Ice Cream Boy?

"Hey kid." the guy with the flaming red hair walked into the small room they shoved me in.

As far as I knew, I was in a small town house in a bad part of town.

"Kid!" I keep my eyes shut.

"I'm talking to you!" I was kicked. Pain shooting up my sides, opening my eyes.

"Good. You listenin'?"

I nod my head and hold my side.

"Do you know why you were kidnapped?" he squatted next to me.


"Heh. Your boyfriend has a nice sum of money from his rich daddy."

"You did this for money!"

"Yep. The world's a greedy little place, isn't it?" he grinned cruelly at me.

"Go away." I held my head low, my gaze pointed towards his feet.

"Oh no princess, we don't follow your orders 'round here. No, no, no you listen to us." he grabbed my chin, making me look up at him. My eyes were weak and he was satisfied that he had broken me.

The blonde girl, Naminé, came in and 'shooed' him out of the room.

She took a towel out of the bowl she carried with her, "How is your eye?" she dabbed at a bruise that was surely and ugly green.

"Axel knows how to punch." I mumbled. I held onto my side a little tighter.

She lifted up my shirt to inspect a purpling bruise Axel had left on my side, "Axel has always been like this. Playfully rough, I mean."

"I'd hate to see what he's like when he means it."

"He can be nice, when he's with Roxas."

"Ice cream boy?"

"Yeah..." she took some bandages from the shelf above me, "Roxas joined because he was in need of a home and money. He doesn't take pleasure from his work.

"Axel...he gets a kick out of bullying others. He was here before Roxas..."

"And you? Why did you join?"

"Roxas is my charge. I had to stay with him."

"Charge? You're his servant?"

"More like care taker. I've been with Roxas since I was six."

She finished cleaning my wounds and told me to follow her to a small living room.

"In other news today, 18 year old Sora Strife," a picture of me flashed in the corner of the screen, "was kidnapped after attending his university's annual fashion show. No ransom has been found yet but--" the TV clicked off.

"They're looking for you, girlie." Axel had his feet kicked up on the coffee table, his arms making a make-shift pillow for his head.

"Please stop calling him girlie, Axel. It's not nice." Naminé sat down next to him and pointed for me to do the same.

"He's wearing a leather mini skirt, if that isn't girlie then please, do tell me what is."


"This is absurd!" my fist pounded on the table, "We should be out looking for him!" I stood abruptly from my chair.

"Mr. Strife, please sit down. The only reason we haven't made a bold move is because they've offered us no ransom." Leon, Riku, Sephiroth, and Vincent had accompanied me to the station.

"But we know why he was kidnapped!"

"Sir, we has speculations, we've found no secure motive." Sergeant Tifa replied calmly.

"Tifa! We have a ransom note from the Organization!"

"Well, what do they want?


"Me?" he looked shocked. But it was obvious. He was rich. They wanted money.

"Well they certainly can't have Riku." Sephiroth spoke from his seat in the back of the small office. Being Riku's legal guardian while he was living in the states, he had all control over his money.

"Sora was an incentive. They won't give him back unless Riku takes his place."

"No. And it's final." Sephiroth grabbed Riku's arm to drag him from the room. Riku looked back at Cloud's glaring eyes. He flinched before being dragged out of the room.

"He won't help us." Vincent broke the silence that had fallen on the room.

Leon wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, placing a kiss a top his head, "We'll find another way."


"So, what if he doesn't come through?" Roxas was sitting in Axel's room, he had just recently dropped Sora off in his room (read: holding cell) and was bunking with an ecstatic Axel.

"Who, Riku?" Axel reclined in the cushy chair placed in the corner, "He loves the kid, he'll come through." he grabbed a stick of pocky and slowly licked at the chocolate coating.

"That haven't done anything yet. I don't like it." Roxas made to grab a piece, but Axel grabbed his wrist.

"If you want something, ask, got it memorized?" he tugged the blonde so he fell across his lap, "And if you're so worried, why not talk to Superior?"

Roxas shoved Axel away before the red head got too rambunctious, "Fine, I will." and with that he stalked out of the room.

"Superior..." Roxas stood outside the door to his room.

The door opened a crack to show to show one of the Organization's scariest members, Saïx, "What do you want. The master is...busy."

"I have a bad feeling about this ransom thing" Saïx loomed over the boy for a few seconds, before a voice from inside okayed him. Saïx stepped out of the way, allowing him to enter.

"So, you don't think Riku will come through for his little boyfriend?" Xemnas was sitting in an over stuffed chair, clasping a book in one hand.

"I know guys like Riku, and the people who control them. They won't pay."

"Then what do you suggest?" Xemnas looked away from his book to glance at Roxas.

"We target someone else. Any family members?" Xemnas stood from his chair.

"Cloud, he's a model."

"Then we change plans. I'm trusting you on this Roxas." he lifted the smaller boys head up by his chin.

"Yes sir."

To be continued...

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