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Chapter Seventeen: Settling things: Part II

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Bonnie's POV

Bonnie tugged the shirt a bit further down, she had been right that Kim's shirt would end a bit higher on her, but she'd underestimated how much she'd notice that little difference. Scowling in frustration she walked over to the mirror to make sure she'd look good when she hurt Drakken. Satisfied with her appearance Bonnie turned to go get Ron when someone, she presumed Ron, knocked on Kim's door.

"Bonnie," Ron said from below, "are you ready up there?"

"Yes," Bonnie walked over and opened the door, "now let's get this over with."

Sliding down the ladder Bonnie followed Ron through the Possible's living room, past that cursed horrible refrigerator, and out the hole that had recently been their front door. Walking outside into the cool night air Bonnie tugged down on the shirt again, Kim's family was standing together starting off at where Bonnie guessed Kim must have gone to rescue Tara.

Bonnie felt Ron take her hand and lead her over to where the Possibles were standing. "Um," Ron hesitated for fear of ruining the moment, "Mr. Dr. P, Mrs. Dr. P, we need to get going."

Kim's family turned to them and her mom walked quickly over and wrapped Ron in a motherly hug saying, "Ron, you know you're a son to us in every way that matters so you come back to us safe and sound."

Bonnie failed to notice Kim's dad walking up to her till he put a hand on her shoulder and said, "Bonnie I know you and Kim haven't always gotten along well, but I hope you know you're welcome here any time."

Bonnie felt tears start to gather at the corners of her eyes, she'd spent almost her whole life trying to bring Kim down for this, her family, something that Bonnie had never really had, and now those same people had just opened their arms to her. She almost lost it, but then Ron gave her hand a reassuring squeeze and Bonnie found it in herself to keep it together.

Kim's little brothers wished them luck and then Ron and Bonnie walked over to his scooter, put on their helmets and started off. Ron started off going at his scooters normal slow pace and Bonnie was just about to lean over and tell him they needed to go faster when Ron pulled the handle all the way back. Bonnie barely had time to squeak and wrap her arms around Ron as tightly as she could as the scooter leapt forward and the streets of Middleton became a blur.

Bonnie barely had time to notice the wreckage strewn about by the Diablo's rampage not even half an hour ago. Flashing lights of the authorities were gone before she could get more than a glimpse and a few minutes later Middleton itself was gone and Ron seemed to speed the scooter up even more.

Making sure to keep her grip around Ron's waist tight, Bonnie looked around as the scenery changed from the mountains in and around Middleton, to the plains of central Colorado and all too quickly scrubs and other desert plants started appearing as the two rocketed, literally, into arid southern Colorado.

Just then it occurred to Bonnie that Ron hadn't asked Wade to get them directions to the Bueno Nacho headquarters. But as she was about to tap Ron on the shoulder to remind him of this fact Bonnie remembered that this was Ron and Bueno Nacho, he could probably navigate there at these speeds with his eyes closed.

Passing a city that she didn't have time to catch the name of, Bonnie relaxed her grip on Ron as he slowed the scooter down and got off the highways and started winding his way down smaller country roads, though still well paved indicating they were heavily traveled. And then so soon it seemed they had just said good-bye to the Possibles, Ron brought the scooter to a stop and they got off staring up at Bueno Nacho world headquarters.

"Wow…" Ron almost whispered, "I never imagined something could be so beautiful."

"I'll choose to take that as a compliment," Bonnie said as she grabbed his arm and started dragging him to the front door in an attempt to bring his attention back to the matter at hand.

Slowly pushing open the unlocked doors, that was a sign of a trap if there was ever one, Bonnie lead a still wide eyed Ron into the building. Searching around, the two crept into the deserted lobby. Tugging her shirt down once more Bonnie turned to Ron and said, "Ok, you must know this place inside and out, where would you put someone you kidnapped?"

But Ron wasn't standing by her anymore, looking around Bonnie spotted him standing by a wall with rows of pictures, he appeared to be staring almost reverently at one with Rufus standing on his shoulder in much the same state.

Bonnie stormed over with every intention of forcibly removing Ron from his blissful haze, but just before she spun him about by his shoulder Ron muttered, "The first Bueno Nacho, isn't it beautiful Bonnie?"

