As Lily looked at her baby girl she began to cry.

'Why, why did I do it? James loves me! Why did I have to do this to him?' Lily thought to herself as tears streamed down her face.

She was in front of Dumbledore's office whispering the password Minerva had given her. As she stepped onto the spiraling staircase she thought back to the day she knew she was pregnant, but it wasn't James's baby. The tears came faster now, she knew she shouldn't have had an affair with that man, but he was so strong, so powerful, and so handsome. A part of her just wanted to see what it was like to be 'scandalous' as her best friend had called it. She was in front of Dumbledore's office now, crying.

"Enter" Dumbledore said.

As she pushed open the door she knew what Dumbledore would say. He would tell her that she shouldn't have done it but because she had, she would have to tell James, and that was the part she feared most. She loved James, she truly did, but she had just gotten scared that he didn't love her any longer. He hadn't looked at her the same way since they were married. He had always been busy, doing one thing or another so she thought he didn't love her, so she had a one- night- stand with a man she didn't know and didn't love in the least bit.

"What is the matter my dear?" Dumbledore said as he noticed her quietly crying.

"I…" she paused as she stifled a sob.

"I deceived James" she said as she realized she couldn't hold back her tears and began to cry again.

"I had an affair with another man, and I didn't love him at all. He wasn't kindly to me or anything. Yet somehow I," she knew this was the most painful part of her story.

She already noticed Dumbledore eyeing the small bundle of blankets she had in her arms.

"I had a baby, and it's not James's. It belongs to the other man. I don't know who he is, I never asked. Please Dumbledore," she paused as a sob escaped from her,

"Please, don't think any less of me. I made a mistake, it was horrible, and afterwards I just wanted to die." She paused as she let out another sob.

"And all I could think about was 'how could I do this to James. He loves me.' He loves me." She said and then broke down into tears so violent she began shaking.

Dumbledore now knew why she was here. The small bundle in her arms was a baby, and she wanted him to take care of it so she could tell James.

"I had two you know." She said as her tears came less and less.

"I named one Harry James and the other, Emily Elizabeth." She said as she sniffled a bit.

"Those are wonderful names my dear, wonderful." Dumbledore said as he draped a comfortingarm around her shoulders.

"Yes, but Emily, oh Emily, she's not James's. She's not his. Harry is, but Emily isn't." She said.

Her eyes were somewhere else now, not in Dumbledore's office. Probably thinking of the night she had the affair.

"Dumbledore," she said, "I need you to" she paused, "If you will, could you…"

"Yes dear, yes. I will watch over her for you." He said, then "But I need to know who I may leave her with when I leave for Hogwarts business. I cannot take the girl with me you know."

"Yes, yes I know. There is a woman, by the name of Charlotte Morne." She paused, "She was my best friend from school, she will take care of Emily should anything happen, or if you need someone to watch her."

Dumbledore took the baby from Lily, and said a spell that caused a baby cradle to appear in his office.

"I trust you will be telling James this soon?" he asked.

"Yes. Well, no. I'm planning to tell him on Halloween night." She said.

"Ah, I see, I see. Well, I will keep her till the following day so it will sink into James's mind." He said, knowingly.

Halloween night arrived and Dumbledore felt a growing apprehension. He did not know why but he felt it. He looked over at thechild. He felt almost fatherly towards her now. Although he had obviously never been her father he still felt as though he had helped raising this child and therefore he was partially her father.

His apprehension grew stronger, he thought of Lily and James, and how they would deal with the fact that there had been dishonesty in their relationship. Dumbledore knew Lily had asked him not to think of her as a bad person, but he wondered why she would do such a thing to James. Nevertheless she had said it was a mistake, but what she meant by that, he did not know. Suddenly his apprehension was gone and it was replaced with a pool of sadness in his heart. He must figure out why he felt this way, so he grabbed Emily and said a spell that folded her cradle, and grabbed it as well, in the same hand as Emily was in, and with his other hand grabbed some floo powder and in an instant he was at Minerva's house.

"Minerva!" he yelled.

In an instant of hearing his voice she knew something was wrong.

"Yes Dumbledore?" she asked, eyeing the small child in his arms and the cradle too.

"I need you to take care of the girl until further notice. I fear something is terribly wrong with the other Potters." He said.

"Oh." Was all Minerva could say at the moment, for she knew that when Dumbledore had one of these feelings he was usually right.

