Soul Society and the Living World

By: Ryou's 01 Fan

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Chapter 12: The Trip to the Mall Part II

Where we last left off…

"Ok. I'll get it," Rukia said. "Let me go change." She went back into the dressing room.

After she was done, they went to the cash register where Renji paid for the dress. They left the store and started walking when Ganju, who was in front of everyone, stopped.

"Hey guys! Let's get on that thing," Ganju said pointing at the glass elevator up ahead.

Ichigo sighed. He knew that sooner or later, one of them would want to ride the elevator and he wasn't surprised that Ganju had been the first to discover it. He remembered the first time Rukia had ridden it…..

Flashback……3 Months Ago

"Oh look at those," Rukia said pointing to the escalators. "Ichigo! Look at that huge fountain!" Rukia's eyes were wide with excitement. She had never been to a human's mall before and everywhere they turned, it seemed like there was always something new and interesting to admire.

Ichigo was ready to go home but not Rukia, no. She had insisted that they come to the mall so that she could look for her 'job.' Since she couldn't work at a bar, she decided she would work at the mall.

Instead of looking for a job, however, Rukia and Ichigo had spent the last 2 hours roaming around the mall and going into every store. Rukia wanted to discover every inch of the mall.

"Hey Ichigo….let's get on that!" Rukia said suddenly. She had stopped walking.

Ichigo didn't have to look to know what she was talking about. He already knew. The glass elevator. He didn't know why people made such a fuss about it… was just an elevator but he guessed there probably weren't any back in Soul Society.

"Fine, we'll get on it but only if we leave right after," Ichigo said. His feet were tired and he felt like he had seen enough clothes and stuffed animals to last him a lifetime. Ichigo looked over at Rukia.

"Ok," Rukia responded. "We'll leave right after we ride it." She looked at Ichigo.

"Ok. Then let's get it over with because I am sick of this place," Ichigo said. His feet didn't want to move but he forced himself to walk.

We should have gone to the other mall, Ichigo thought. That one has fewer stores.

Rukia started running towards the elevator. She pushed the green button and turned around to see where Ichigo was. She didn't want to ride the elevator by herself.

"Come on baka! It's going to open!" Rukia called out. Ichigo ran towards the elevator and at that moment, the doors opened.

"See?" Rukia said smugly as they entered the elevator. "You would have missed it, Ichigo."

"Whatever," Ichigo said. "You're the one who wants to ride it and after this we go straight home, okay Rukia."

There was no one else on the elevator. Since they were on the first floor, Ichigo pushed the #2 button. The elevator itself wasn't that big. It was shaped squarely and all of it was completely made out of glass, except for the bottom, which was a white tiled floor.

"There are so many places in here," Rukia said looking outside the glass elevator. "And we went into every single store."

All of the people below them looked like little ants and Rukia hadn't realized how many lights there were in the mall. She really hadn't noticed much after she had discovered the 'Hello Kitty Store.' They had spent the longest time in that store, looking at all the stuffed animals and accessories that the Hello Kitty Store had to offer.

Ichigo nodded at Rukia's comment. He had ridden the elevator many times before; he knew exactly how everything looked from above.

Suddenly, the elevator came to a halt. Rukia almost lost her balance but she managed to grab onto the metal bars that were placed around the inside of the elevator.

Shit, Ichigo thought. Please don't let it be…..

Rukia turned around and saw a plain, white wall. They had still not reached the second floor.

"Ichigo, why isn't it moving?" Rukia said, staring at the wall through the glass elevator.

Ichigo didn't say anything. He had never been trapped inside an elevator before and the fact that it was happening to him…..well it wasn't doing so well in his brain.

"Ichigo!" Rukia said, starting to get worried. She didn't like the silence one bit.

"I don't know," Ichigo managed to say. "This never happened to me before. It'll probably start moving any second now."

After a moment of silence, Rukia spoke in a whisper.

"Is it going to move now?" She asked him.

"Yeah, it will. Don't worry, they are probably fixing it or whatever right now," Ichigo said, trying to sound calm.

What if no one noticed? He thought. No, they have to! Come on, it's made out of glass! Come on, just move already!

"Ichigo, it's not moving," Rukia said, her voice getting louder. "Ichigo!"

She wanted to get out. Now. Rukia felt like the whole elevator was getting smaller and smaller, closing in on her. She felt like she was going to throw up.