Something inside Bonnie snapped then, months of things building up inside her boiling over. "Why yes Ronald, it is." She growled, "So beautiful in fact that it's making me forget why we're here."

Her outburst brought Ron out of his euphoric haze as well as anything could have, looking at her with a look of concern Ron asked, "You alright Bonnie?"

"Of course," Bonnie replied in a terse voice, "now I like him about as little as you do but we have to go rescue Eric."

Ron looked at her for a few more seconds as though not quite believing her, but in the end he decided it wasn't worth arguing over. Taking Bonnie by the hand he seemed to refocus on the task before them as they started sneaking through the large hallway.

Stepping into what Bonnie thought was an atrium of sorts, she looked around to see one whole wall was windows and the rest of the space was crisscrossed by walkways that were further connected with stairs and escalators between levels.

"This could take awhile," Bonnie said quietly as she stared into the upper levels, "are you sure this is where Drakken would keep him?"

"Yeah," Ron said just as quietly, "there are all sorts of offices and rooms in this part of the building, perfect if you need to hide someone."

"Ok," Bonnie spoke a bit louder, "just how do we…" Bonnie trailed off as a figure walked slowly out of the shadows. Her jaw dropped as the figure emerged fully from the shadows, it was her, another Bonnie.

"Hello Bonnie," the pseudo her said coldly, then changed her voice to a seductive purr, "Hello Ron."

Bonnie could only gape at the perfect replica of her, exact in every detail but for one that Bonnie could see, her duplicates shirt fit better than the borrowed one Bonnie herself was wearing. As if to underscore that point Bonnie had to pull her shirt down again right then. "Let me handle this," Ron's voice grabbed her attention away from the clone.

"What!" Bonnie was incredulous, "there is no way I'm letting some butt-ugly twin of me run around doing God only knows what."

"Twin," Ron was entirely focused now, "I'd rather not end up with you two standing next to each other shouting that you're the real Bonnie and the other is a clone. So just let me handle this and we can avoid that little problem."

"Fine," Bonnie hoped she didn't sound too much like she was sulking. More than anything though she felt insulted that Ron didn't think he could tell the real her, even from what Bonnie had to admit was a reasonable facsimile of her.

"Alright Bon-Bon," Ron stepped forward obviously speaking to the clone, "you can either tell us where Drakken has Eric or we'll make you tell us, so what's it going to be?"

Bonnie fairly well seethed with anger as the clone started walking towards Ron swaying her hips like some sort of cheap harlot, then the clone started speaking and Bonnie had to hold herself back from taking off a finger and stabbing her to death with it.

"Well Ronnie-kins," the clone said in a sickly sweet voice, "that depends on what you want to do to make me talk, I can think of a few things that would make me absolutely scream."

Bonnie couldn't see Ron's face but his voice sounded icy cold as he said, "you wouldn't like how I'll make you talk, I've dealt with clones before and I know what I'm doing."

The clone dropped her cheerful exterior entirely and said in a mechanically cold voice, "You won't be doing that or anything at all actually. Dr. Drakken has ordered that you not interfere with his plans. I'm sorry I have you knock you out Ron but there's no other way."

Then the clone darted forward with startling speed. Ron caught the punch she threw at him and spun her fully around throwing her back the way she had come. The clone flipped back several times from momentum, landing in a crouched fighting position.

Ron leapt forward, aiming to trip the clone with a low kick so he could end the fight quickly with his greater weight and strength. The clone though had other ideas, rolling neatly to the side it threw a kick at Ron's head that impacted quite hard with the arm he raised to block it.

From there the two combatants accelerated the pace of their fighting, the clone using all Bonnie's cheerleading and ballet tricks and Ron's eyes taking on a familiar blue glow. The two ended up fighting on a walkway, the clone had just thrown a high kick and Ron had ducked and countered with an uppercut that the clone had grabbed onto to vault over Ron and return the two to facing each other in their stances.

Suddenly an idea occurred to Bonnie, reaching into her backpack she pulled out a tin of lip gloss, checking to make sure it was the right one she shouted Ron's name to get his attention as she threw the tube up to him. At the questioning look he returned upon catching it, she shouted up, "It's the good stuff!"

Ron nodded and a smile grew on his face, taking a deep breath he dove forward into the clone letting the lid fall off the lip gloss. Almost instantly Bonnie saw her clone descend into a stupor from the knock-out gas the tin actually contained. Ron stood up quickly to get above the fumes and he gave a triumphant look down to Bonnie that even with her temper still going brought a grin to her face.

