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Summary: Kim drops everything to date Josh, including missions. And when Ron needs help saving the world, who should step up but Bonnie.

Chapter One: Fed Up

Ron's POV

Ron was rapidly getting fed up with this, Kim and Monkey needed to find a new place to make out, in front of her locker blocked off his access to the computer Wade used to talk to them. Well there was the Kimmunicator, but Ron didn't have one of those and he was sure that best friends or not Kim would kill him if he took hers.

He was starting to run out of options though, Barkin had nearly killed him after Wade hadhacked the PA for the 3rd time that week to tell Ron about a mission, thankfully all the missions had been minor ones. The most stressful, if that was the right word, had been Frugal Lucre trying to get everyone in the world to give him a dollar… again… by threatening to spam everyone's email accounts with modern 'art' pictures. Even Ron had found that to be a plain stupid scheme and Lucre had gone down without much trouble on Ron's part.

Ron figured though that it was only a matter of time before some of the more A-list villains started acting up, Monkey Fist he could take, Duff Killigan maybe… but if Shego made an appearance he and the world would be in trouble thanks to Kim Possible's inability to separate herself from her boyfriend of two weeks.

This was just uncool, he couldn't move Kim and Monkey to get to the computer, Wade couldn't give him the latest mission over his cell phone or the PA because it involved blueprints. Ron took a deep breath and made his decision, using what little stealth he claimed to possess Ron made his way over to Kim's backpack, taking a deep breath he opened it up and removed the small blue PDA sized device.

Stepping back he slowly let out his breath and waited, Kim didn't so much as blink in his direction, ok that might not have been the best thought since her eyes were closed but regardless she showed no sign of noticing he had ever been there.

Sighing in frustration at Kim's inattention to saving the world Ron pressed the respond button on the Kimmunicator and was connected to Wade.

"Hey Kim… Ron?" The supergenius found himself stumped, "Ron, you do know that Kim's going to kill you for taking the Kimmunicator right?"

Ron turned the screen to face Kim's current activity and once Wade had gotten an eyeful, Ron knew by the sounds of disgust that emanated from the Kimmunicator, he turned the screen back to him. "Wade," Ron said, "I don't think Kim would notice right now if Shego waltzed up to her and shouted at the top of her lungs that she was giving up the villainy thing and going good."

Wade pondered this for a second before turning to his many keyboards and punching keys rapidly, "Ok Ron," he said, "I think you can handle this on your own but I'll have GJ on standby just incase this goes south." Wade punched a few more keys and the screen replaced his image with a set of blueprints of a mansion.

Ron puzzled over why a villain would make a lair in a mansion before he realized who he was going up against, "Senior Senior Senior?" Ron said.

"And Junior," Wade replied, "The good news is they're not being too creative this time, just your run of the mill death-ray. The bad news is they've hired henchmen so you're not going to be able to walk in like always."

"Aw man," Ron moaned, "I always liked that about them, it was a nice touch of the Hero/Villain relationship that they just let Kim and me walk in to foil their plan."

He heard Wade chuckle as the blueprints were replaced with the image of the teams resident genius. "Well I guess they finally caught on that that was a bad idea," Wade said, "Anyways, I've set you up with a GJ transport, it should be there soon so just go throw on your mission clothes and it'll meet you out front."

Ron made for his own locker at a job sighing inwardly as he hit the off button and put the Kimmunicator in his own backpack, he had a history essay due tomorrow that he was going to be up way late finishing if this mission didn't end in about 5 minutes.

A few minutes later Ron walked out the front door in his normal mission clothes, the only thing different was his school backpack slung over his shoulder. Standing outside the school he stood there as a GJ VTOL Transport settled down, other students barely even turning an eye at the now normal sigh of some weird vehicle coming to pick up Kim and Ron, well just Ron this time.

"Welcome aboard Mr. Stoppable," the pilot said, "it's about a 2 hour flight and you'll HALO from around 80,000 feet."

Ron just nodded as he sat down and opened up his backpack, much as he hated to actually work on such a long flight it was the only way he'd get this essay done before it was late and Barkin had yet another excuse to put him in detention.

Bonnie's POV

Bonnie watched as Ron ran out the front door then turned to watch Kim continue making out with a scowl on her face. She didn't think she'd ever hated little Ms. Perfect more than she did at that moment. Any respect Bonnie may have had for Kim sticking by the loser despite his being just that had evaporated over the month since school had started.

Bonnie was so busy hating Kim that she didn't notice her own best friend walk up behind her. "Hey Bonnie," Tara said. Bonnie jumped and turned to fix a glare at the blonde, "Don't sneak up on me like that." She bit out.

"I didn't sneak up," Tara said," you were just too busy… um, what were you doing staring at Kim like that?"

Bonnie sighed and dropped her glare to just look at Tara as she said, "I was hating her, what did you think I was doing?"

Tara looked over at Kim and Josh continuing to make out before turning back to Bonnie and saying, "Well it looked like you might be jelling over Josh asking her out. I mean you just broke up with Brick and I just thought…"

Bonnie closed her eyes and resisted the urge to hit her head on the nearby lockers, "Tara," she ground out, "How many times do I have to say that I'm taking a break from dating, football players may be at the top of the food chain but they're just so stupid and I need a break from that right now."

Tara shot her a skeptical look as she said, "Alright but I still don't get why you hate her so much, I mean that look was more than the normal 'she gets everything so easy' hating her look."

Bonnie looked back over at Kim and glared as she growled out, "It should because I hate her more right now than I ever have."

"But why," Tara asked, "I mean you aren't jelling over Josh and that's the only thing I can think of her doing differently."

Bonnie shook her head as she looked back at her friend and in a heated voice said, "Because however much I hated her before, I at least had some respect for her sticking by the loser despite his being a loser and I guess that her saving the world was cool too. But now that she and Mankey are all over each other she's dropped Stoppable and the world saving thing. And she's also dropped all her other friends, and clubs, and as much as I like chairing everything and being cheer captain, I wanted it to be because I beat Kim, not because she got a boyfriend. I've been on one of those world saving things of hers before too, trust me that what that Gill freak did was nothing compared to that Dementor guy she and I ran up against. And now she's just ditching all that for some pretty face, arrgh I don't care how much I hate her, that's just low."

Tara stood shock still for several long seconds after Bonnie's tirade before sputtering, "Oh… well I guess that makes sense." The silence returned for almost a full minute before Tara said, "But what are you going to do about it?"

Bonnie opened her mouth to snap an answer back but then shut it as she looked at Kim and then the door Ron had run out several times before turning back to Tara and smirking, "Stoppable's been saving the world solo for two weeks, maybe it's time I did something about that. And his being a loser, well we'll figure out something to do about that."

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