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LAST TIME-------

"Neji, What ha- … Oh. My. God."


The hotel lay in ruins, with random people walking around. "Neji, Where do you thin- "YOSH!!!!!" A scream echoed throughout the planet. "Does that answer your question?"

They darted off in the direction of the yells. A man was standing with his arms crossed, smirk plastered on his face, and overflowing with Chakra. Gai and Lee seemed unharmed. Mr. Pon was cowering behind a bush but otherwise seemed fine. Neji and Tenten were out and armed quickly. "Gai-sensei, Lee, get Mr. Pon out of here!" Gai seemed utterly confused. "To run away and hide while my youthfully young students fight, a dangerous ninja by themselves, would simply not be youthful!!!"

Tenten had an idea. "But, Gai-sensei, you wouldn't want us to waste our youth hiding would you? I mean, to regain our vigor youthful selves we must participate in fights, even let this be our only one." "YOU ARE YOUTHFULLY CORRECT!!! I SHALL YOUTHFULLY TAKE MR.PON AND HIDE HIM, AND PROTECT HIM, OH SO YOUTHFULLY!!!" Oh yeah, I forgot about Lee. They do their whole sunset waves hugging thing they do. You know what I'm talking about.

Neji smiled. "Nice." "Well I didn't want them interrupting out fight with this guy." The man smiled a wild crazed grin. Like possessed Gaara would. "hehehehehehehehehhehhehehhhh…… I am Shiki. Hheheheheheh…. Blood……. Need ……..taste……..BLOOD!!!!!" With that final scream gigantic dark green hands of Chakra swooped toward them. They jumped out of the way, just in time too. Neji activated his Byakugan. His eyes widened in surprise. Tenten looked over at Neji. Surprised? Him? What a weird combination.

"Neji? Something wrong?" "I- I can't see his tenketsu(sp?) or any of him at all…" "WHAT?!" "I don't know…" "Well then we're doing this my way. BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THEM!!!" Neji smiled. She was so sexy when she was mad. Tenten whipped out some weapons and threw them with amazing speed and accuracy. They all would have hit vital spots, but he moved and the weapons instead he sacrificed his arm defending himself.

He whipped out a roll of bandages and wrapped his arm up in it. Well he wrapped up the stump that used to be his arm. Neji decided to comment. "You may be able to scratch me when we spar now." "I aim to kill." "Yet I'm still alive and breathing?" "Shut up!" "GRAAAARHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGHGHAAGAGAGAAAARRRRRRRARHHHAAAAARHGHAAAARRRR!!!!!!!!" He screamed in agony. "You….. Will…………PAY!!!!" He flung himself at them again. They dodged again, and now it was now Neji's turn. He pressed all of the pressure points he knew on the human body and the man lay there a crumpled heap.

"Tenten. That was too easy there has got to be another- " "enemy?" They whipped around. A man was leaning against a tree. Smirking, very calm and cool. He slowly opened his eyes. "My name is Samaisi. I am the puppet master. That… was my latest experiment. Not doing to well is he?" He kicked the body over. "Hmm… Not well at all…"

"Puppet Master?" Tenten asked cautiously. "Yes. I don't use regular wooden puppets with built in weapons and all that crap. I animate the dead bodies of my enemies or just peoples whose bodies I like, with my chakra. It's quite amusing." Tenten gaped. "Now then… I want the fat old man. He has something of mine." 'Greedy, stupid, slimy, old man!' Tenten thought. 'He stole something from this guy that must be really valuable. No wonder he wanted to get away from Konoha! And he wanted to sell it as well to get rid of it. That dirty old man!' The man assumed a fighting stance, as did Tenten and Neji. They stood still, daring the other to make the first move.

Samaisi made the first move, pulling out a katana driving it toward them with incredible speed. Neji quickly dodged it. Tenten however was not so lucky. She managed to pull out a kunai to block the attack at the last moment though. She grunted at the force that she had to put into her weapon to hold the attack off. Samaisi smiled. He pumped chakra into his katana sending Tenten flying into a tree. "TENTEN!!!" Neji whirled around in midair to catch her seconds before she hit the tree.

"Tenten are you all right?" She rubbed her head. "I-I think so." They looked up. Samaisi had a disappointed look on his face. "I really had hoped you'd be more of a challenge. I guess not." Then he smirked. (Plot-lines and fight scenes… stuff like that I can't do.) "I'll be sure to make this quick and pain-less for you, as possible."

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