Then both Ron and Bonnie turned as an escalator started to run, coming down it was none other than Eric. "Thanks guys," he said, "that clone or whatever she was wouldn't let me go anywhere."

Walking over to Eric to shake his hand Ron said, "Well we're here to rescue you, so we just need to take care of one more thing and we'll get you out of here."

"Sounds good," Eric said taking Ron's hand, "There's just one thing, around here I'm known as Synthodrone Number 901." Bonnie was too far away to do anything but watch in horror as Ron stiffened from the electric shock that Eric was pumping through him. Ron dropped to the ground unconscious and Bonnie's body seemed to click back into motion. Racing up the stairs she started to hurl herself towards Eric when something barred her way and she suddenly found herself on her back rapidly leaving consciousness. The last thing Bonnie saw was her clone sliding up to stand beside Eric, both with evil grins on their faces.

Ron's POV

Ron slowly dragged himself back to consciousness, his muddled thoughts coalescing into a desire to beat the syntho-goo out of Eric and a desire to know why he was tied to a giant cactus. Looking around he saw that he was in a large room filled with Bueno Nacho paraphernalia, he thought briefly that he might be dead and in heaven, but then he remembered he was tied to a giant cactus and he spotted Bonnie in similar straits and he decided that he was quite alive.

He was about to try and wake Bonnie when she groaned lightly from her cactus and started on her own journey back to being awake. Ron took the opportunity to try and absorb exactly where they were, the first thing he noticed was that their packs were tossed on the ground between them, and the second that they were very well tied to their respective cacti.

Turning his attention back to Bonnie he watched her go through most of what he himself had done a handful of minutes ago. "Bonnie," he said trying to get her attention, "you alright?"

Bonnie turned her gaze on him, her eyes dropping the last traces of unconsciousness, "Do I look alright?" She sounded quite angry Ron thought, "I'm tied to a giant cactus, my head is killing me, and oh yeah Drakken might already be taking over the world. Not to mention there's an evil version of me running around and we just found out Eric is an evil robot. Yeah, I'm alright."

"Yeah," Ron sighed, "we really messed up there didn't we. Any ideas how we do better once we're out of this?"

"Well," Bonnie sounded almost like her 'old' self, "you could try keeping your head in the game instead of ogling pictures of Bueno Nacho stores."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Ron started to bristle, "I'm the one who brought the smack down on your clone."

"Only after I pried you from standing there looking at old torn down buildings," Bonnie said, "I swear there are days I think you love Bueno Nacho more than me."

"What!" Ron knew they were headed for their first real fight as a couple, but Bonnie had taught him the lessons of standing up for himself a little too well. "Bonnie that's ridiculous, I'd rather spend an afternoon with you than have an all you can eat buffet at Bueno Nacho."

"That sounds nice," Ron realized now that Bonnie sounded both angry and sad, "but I don't believe that. I've heard how you go on and on about how you'd marry Bueno Nacho if it were a woman. But the most affection you've ever shown me is snuggling together, and you can't tell me you've never done that with Kim. So what am I, some second string cheerleader you just hung on to out of pity?"

"No!" Ron dropped to the ground. Their arguing had caused Rufus to poke his head out of Ron's backpack, and the naked mole rat had managed to undo Ron's restraints without either of them noticing. Walking over to free Bonnie, Ron went on, "You're the one who always went on about how you were sick and tired of men going after you only for your body, and how you hated having to defuse a new rumor of your sleeping with someone every other week. I just thought it might be nice to you for a change to let you set the pace of the relationship."

Bonnie looked honestly shocked as she dropped to the ground and it was several long seconds before she collected herself to go on. "It would have been nice to know that," she stepped up to glower at Ron as much as her 2 inch deficit would allow, "I've been trying to get you to do something, anything, ever since you asked me to prom."

Ron didn't so much respond with words, he only said, "Okay," as he stepped forward and proceeded to show Bonnie exactly how much 'affection' he could show her. When they pulled apart, Bonnie could only let out a stunned "Wow," before grabbing Ron by the back of his neck and pulling him right back down.

