Sometimes, if you hide well enough, the monsters pretend that they don't see you…


"Why must you Goths view the world in such a depressing way!" my boyfriend stormed through the door that led into my dorm room and sat in the vacant desk chair.

"It's the mascara." I stated matter-of-factly from my spot on the floor, taking the pencil out of my mouth to answer him.

"What?" he blinked at me a couple times.

"You know how we kinda slouch and keep our heads tilted down, but manage to look up at you damn tall people?"

"Yeees." He drew out the word cautiously.

"Well, Goths wear mascara, so when they look up they see everything through a layer of black." I stood, looking up at him.

"…makes sense…"

"Of course it does! My logic always does!" I beamed at him.

He poked me, making me 'eep', "No it doesn't. GASP! Who are you and what have you done to Sora!"

"My accomplice took him while you where in the shower!"

"Oh no! You used a big word, now I know you're not Sora!" he grinned at me, tugging at the waist band of my pants so I fell into his lap, "I'll just have to…" he dragged his hands up my sides, "Torture you until you tell me who took him."

"Oh no, please stop!" I moaned as he buried his head in my neck, licking slightly at my pulse.

"I'm gonna--" he was cut off by the door to my room opening, and Leon walking in.

"Do you guys mind?" he walked the short distance to his bed to pick up a magazine featuring his boyfriend on the cover.

"Sheesh, just because you're boyfriend is out of state and unable to fuck you at the moment, doesn't mean that my boyfriend has also left," I climbed off of Riku's lap and headed for my own bed, laying down on the messy covers, propping my head on my hand looking at the taller brunette.

He mumbled something obscene at me before leaving to where ever the hell he went when he wasn't here or with Cloud.

I was still grinning from earlier when Riku pounced on me, dragging me back from my daydream with an 'oomph'

"What was that for!"

"You were drooling, I had to do something." He grinned at me, looking up from his position on my chest.

"You have to get up."

"How come?"

"Because I don't have time to get a shower. Now off, I have class!" I shoved him off, grabbing my bag before heading out.

He grabbed me from behind, planting a kiss on my cheek before pushing me out the door with a cheerful, "Have fun in class." I scowled at my door; sometimes Riku is just to damned cheerful.

I grabbed a seat in the back of class, farthest I could get from my art instructor, Mr. I-have-my-art-book-stuck-up-my--. I was torn from my thoughts as said teacher called my name for role call.

"Today, we shall be drawing humans, trying to perfect our drawing styles of the human anatomy." He drawled on a bit more, and then introduced our case study. A gorgeous black haired man with red eyes walked into the room. He wore a tight red t-shirt with a black star in the center. His jeans fit him like a second skin, flaring at the bottom over a pair of steal toed boots. Various black leather bracelets and arm bands covered his wrists and lower arms.

"Class, this is Vincent, he has so kindly volunteered to be your model. Draw him however you want, I don't particularly care." With that he left for his office, and left us alone with the beautiful black haired man called Vincent. He stared at us while most of the class got their sketchbooks out or reached for pencils, erasers and such.

Instructions where yelled out to him to stand in different positions before he finally decided to ignore them all and just lean against the wall.

About an hour later, and about five sketches through, I was done drawing the outline of his body, taking great care with his hips, and his hands. Our professor walked back into the room, said class was dismissed and left once more to his office. I swear this man has no teaching skills. I frowned at the door.

"He really doesn't know how to teach, does he?" a voice from behind me asked. I turned to find our model standing behind me.

"No, he doesn't. The bastard just gives us a model and lets us draw. I'm Sora."

"Vincent. Nice to meet you."

"I've got about an hour till my next class; wanna grab a cup of coffee?" I motioned to the café across the street from campus.

He gave me a small smile; "Sure," He grinned as I grabbed his hand and led him across the street, "Afraid I'll get lost?" He eyed our hands.

"Sorry, an old friend of mine wouldn't cross the street unless I held her hand. It just kinda stuck I guess…" I paused for a second, looking at his mouth, "Are those fangs?"

"Yep, my father's a dentist; I got him to sharpen my fangs. Nifty little things." He brushed his tongue along the points of his teeth, my eyes following every movement.

"Gotta get my boyfriend to get his sharpened…" he laughed as I dazed out for a second. A car honked its horn at us to move. We did eventually reach the coffee shop.

"Hey Sora! I saw you standing in the middle of the road, talking to this dude," she pointed to Vincent, "You seemed dazed."

