24 hours until she could leave and go see her little girl. The door opening got her attention, she thought it was the nurse.

" I'm really not that hungry right now" she groaned. A smiling Aussie entered the room with a small-wheeled table, with exotic looking fruits, waffles, and tarts.

"Jax, isn't this a bit much?" she asked with a smile.

"Nothing is too good for you. You should know this by now." He lifted up a silver cover to a platter a small DVD player and a stack of movies appeared.

"Okay Jax, now this is too much. What is going on anyway?"

Jax, tried his best to look innocent " What, can't your husband pamper his wife?"

Paige's heart jumped into her throat, her pulse began to race " Your what" she asked raising her eyebrows.

" My wife, listen I had an idea, after thinking about it. Why don't we get remarried? I can handle Dean being Max's father. What I can't handle is you not being my wife. I love you and I want to take care of you and Max."

Paige stared at him for a moment. She wasn't sure what to say. Jax leaned in closer to her; he looked at her for a moment then kissed her. Paige pulled back in shock.

" Jax, umm, I 'm really flattered. Right now I have to spend one more awful day here then I'm taking Max and leaving. I can't marry you, Dean, Sam, or anyone right now. I'm sorry." To her surprise Jax was still smiling at her.

"It's okay, I understand. But I'm here if you change your mind. I'll be here to pick up tomorrow and take you home to Max." before Paige could even mention Dean. Jax stopped her" I wouldn't wait on Dean, he was packing up his car this morning." Jax said good bye and told her, he'd be back about 10 AM.

Paige leaned back in her bed. She had to get out of here. If Dean was packing up his car that meant something was going on. Paige reached for the phone next to her bed to call her house.


Max was sitting at the breakfast table with Dean and Sam, eating Cheerios. She looked over at Dean and held up a Cheerio for him to eat.

" Chero's?" she asked him with an outstretch hand. Dean opened his mouth for her to place the Cheerio inside. Sam laughed and shook his head, unit the phone broke the silence. Dean picked it up with out thinking about it.

" Hello? Paige… Whoa, wait a minute. I didn't Jesus Paige I'm having breakfast with Sam and Max. No! You stay there; I'll be there as soon as I can. I swear." Dean hung up the phone " Sammy, go to the hospital and see what is going on. I'll stay here, with Max and Kathy. I'll salt everything too. , Something is coming Sammy".

Sam didn't question his brother for once" Maybe you should call dad, Dean."

Max's head popped up" Grandpa" Dean turned to look at his daughter " Jesus!" her eyes were completely white. Sam leapt back as well, then inched closer when her eyes changed back. He looked at his brother, who grabbed his car keys and was already out of the door. Sam picked up the little girl, who acted like nothing had happened and handed him a cheerio. He was very grateful when Kathy came into the kitchen.

" Hi, Can you watch her for two seconds, I have to get something out of my bag and have to make a call."

" Sure, where did Dean go?" Kathy asked. "Hospital" Sam replied as he ran up the stairs. Kathy sat down with her granddaughter" Men" she huffed. Max looked up at her grandma "Chero" Kathy sighed and took the cereal from her.


Dean, was not sure how many traffic laws he broke driving to the hospital, but in his defense no cops where around, or pulled him over. He walked quietly up to the reception desk and gave the nurse there one of his dazzling smiles.

" Morning, I'm looking for Paige Jax's room".

The nurse looked up at him "I'm sorry, no visitors right now, she had to be sedated."

"What!" Dean almost yelled.

The nurse looked up at him once more " Sir, please keep your voice down this is a hospital".

Dean glared at the nurse " Okay, I'm her daughter's father, can you tell me what happened?" dean asked in a calmer voice.

" I'm sorry sir, no visitors until later .I can page her doctor for you."

Dean nodded then went to sit down in a chair behind him, Fifteen minutes later a tall woman with black hair up in a tight bun, walked out. She went over to Dean and sat in the chair next to him.

" Hi, I'm Dr Conner. Paige's doctor."

" Dean Winchester, Max's dad. I came in to see Paige this morning and was told she had to be sedated, what happened?" he asked.

" You can go see her Dean, I just think she fell back asleep this morning, had a nightmare about the fire and ripped out a few tubes. I only gave her a light sedative. Sometimes it happens to burn victims."

"Thanks, which to her room?"

The doctor led him to her room, there was smoke billowing out from under the door. Dean pushed past the doctor before she could stop him. There were flames engulfing the ceiling. Dean saw Paige lying on the floor, one her forehead was a nasty looking cut. Dean saw the shadow staring at him.

" Awe Hell no. You are not taking her, not today, not ever." Dean yelled at the demon and just like that the flames, were gone, leaving only scorch marks. Paige, opened her eyes and lifted her head, she looked up at Dean.

" You came here, why?"

Dean, knew what she meant" Cuss, I knew you were in trouble," he said as he added a cocky grin. Dean helped her to her feet.

" I want to get out of here."

" What about your head?" Dean asked

" Sam, can stitch me up." Again dean smiled.

Dean let Paige lean on him as he walked her into the hallway. He saw the doc " its okay, just a flash fire, but I'm taking her home." The doctor started to argue but Paige and Dean walked out of the hospital.


Sam had salted every last, window, door, and air vent that he could find. He wasn't sure what was going on, he hadn't heard the phone conversation, but judging by the way he had acted, it couldn't be good. He made sure Max and Kathy weren't wise to what was going to happen, but Kathy knew, she something was a brewing. He flipped through his brother's cell phone looking for his father's number. He hit send when he found it. It rang four times then the voice mail came on.

" Damn it" he muttered " dad, its Sam. Dad, you have to call us back. I think the demon is closing in." sam heard the front door opening. Dean was helping Paige inside. " Dean, what the hell happened?" was of course Sam's first question.

Dean let go of Paige as she sat down "I think the demon is coming. it started a fire in the hospital and knocked Paige , pretty good. Where is Kath and max?"

Sam was starting to get a vision and Dean's voice was being drowned out.


Paige was packing her daughter's things in a large bag. Max had sad look on her face, as she watched her mommy pack. Paige knelt down, tears slipped out of her eyes as she looked at her daughter. She wiped her tears away and sniffed. Max hugged her mom trying to stop the tears that kept falling from her eyes.

Paige Picked up Max and her bag then headed downstairs. Jax was in the living room waiting patiently. Paige put the bag down so she could squeeze her daughter, then handed her over to Jax.

" If I don't make it, take her to Missouri."

Jax started to interrupt her.

" Jax, promise me, I couldn't save, Sam, mom, or dean, but I'll be damned if this thing is going to take my baby."

Paige watched Jax, leave with her daughter, she leaned against the wall, slid down until she was sitting there and cried. Two minutes later she stood up, picked up the shotgun, cocked it, and opened the door.

Sam snapped his head up and looked around. His eyes settled on Paige and max. He looked over at his brother then felt an overwhelming feeling of nausea. Dean looked at his brother after the vision, he face filled with concern.


Sam looked back over at Paige. Dean followed the gaze and received a horrible feeling.

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