Lack of oxygen forced them to separate again far too soon for Ron's tastes. Resting their foreheads together Ron struggled to remember what exactly they were supposed to be doing there. "We need to…" he started and then struggled to remember what they were doing and where they were again.

"Something important," Bonnie appeared in the same conundrum as him.

They were both interrupted by an insistent squeaking. Turning to glare at what was interrupting their moment they saw Rufus struggling to hoist the electromagnetic scrambler.

"Right!" Ron had a brain flash," That's what we're here for, we need to go bring some hurt down on Drakken so we can get back to what we were doing."

"Yeah," Bonnie had a surefire conviction in her voice, "and no more making out on missions."

"Agreed," Ron handed Bonnie her backpack, "now let's go end this one so we can get on with the making out."

"Already ahead of you," Bonnie grabbed his hand and started marching towards the door. It quickly became apparent to the two that they were still in the Bueno Nacho headquarters, and that they hadn't been out for long. Following maps that had a room labeled 'control room' on them the pair made quick time through the deserted hallways.

The halls they went through became more opulent as they went higher and the doors started having fancier name plates that they continued to ignore. Reaching the top floor they made quick work of the single henchman guarding the double mahogany doors to what had been the executive board room but was now Drakken's nerve center for his latest world conquest scheme.

Sticking his head around the corner Ron saw Drakken, Eric, and Clone Bonnie standing at a table watching a number of large monitors under a large clock counting down to zero, it only had a handful of minutes left on it. Then Ron saw something that brought a smile to his face, one of the henchmen had a large cup of coke at his workstation.

Ducking back, he and Bonnie walked a little ways back, Ron leaned in and whispered into her ear, "Here's the plan, we just have to hit your clone with something carbonated and she'll melt, there's some coke right by the door. We get that and take her out, then I'll keep Eric busy while you run up to the roof, knock out the antenna. Come back down and we can take pretty boy out and that should be it."

"Sounds good," Bonnie whispered back as she pulled the electromagnetic scrambler out of her backpack. Creeping back down the short hallway Ron halted Bonnie and then counted down silently using his fingers. When the last one went down they burst into the room, Ron grabbed the coke and with a mighty cry sloshed it over the Clone Bonnie, who stood there looking incredibly angry at the confused blonde.

Gasping in shock, Ron turned around and quickly emptied the rest of the coke onto his girlfriend shouting, "You're the clone!" Of course though, nothing happened to Bonnie and Ron was left standing there in complete shock.

From behind his henchmen Drakken started grandstanding, "You've failed Stoppable! After that first cloning fiasco I had one hair left, and though it destroyed the cloning machine in the process I was able to create a completely stable clone, your carbonated water won't do a thing to Bonnie over here."

Ron saw Bonnie glare at her clone during Drakken's gloating and even as the mad scientist was finishing she had already dived at the clone sending the two brunettes over a workstation and the sounds of struggle came from behind it. Grumbling about plans falling apart Ron dove at Eric sliding the Synthodrone along a long table before going off and sending his head into the wall. Pulling himself back up Ron heard Drakken shout to the henchmen present to launch the Diablo's ahead of schedule.

Trying to check up on Bonnie, he looked over to see the two Bonnie's racing up to the roof, dodging several henchmen and knocking out several more along the way. Ron followed them and he had made it onto the roof, he had to search for Bonnie and her clone, the thunderstorm that had opened up the heavens and the armada of Diablo robots overhead provided something of a distraction to finding his girlfriend.

At last he spotted the two and just as he was about to dive into their fray he realized that in the rain and poor light he couldn't tell them apart, never mind the fact he wouldn't have been able to in broad daylight. The two seemed to notice him at the same time and in complete tandem they pointed at the other and shouted, "Get her Ron! She's the clone!"

The Bonnie on the left looked utterly scandalized as she shouted, "I'm the real Bonnie, Ron she's the clone!"

Her counterpart on the right matched the look perfectly as in an identical voice she shouted, "She's lying Ron! I'm the real Bonnie!"

Ron looked back and forth between the two, noting with no small amount of dismay that the electromagnetic scrambler was lying on the roof closer to him than anyone else.

Then Ron noticed something, the Bonnie on the right kept fidgeting as though… as though her shirt didn't fit quite right, almost as if she had borrowed it from someone slightly smaller. Sprinting forward Ron dove, feet first slamming into the Clone Bonnie on the left, her smaller frame went flying backwards from the impact and Ron dropped to the roof right next to the real Bonnie.