"It'll move soon," Ichigo said. "Rukia, just wait okay?" He didn't like the look on her face. She looked like she was going to throw up.

"Ichigo, it's NOT MOVING, YOU BAKA!" Rukia shouted. "Do something!"

Ichigo looked around the elevator. Surely there had to be an emergency phone or a red alarm button somewhere in this elevator.

Why didn't I think of this before? He thought. We could have been moving by now.

Ichigo couldn't remember seeing any emergency tools but they had to be in here……..somewhere.

Rukia watched Ichigo with curiosity.

"What are you looking for?" Rukia asked, a bit calmer now.

"A small door. There must be a phone or some red button that we can use to call for help," Ichigo responded.

He continued searching the elevator. The only things on the wall were the elevator buttons. No phone, no red button. Rukia helped Ichigo and together they searched every inch of the elevator but no luck. They did not find a thing.

"What do we do now?" Rukia said, looking out the elevator. Ichigo was sitting down on the floor beside her.

"Stupid elevator. How can it not have a phone or something?" Ichigo muttered under his breath. He pushed the #2 button multiple times but no luck. The elevator just wouldn't move. "I guess we'll just have to wait until someone notices us."

"HELP!" Rukia started to yell. She was hitting the glass elevator with both of her fists as hard as she could. "We are stuck! Someone help us!"

Ichigo took a look down below. Most people hadn't noticed that the elevator had stopped but there were a couple of people who were pointing up at them.

We should have gone to the other mall, Ichigo thought again. There are no elevators there and even if there were, I bet there would be emergency buttons inside them.

Rukia stopped shouting and slid down to the floor next to Ichigo. She hadn't realized how tired she was and her stomach was growling loudly from hunger.

"Here, I still have some candy," Ichigo said, taking out a bag of chocolate M&M's from his jeans pocket. He had grabbed them from his house before Rukia had dragged him outside. It was a good thing that he did, for he did not get a chance to eat breakfast and he guessed Rukia didn't have any either.

Rukia took some from the bag and quickly ate the sweet, colorful circles of chocolate. She rarely ate them since Ichigo would always hide the M&M bags from her. Ichigo loved M&M's.

"Thanks," Rukia said, after she had finished eating the last one.

Ichigo nodded and closed his eyes.

"Ichigo?" Rukia said.

"What?" Ichigo responded.

"I don't think I want to work here anymore," Rukia said.

Ichigo didn't say anything. He was too tired to start another fight with her and besides, he knew why Rukia had changed her mind.

Stupid elevator, he thought.

"Hello, is everyone okay?" A voice said from above them.

Ichigo and Rukia looked up.

"Hello?" The voice said again.

It was coming from the speakers at the top corners of the elevator.

"Yes! We are here!" Rukia said, standing up.

Finally, we are saved! Rukia thought. We're going to get out! Yes!

"Ok good. Don't worry about a thing. The elevator should start moving any second now," The voice said.

"Sure," Ichigo said, getting up from the floor.

It better move or someone is going to get hurt if we ever get out of here, he thought.

Suddenly, the elevator started moving again.

"Hahahaha!" Rukia said, hitting the glass elevator with the palm of her hand. "It's moving! It's moving! Wooooo!!!! It's moving Ichigo! Ahahahahahaha!"

That's really the last time I give her M&M's, Ichigo thought as he watched Rukia jump around the elevator.

Finally, the elevator doors opened and they were staring out into the second floor. Rukia ran out of the elevator and started to hug a wall nearby. People that were passing by stared at her but she didn't notice. She was just glad to be out of the elevator.

"Come on, let's go," Ichigo said, dragging Rukia away from the wall. "We're getting out of here."

Rukia nodded in agreement. "I am never getting on that thing again Ichigo."

And she hadn't.

End Flashback

"Can we get on it?" Ganju asked Ichigo. Rukia was shaking her head.

"Yeah. Let's get on it!" Renji said. "What's wrong Rukia?" He noticed that Rukia had been shaking her head ever since Ganju had mentioned the elevator.

"Last time I used it, it got stuck," Rukia told him.

"But that was last time. It won't happen this time," Renji said, trying to convince her.

"How do you know Renji? It never got stuck before and the day I use it, it does? No, I'm not riding it," Rukia said, crossing her arms.