"He's got fangs."

"So he does. Ya kinky freak. What do you want to order?" Rikku, Riku's older sister, worked at the coffee place across from campus. Although siblings, they looked nothing alike.

"Carmel frap for me please!" I ordered my usual.

"And you?"

"Same. Thank you." We grabbed our coffee and sat at a two seater table near the glass front of the shop.

"So, what's your major?"

"Biology. I'm studying to become a medical examiner."

"Nice, are they the ones who chop the bodies up into little pieces, or stuff them full of preservatives?"♥

He smiled at me, "I chop them up, as you so nicely put it. And your major?"

"I don't have one. I have a minor though!" he nodded at me, "It's in art. I love to draw, but I can't make a career out of that, so I don't know what I want to do."

"Fair enough, is this your freshman year?"

"Yep, I knew the place before, my boyfriend's in his second year here."

"Would I know him?"

"His name's Riku."

"I'm not familiar with it." He was about to continue when his phone rang, "Excuse me. Cloud! Are you done shooting?"

"Cloud…Cloud? My Cloud?"

"That's great. Are you still with this Squall guy?" he frowned into the phone, apparently not a fan of Leon…

"Lemme talk to Cloud!" I pouted.

"Do you know Sora?" he raised an eyebrow as he handed the phone to me.

"CLOUD! Where are you? How've you been? Did you finish early? Did you know Leon's been running up the walls because he's got no one to fuck?" My questions came one right after the other in a blur of speech. After a few minutes of him talking I said goodbye and hung up the phone.

"So…" I handed his phone back to him.

"He's about an hour away from us. He's okay, tired, but okay. He finished about a day earlier than expected. And yes he knew."

"Knew what?"

"That Leon wants to fuck him." I stated matter-of-factly. He 'oh-ed' before moving on to our next topic.

"How do you know Cloud?"

"I'm his brother, how could I not know Cloud? And you?"

"You couldn't tell from your class? I model. He was in a few shoots with me."

Realization hit me like a ton of bricks, "You're the black haired vamp Cloud always talked about when I was younger!"

"Yep, that's me."

"He used to tell me you'd come and eat me if I wasn't good…" I pouted.

Vincent choked on the bit of caramel he was drinking and started to laugh.

I spazzed, reaching over the table to pat him on the back, "Don't choke on me!"

"Cloud, that moron. I'd never eat you. Sounds like something he'd say."

"Yeah. Cloud's mean…" I was cut off from my sentence when I felt my phone vibrate.

"Hullo? Eek, Riku! Already! Fuck! Bye!" I grab my coffee, books, and bag, "Sorry, I have to run. My class just started!" I scribbled down my cell number before dashing out the door, yelling, "Call me!"

I dash across campus, running two miles to the English building. I ran down the halls: Left, right, dodge, sharp turn and run into the door, "Oww."

Said door opened to reveal my very angry English teacher looking down at me, "Sora. To what do we owe this most peculiar beating of my door?"

"I'm sorry; I was drinking coffee with a vampire?" I gave him a weak smile and slunk to my seat next to Riku.

He whispered in my ear, "Vampire, Sora? Man, what where you doing?"

"I'm serious!" I whispered back. I kinda drowsed through the lesson, depending on Riku for any notes.

As we were exiting the class Riku asked me about the "vampire", "So what's his name?"


"And you were drinking coffee with him." I nod, "The vampire." I nod again, "Sora." He gave me "The Look"

"Okay, so he's not a vampire. But Cloud knew him when we were younger. And he told me if I wasn't good he'd come and eat me." Riku looked down at me, paused, and then started giggling. I pouted as we walked down the hall, "Riku! Don't make fun!"

"Cloud told you some guy named Vincent would come and eat you?" I nod at him, "God you're gullible!"

"You woulda been scared too if you were eight years old and the only vampire you knew what looked like was Nosferatu!" Riku kept laughing as we made our way back to my dorm. Our classes where done for the day.

That's it for chapter one. Okay, I realize that I made Sora a very happy goth. gets odd stares What? You've never seen a happy goth before! Besides he's always happy, so even if he's a goth he's still hyper-actively happy. Oh, and end of chapter two/begining of chapter three, there will be some seblance of a plot. We just haven't reached it yet...

♥: This is my personal quote that I use every time I tell someone that doesn't know what a medical examiner is what I want to be when I grow up.