"I will be back soon to collect the child. Sorry for such a short notice, but, you know how it is with these feelings I get." He said as he stepped into the fireplace.

It was a dark night as Dumbledore picked up the second child in its basket. It began to lightning as he did so. He looked intently upon the child. Her clump of reddish brown hair was adorable, but her eyes, they were asblue as an ocean. They were soblue it was as if you could fall right into them, and get lost in them and never be able to find your way out. The girl was asleep in her warm basket. 'Good' he thought. It would be much better if she awoke in her new home. Minerva had brought the child for him. She was there with him, he could feel it. He looked around for a cat, small and dark. There it was, on the corner of the street, watching him nervously, tail twitching to and fro.

There were many houses on Baker Street, but the one he was looking for was, quite literally, right in front of him. It was a quaint little house with cream colored siding and a light green painted exterior. Dumbledore walked up the narrow concrete pathway to the

house, and knocked on the door. A few moments later a woman in her early twenties appeared. She looked terrible. Her blue eyes were sad and distraught,as well as bloodshot,and her brown hair was in a frizzy mess. Dumbledore took in the sight, backed up a few steps and looked at the address to make sure he was at the right house, he was, and then walked towards the woman.

"Excuse me, my dear, but" he paused, "are you…Charlotte Morne?" he asked uneasily.

"Yes, I am. Can I help you?" she said as she sniffled a bit.

Dumbledore then said, "Yes, I was sent here on Lily Potter's last request. She wants you to raise her daughter, Emily."

15 years later

"EMILY ELIZABETH, HURRY UP! YOU'LL BE LATE AGAIN!" Charlotte Morne yelled at her 16 year old daughter.

Years had passed since her encounter with Dumbledore, and she had been embarrassed at the way she had looked that night. However, her reasons for looking the way she did were far too hard to explain to anyone. Since then Charlotte had changed some habits and done a few things so she wouldn't have to deal with those habits returning. She had straightened up and made a new life for herself and her daughter. Along the way she met a wonderful man named Tom, who had helped her and now was her boyfriend of three years. She had decided not to tell Emily she was adopted for fear that she would find out the truth about her parents, and Charlotte felt that would be too hard on the girl.

"ALRIGHT MUM! GIMME A SECOND!" Emily yelled back to her mother.

Charlotte though about how hard it had been for Emily when she was transferred to Hogwarts last year. Her old school had brought her many joys including a life long best friend, and other friends whom she loved and had missed terribly. However, in recent days Emily was not talking to her old friends and apparently they didn't mind in the least, for they hadn't even bothered to call her anymore.

When Emily first arrived at Hogwarts, a wonderful boy had found her irresistible and told her exactly that. He had become a wonderful boyfriend (of whom Charlotte approved, for Charlotte was like a best friend to Emily). However, Emily and her boyfriend had recently broken up because a friend of hers from Hogwarts, by the name of Lavender Brown, had written and told her that he was seen cheating on her with another girl over the summer. It was heartbreaking for Emily, but Charlotte had told her to reason with the boy, maybe he wasn't cheating on her. Maybe he had just been talking to some other girl who was closely admiring him. Emily had accepted that thought, it was her only strand of hope for the relationship to work. She had promised to write her mother and tell her exactly what happened.

Emily came out of her room, dressed in her usual clothes. Her eyes had become a bit lighter than when she was a baby, and her hair had been dyed blonde, with light brown highlights here and there, (with Charlotte's permission of course) before she went to Hogwarts so that it looked natural, and it did, she looked very lovely with blonde hair and it made her eyes look bluer than they were. Her blemish- free skin, rather than being light colored like others in England, had a light tan because of her recent trip to America about three weeks ago with her now Ex- boyfriend and his family. She had grown into a beautiful young woman, Charlotte thought. She was about 5'7" and slender. Her lightblue t-shirt accented her eyes as well as her eyeliner and mascara, as well, her favorite pair of jeans showed off her small frame and long legs.

"Alright mum, I'm ready." Emily said.

She looked around a little, searching for her black-as-night owl, appropriately named, Midnight.

"Have you seen Nighty?" she asked.

"No, I haven't Emily Elizabeth Morne. I think he might be in the roost. Quickly, go and check." Charlotte said with haste.

Emily knew her mother was flustered when she used her whole name versus just "Emily". She walked up the stairs to the attic which they had recently converted to a roost for her new owl. As she opened the door she heard a soft rustling of feathers and she knew Midnight was here. He often played a game with her that she had taught him over the past year. Hide-and-go-seek was the game.