"Come on Rukia! It isn't fair that you got to ride it!" Ganju said.

"Don't worry Kuchiki-san. You and I could use the escalators while the rest go on the elevator," Inoue suggested. Rukia nodded her head with approval but Renji shook his head.

"Rukia, nothing is going to happen ok? I'll be right there," Renji said, looking at her. Rukia didn't say anything.

"Renji, just forget it. If she doesn't want to, she doesn't want to. She hasn't ridden it ever since that day," Ichigo said. Every time they had had to change floors, they had used the escalators and in some cases the stairs but never the elevator.

"Come on, let's go," Renji said, taking Rukia's hand. "It'll be fine. I promise."

After a moment, Rukia spoke.

"Fine," she said quietly. "I'll go." Renji grinned.

It's going to be ok. It's going to be ok. It won't get stuck. It won't get stuck. Think happy thoughts, Kuchiki! Rukia said to herself.

"Are you sure Rukia?" Ichigo asked her. He never thought that she would ever ride the elevator again.

"Yes. It's silly for me to avoid it and it's going to be fine right?" Rukia said looking at Ichigo.

"Yeah, it will be fine," Ichigo said. Rukia nodded and they started walking towards the elevator.

"Hey, where did Hitsugaya-kun go?" Inoue suddenly asked as they were walking. Everyone stopped and looked around. Sure enough, the white haired shinigami had disappeared yet again.

Meanwhile….. 500 steps away from the group

Hitsugaya was walking around the mall, glancing at the window displays as he walked on by. The second that Rukia had mentioned the elevator being stuck, he had left the group. There was no way he was going to take the chance of being stuck with all of them inside a small, glass elevator for who knows how long?

I wonder what Matsumoto is doing? Hitsugaya thought. He knew that she was probably doing everything except her paperwork.

Meanwhile in Soul Society - 10th Division Quarters

Matsumoto was walking around outside, searching for someone to drink with.

"Hey Kira! Kira!" Matsumoto called out as she spotted the blonde-haired shinigami walking towards her direction. He was looking down at the ground.

Kira looked up and saw Matsumoto waving and smiling at him.

Oh no, He thought. Not again.

He started running away from her. He had gone out with her for a drink and had been scolded later for being drunk while finishing his paperwork.

"Kira! Kira! Come over here! Stop running!" Matsumoto called out, chasing after him.

"I can't drink today Matsumoto! I have paperwork to do! Sorry!" He said, running away faster. Matsumoto stopped.

"Come on," She said to herself. Everyone was busy except her which was a good thing but it wasn't fun with no one else to enjoy it with. She started walking back towards her division headquarters.

Maybe...I should do my paperwork, she thought.

At that moment, she saw Hisagi walking past her and the idea of doing paperwork flew out of her mind.

"Hey Hisagi!" She called out.

Back at the mall…..

Hitsugaya sighed and kept walking by. It was then that he heard the sound of someone crying. He looked around but he couldn't find the source of the sound.

Great, he thought. I'm starting to lose my mind.

Just then, he noticed the leaves of a nearby plant shake. Hitsugaya walked behind the tall plant and saw a little boy crying.

Well, I guess I'm not losing my mind, he thought.

He knelt down on one knee beside the little boy, whose face was bright red from crying. He had a red shirt on and some faded blue jeans. He looked around 5 years old.

"Are you lost?" Hitsugaya asked him.

What a stupid question, he thought to himself. Of course he is lost! I am really losing it here.

The little boy stopped crying and stared at Hitsugaya. He slowly nodded. Hitsugaya sighed.

Why me? He thought.

"Here, let's go find your parents," Hitsugaya said, standing up. No one paid any attention to them as they started walking. He could have been kidnapping the little boy and no one in the mall would have noticed.

Humans, Hitsugaya thought.

"What's your name?" Hitsugaya asked the boy as they were walking. Hitsugaya had seen a "Lost and Found" center where he had seen little kids sitting in chairs, waiting patiently for their parents to come pick them up. He didn't know how a parent could lose their child but it was good thing to know that there was a place where your kid could possibly be at.

"My name is Ayato," The little boy said. Hitsugaya nodded.

Although his parents had told him not to talk to strangers, the little boy felt that the guy who was walking beside him wasn't a stranger. He felt that there was something different about the short, white haired guy.

