Soul Society and the Living World

By: Ryou's 01 Fan

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or any of the characters in it. This is my first Bleach story. After watching all 88 episodes available I decided to write a story with my favorite characters! D

Characters: Ichigo Kurosaki, Kon (the stuffed lion animal), his dad, Isshin, his two sisters Yuzu and Karin, Rukia Kuchiki, Ganju Shiba, Renji Abarai, and Tōshirō Hitsugaya.

Note: When Kon says "Nee-san" he means Rukia and also this is before the Bount Arc so Nova, Cloud, and Ririn are not in this story. Sorry if anyone wanted them in it.

Chapter 1: The Day That Started Out Normal

Sunday….7 a.m.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Ahhh…..," Ichigo groaned. He had forgotten to turn off his alarm. He slowly got up and turned it off.

"HEY PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP HERE!" Kon yelled from below. He was on the floor as usual, just lying down face up. Ichigo looked down at him.

"Oh?" he said stepping on Kon to walk towards the closet. Kon jumped up.


"Shut up. You're too loud. Do you want me to take you to Yuzu's room?" Ichigo said grinning. This immediately shut him up. The last time Ichigo sent him to Yuzu's room he had come out looking like a clown with all the makeup and clothes Yuzu had put on him. He did not want to repeat the event.

"That's better. Hey Rukia," he said knocking on the closet door, "I will bring breakfast after I'm done."

"Ok," she replied. Rukia opened the closet door. She was wearing her usual white dress with blue flowers at the bottom.

"NEE-SAN," Kon yelled jumping toward her for a hug. SMASH! Ichigo had punched Kon to the ground.

"I will be right back," Ichigo said as he lifted his fist from Kon's face and headed out the door.


"ICHIGO!" his father crashing into Ichigo from behind. They both fell to the ground. Isshin stood up and pointed to his son. "Ahahahaha," he said, "You are still weak, Ichigo."

"What the hell is wrong you," Ichigo exclaimed. He got up. "You want to see who's weak?" They both started fighting again like they always did every morning.

"Dad. Oniichan," Yuzu said. "Breakfast is ready."

"Leave them alone Yuzu. They never stop fighting. This just means more pancakes for us," Karin said. She was used to this morning routine of theirs. Ichigo and his father stopped their fighting and sat down to eat.

"Ah. Karin. Yuzu. Remember to pack your bags today. It's Summer Camp Fun Time. We will happily drive there, where we will spend quality time together! A daughters and father bond looking at the mountains and..." Isshin was interrupted by Karin punching her dad in the head.

"We get it already! How can you be so excited this early in the morning?" Karin replied.

"Oh yeah. I forgot you guys were going there again this summer. What time are you going?" Ichigo asked with his mouth full of pancakes.

"In 2 more hours. I can't wait to see Miki again," Yuzu said happily. Miki was the camp owner's orange cat. It reminded her so much of her brother that sometimes it felt he was there with her too.

"Ah," Ichigo said.


"What was that," Karin said looking at the ceiling. "It sounds like it came from your room Ichigo."

"Ah…ahahahaha….something must have fallen. I'll be right back," Ichigo said.

Rukia. Kon. What are you doing to my room? Ichigo thought.

Ichigo hurriedly went upstairs and opened the door to his room. On the floor was……………..

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