Caliginous Emotions of the Demented Mind

By: Manic Panic Bloody Muddy Me…

I don't own characters.

"How do you feel about that?"

Why don't you shut up.

I don't remember.

How do I feel about what?

The things you call…



I can't recall.

Was it



You wait for my answer but you won't get a single syllable from me.

You continue to ask me questions.

"What happen to him?"


"What happen to the other man? Did they fight?"

Other man?

"Why did you run away?"

I'm not sure…

"Was it because you were pregnant?"


You notice my reaction to the last question and scribble something in your notebook.

What do you write?

"Are you okay with him leaving? Didn't that make you angry?"

Who left?

It seems I'm always angry… or was it depressed?

I can't remember.

"Sango, you can trust me, I'm here to help you."

Sango? Is that my name?

You close your notebook and sigh impatiently.

"Sango," You're tired, I think you haven't been sleeping easily lately. "Do you want to talk to him again? He been trying to communicate for years."


Shit. I've accidentally spoke.

A very rare occasion…

You look smugly triumph that I talked, like this whole thing was a war instead of a session.

"You're ex-husband," You pause and say the name like it was honey instead of poison. "Naraku."

Tears are streaming down my face.

'You always look beautiful, even when you cry, darling, but I still think you look better bleeding.'

I remember.

"It's okay to cry, Sango, you're safe now." You try to sound sweet, it never works. "Now, I still want some answers."

I just noticed you're notebook is open again and you've wrote three pages more than you had before.

"Where's Miroku?"

Six feet under.

You sigh again and 'secretly' glare at me under your tinted glasses.

"Where's Naraku?"

I surprise you and myself by my sudden laughter.

"Sango? Where is he?"

You're scared.

"I don't remember." I tell you,

But I'm smiling.

You should be scared.

This is my second story. Whoo-Hoo. It's also short like my first story, Shades of Black, but that's just how my stories are.

I might add more, I'm not sure. School is coming up in a few weeks so I won't be on a lot.


Thanks for reading.