"How'd you know I was the real one?" She asked as she pulled him to his feet.

"Easy," Ron said, "your shirt didn't fit. Now let's take that tower out."

They started running towards the electromagnetic scrambler, Bonnie made it there first and just as she bent down to pick it up a fist exploded through the roof making very solid contact with her jaw and sending her and the scrambler flying. Bonnie landed a few feet away and started trying to get back on her feet, the scrambler though slid along the roof and would have fallen to the ground several hundred feet below had Rufus not caught it, dangling by his claws dug into the roof.

As soon as he had landed on the roof, Eric spotted Ron and tackled him to the ground promptly trying to wrap his hands around Ron's neck, seeing Rufus catch the scrambler the Synthodrone said, "Anything good I ever said about that little freak I take back. Naked mole rats are disgusting."

"Don't be dissin' the Rufus." Ron said as he planted a foot in Eric's stomach and launched him back. Rufus in the meantime had pulled himself back onto the roof and slid the scrambler over to Ron. Just as he kicked Eric off of him, the scrambler bounced off Ron's arm. Picking it up he tossed it over to Bonnie, expecting that Eric would make another attempt at bodily harm rather shortly.

Bonnie wasted no time, as soon as she had the gun in her hand she fired the dart towards the scrambler. A loud cry of anguish came from the door and Ron turned his head to see Drakken running out into the rain with a look of panic on his face. Ron turned back to watch the dart hit the antenna only to watch with his own look of panic as a gloved hand snatched it out of the air a mere inch from its target.

Eric stood on the antenna with a look of triumph on his face and in the background the Diablo's continued to fly overhead, Ron wasn't sure if he imagined hearing Drakken's sigh of relief from across the roof. Then he looked over at Bonnie and saw her looking smug of all things. Ron looked back at Eric when Bonnie said, "You know, Rufus did not appreciate that crack."

Noticing a small movement Ron felt the same smugness settle over him and he added his two cents as he reclined on the roof, "The little guy holds a grudge."

Eric's look of confusion changed to one of fear as Rufus appeared right over his boot and with a look of glee on his little face the naked mole rat sunk his fangs into Eric's boot. When the little guy pulled his fangs out it was accompanied by a torrent of green syntho-goo and Ron watched in disgusted fascination as Eric shriveled up before his eyes. The skies then started raining Diablo's as Eric dropped the dart onto the antenna to a cry of despair from Dr. Drakken.

Ron pulled out the Kimmunicator and called Wade as he started calmly walking towards the distraught mad scientist. "Wade," Ron said as the genius answered, "Are the cops on the way?"

"Yeah," Wade replied, "You two okay over there?"

"We're fine," Ron said, "anything from Kim?"

"No," Wade's smile dropped somewhat, "but now that the Diablo's have stopped and I know where she is I'll have cops on the way as soon as we're done."

"Then we're done," Ron said, "Bonnie and I just need to wait for the cops to do their pickup here and then we'll head back up to Middleton."

Ron hung up the Kimmunicator and not 10 minutes later cops began pouring onto the roof. They had a bit of a hang up trying to clarify there being two Bonnie's, but soon the matter of the clone was cleared up and with hearty thanks Ron and Bonnie were on their way back to Middleton.

Just outside the city limits, Bonnie tapped him on the shoulder, Ron slowed down and asked over his shoulder, "What's up Bonnie?"

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"I was just going to go straight back to prom, there's still time for quite a few dances." Ron said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Bonnie just gave him that look that all women seemed to possess as she said, "Ron we are not going to prom in our mission clothes, and in case you forgot my prom dress is ruined."

"Ok, I think you'd look good in anything," Ron brought the scooter to a stop, "but since you obviously care is there anything you have lying around your house you can wear?"

"Yeah," Bonnie said, "but it's my Halloween costume from last year, and I went to all the parties as a gothic princess, not something you wear to prom."

"Bonnie," Ron hoped he didn't sound condescending, "you're talking to a guy who has a sky blue tux in what passes for the trunk of this thing. I think you showing up as a gothic princess isn't going to turn many heads."

Bonnie just looked at him before wrapping her arms around him again, "Fine, but what about Kim and Tara."

