Author: Kristen

Title: A Matter of Life and Death

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Doctor Who. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made.

Rating: PG

Spoilers: For the ep World War Three in the 2005 Doctor Who series.

Summary: Mickey's thoughts before he fires the missile.

Twelve months he'd been suspected of being a murderer. Five times he'd been taken in for questioning. Now he was seconds away from being one in truth with one click of the mouse. The missile was intended for the Slitheens, but with Rose trapped inside 10 Downing Street with them it wasn't just genocidal aliens looking to make a profit he was taking out. It was Rose, the Doctor, Harriet Jones, and the rest of the unsuspecting humans inside the building unaware that with one push of his finger death was coming for them. He could spare Rose, but it would also spare the Slitheen in which case death was inevitable for them all anyway. Five billion people and their lives were in his hands. He could push the button and save the world, but as the Doctor had put it, he could also lose Rose. He might lose her for good today, but he suspected he hadn't really had her since the moment she'd met the Doctor. There was something between those two, something that he just couldn't compete with.

Rose's response to the Doctor's plan before she'd even heard it played again in his mind as he stared at the red button on the screen. He'd heard her quiet words clearly over the phone. "Do it," she'd said with such certainty he knew that her mind would never be changed not even for all of Jackie's pleadings. The words were meant for the Doctor then, a private conversation between the two of them that they'd all been eavesdroppers to, but Mickey took some small comfort in them now as his hand moved the mouse and the arrow on the screen now rested over the red button. Two words, but in them Mickey had heard so much more. He knew, even if some miracle happened and Rose survived, she was never going to be his girl again. She belonged to the doctor now. Click the button and save the human race; click the button and accept the death of his dreams with Rose; push the button and become a murderer in truth. All these thoughts raced through his mind in just the span of a few seconds after the Doctor's order to fire came through the phone.

In the end, there was only one thing he could do. Mickey clicked the mouse and the missile launched.