"Alright Nighty, I'd love to play right now but I can't. We've got to go. We're going to Hogwarts remember? I told you we were leaving today." She said smiling at the prospect of returning to the place that she was quickly beginning to consider a home away from home.

He soon flew out of his hiding place with is favorite toy to bite on, a hard mouse toy. It apparently reminded him of the wonderful little delicious delights he ate at Hogwarts. It sickened Emily to think of what he ate up there in the Owlry. She grabbed the handling glove that was hung around a nail by the door and waited for him to fly over to her. As he did she noticed that he had acquired some new markings. They were little white marks along the back of his neck and wings. Emily had seen an owl with those same markings before, but she couldn't remember who owned it. With Midnight perched on her arm she quickly walked down the stairs and then over to the cage sitting on the counter waiting for him. Seeing as his travel cage door was open, Midnight took the liberty of flying gracefully into the cage by himself. Emily walked up to his cage and quickly put an owl treat her mother had left laid out on the counter while she was placing the rest of Emily's belongings in the car as Emily was getting Midnight.

She opened the side door and walked out of the house, leaving the door open as she looked into the house. She looked in kitchen to make sure she had all her belongings. It was nicely furnished with a table big enough for four people, located near the corner of the rectangular shaped room. The walls were tan colored and the honey colored wood flooring was polished to high gloss. The counters were white with honey colored wood countertops. She looked around the room and had not seen anything she had forgotten. Besides, her mother could always send anything she forgot to her by owl, as long as it wasn't too big for Midnight. She shut the door and reached into her pocket for her key, took it out and locked the door with it. She turned and walked toward the driveway where her mother's old dark green Ford Taurus, and told her mother to open the passenger door for her so she wouldn't have to struggle with Midnight's cage. Her mother shut the door after herand they began their drive to Kings Cross train station.

As they pulled up to the station Charlotte looked at her daughter and wondered worriedly what her reaction would be if she told her that she wasn't her real mother for what must have been the billionth time since she had taken Emily under her care.

'Would she still love me as her mother? Would she try to find out who her real parents were? Would she isolate herself from everyone she loves because, in a way, they had lied to her? Am I making the right decision in not telling Emily the whole truth of her family?' Charlotte thought. 'Nevertheless, one day, I must tell her. Or she will find out on her own.'

Emily had already gotten out of the car and called to her mother.

"Mum." She said. There was no response from her mother.

"MUM." She said a bit louder.

"MUM!" she yelled.

As if shocked into reality Charlotte jumped when Emily had yelled for her.

'Oh no, am I already not thinking of myself as her mother?' Charlotte thought to herself.

"Yes dear?" Charlotte said.

"I need help getting my trunk on one of those carts. Will you help me?" Emily asked.

"Yes, of course." Charlotte responded.

As Charlotte helped Emily with her belongings Midnight began hooting, as if excited to be on his way to Hogwarts with Emily.

At Hogwarts Emily had made a few friends. Including two sweet boys named Matthew and Luke who helped her get around her first year. They had become the perfect trio of friends. Later during her first year she had become friends with Lavender Brown and she had joined the trio, which was now a foursome. Lavender and Matthew had decided that they were 'in love' so they were the couple of the group. Emily suspected that Luke secretly liked her but she wasn't sure so she just ignored the notion. Emily was excited to see how her friends had changed over the summer. She herself had changedas well.

Charlotte had helped get Emily's bags in the cart and got back in her car.

"You'll be alright finding everyone, right?" Charlotte asked from inside the car with the drivers' side window down.

"Yes mum, I'll be ok. You can go home. No worries mum." Emily responded.

"Alright, I love you Em. Remember to write." She said.

"I love you too mum. I will" Emily responded.

As Emily grabbed her cart she saw a boy, about her age, out of the corner of her eye that she thought looked like someone in a picture she had once seen. He turned and looked at her with that same face, and then glared at her and walked away to platform 9 and ¾ to prepare for the journey ahead. She didn't know why he glared at her but she didn't really care.

Emily turned around and walked into Kings Cross Station and looked around for Matthew, Lavender, and Luke as her mother pulled into the traffic and turned left at a stop sign. Then all of the sudden, she felt two arms go around her waist, and hot breath on her neck, and she felt all her insides melt. She knew who it was.

"Hello Emmy. It's been a while."