"We're probably racing them there," Ron said as he turned the scooter to go to Bonnie's house and started up the rockets again.

Ron stood in the front room of Bonnie's house for the second time that night, again in his tux he was waiting for Bonnie to come down so they could make their second trip to prom.

Ron tapped his foot in irritation as he looked out the windows where his scooter was waiting. A soft cough caught his attention and as he turned around his jaw dropped for the second time that night. Bonnie's 'Goth Princess' costume was a dark purple skirt, slightly puffier than her first dress. A strip of the dark purple fabric ran up the middle of a black corset top cut about as low as the other dress. It had straps and sleeves of a sort, mesh fabric went down her arms into black elbow length gloves. She had pulled two clumps of hair into what Ron could only call clusters of spikes on either side of her head, her makeup had changed to a more lavender theme but by that point Ron's brain had again shut down.

"Ron?" Bonnie said at his rather blank stare. Getting the meaning behind it Ron saw her smile to herself and say, "well at least I look good in this."

"Yeah you do," Ron managed to pull himself out of his stupor, "so, shall we try this going to prom thing again?"

"I think we shall," Bonnie took his proffered hand as he led her outside to his waiting scooter.

Ron couldn't help but smile as he pulled his scooter into the parking lot, two very familiar figures were getting off of what Ron thought was a truly beautiful motorcycle.

"Hello ladies," he said as he pulled the scooter next to them and turned the engine off.

"Ron!" Kim shouted, and Ron soon found himself enclosed in the arms of his best friend as she started inspecting him in a fairly good imitation of her mother. At the same time Bonnie had more or less vaulted the scooter and Kim's new bike and was doing much the same to Tara.

"Kim," Ron grabbed her by the shoulders, "I'm alright, Bonnie and I didn't get hurt. What about you?"

"I'll be a little sore tomorrow," Kim rubbed her stomach, "but nothing that's going to slow me down."

Looking over at Bonnie and Tara talking animatedly Ron smiled at Kim and said, "So did my best friend perhaps finally get around to asking a certain blonde to prom?"

Kim seemed to get very nervous and she refused to meet Ron's eyes as she almost meekly said, "Ron, you've been my best friend since I was 4, if anyone should know this first it's you."

Ron cut her off with a finger on her lips, "Kim I figured it out awhile ago, and the only thing I have to say is that it's about darn time you two got it together. As far as I'm concerned you're still the Kim I met at preschool. I'm completely behind you and Tara, don't let anyone saying otherwise get to you, everyone who matters is with me on that."

"Thanks Ron," Kim hugged him tightly, "I don't know if you know how much that means to me."

Ron looked over at Tara in her dark red dress and said to Kim, "I think I can imagine, but now it's time for all of us to bring the funk to the prom."

Kim laughed and the two best friends went and retrieved their respective dates, outside the doors to the gym Ron held opened the doors to let the ladies go first. Kim and Tara walked in first, holding hands and looking less nervous than Ron would have thought even a few minutes ago. Bonnie walked up beside him and they stood in the doorway as the already quiet gym went absolutely silent at the sight of the two girls.

Then Ron's least favorite person in the world stepped forward, Josh Mankey walked out of the crowd, laughing and pointing at Kim and Tara and then truly making Ron want to kill him the man said, "It finally happened, Kim's dating another girl! Kim and Tara are dating!" Then he dissolved into laughter and it was only Bonnie's hand lightly around his wrist that kept Ron from going for the throat then and there.

An awkward sort of silence reigned in the gym for a few seconds and then much to Ron's pleasure the assembled students burst into a standing ovation for the new couple, none were cheering louder or harder than Ron and Bonnie who appreciated to no small degree the success of all their hard work towards getting those two together.

Quietly walking up behind the two, Ron and Bonnie pushed Kim and Tara not only towards one another but out onto the dance floor as well. Then stepping back they watched as a slow tune started playing and Kim and Tara became less and less awkward dancing with one another.

Watching as Kim and Tara started looking at each other with eyes that Ron recognized he leaned into Bonnie's ear, "Think we should give them their moment alone?"

"Yeah, they've earned it, besides we still need to get back to ours." Bonnie whispered back.

Joining hands Ron and Bonnie walked out onto the dance floor with smiles on their faces as they watched Kim and Tara lean in and share their first kiss as a couple.

-The End-

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