"Who are you?" Ayato asked him. His face was no longer red and his tears had completely vanished. He didn't know where he was being taken but he didn't care anymore. It was better than being alone.

"Hitsugaya," The captain responded. "Well, here it is." Hitsugaya stopped walking and the little boy turned to look at where they were. There was a glass window with the blue words "Lost Children" in big, bold letters and inside were three other children around the same age as Ayato. They were sitting in colorful, chairs looking very sad and very tired.

Hitsugaya walked inside the place with Ayato. A lady dressed in red saw them coming and walked towards them.

"He lost his parents," Hitsugaya said, before she could say anything. He didn't want her to think he was picking up one of the kids in there.

"Aw, don't worry. We'll find your parents," The lady said, smiling down at Ayato. Ayato nodded.

"What is your full name?" She asked him.

"Kagawa Ayato," The little boy responded. The woman nodded and walked behind a white desk to get the phone.

"Ah, thank you for bringing him here," The lady told Hitsugaya. "I'm sure his parents are worried." Hitsugaya nodded and started to walk away.

"Please don't leave me!" Ayato called out behind him.

Hitsugaya stopped and turned around. The woman was smiling at him.

"You could take him for a little walk if you want while we contact his parents," She told him.

Hitsugaya looked at Ayato. Blue tears were starting to form around his eyes and Hitsugaya couldn't say 'no' to that face.

"Let's go then," Hitsugaya said.

Ayato smiled and ran towards the captain. Ayato took Hitsugaya's hand and together they started walking.

In the elevator…..

Ichigo pushed the green elevator button and they all waited for it to arrive.

Rukia started to back away from the doors but Renji, who was behind her, stopped her.

"Come on, it'll be alright remember?" He said, grinning down at her.

Rukia slowly nodded. It was easier said than done. At that moment, the elevator doors opened. The people who were inside stepped out and then they entered.

Rukia looked out the glass elevator. Nothing had changed much from last time's view. She noticed the store had added more lights.

"Whoa, this feels so cool!" Ganju said, his hands touching the glass.

"Yeah," Renji said. He had been on better rides but he didn't want to make Ganju feel bad.

"Hey Renji! Isn't that Hitsugaya-taichou?" Rukia said, pointing down below. She completely forgot that they were in the elevator. Renji stood next to her and looked down at where she was pointing.

"Yeah! It is! But…….who is he walking with?" Renji asked, noticing that Hitsugaya wasn't alone.

"Eh, he has a girlfriend?" Ganju said, placing his face as close to the glass window as possible.

"Is it Sakura-chan?" Inoue asked.

"No, it looks like a little boy," Rukia said. They were so far away but she definitely recognized Hitsugaya-taichou.

"I wonder who it is?" Inoue wondered out loud.

"Where?" Ichigo asked. He was curious now. "Where is he? Renji, move your big head!"

"Hey, my head isn't big!" Renji said turning to look at Ichigo.

"Your hair, I mean," Ichigo said. Before they could start fighting, Rukia interrupted them.

"He disappeared," she said.

"What?" Ichigo said, moving Renji aside and looking down below. There was no sign of the white-haired shinigami anywhere.

"Where was he headed to?" Renji asked Rukia.

"Hmm… looks like towards the water fountain," Rukia told him

"Water fountain?" Renji asked.

"Yeah, it's big and it's located in the center of the store," Rukia said. "You can throw pennies in there."

"Let's go!" Ganju said. Inoue nodded.

"Did you recognize the person he was with?" Ichigo asked Rukia.

Rukia shook her head. "It was a little boy. Weren't you listening?"

"Umm……excuse me? Are you people done?" A voice said from behind them. They all turned around and realized that the elevator had stopped. They had reached the first floor (the same floor where Hitsugaya was) and there standing outside the elevator were two 12-year old girls…….looking very annoyed.

"Oh, we're sorry," Inoue said stepping out of the elevator. The rest followed her.

"Whatever," the blonde girl said, as she was entering the elevator. Her friend followed after her.

"Hey," Renji called out. "Have a nice ride with the snake in there." Renji pushed the elevator button to close the doors but he still saw the look of horror on both girls' faces.

Ganju turned to Renji. "There was a snake in there?"

Renji shook his head. "No, I made it up." Rukia shook her head.

"Let's go find Hitsugaya-kun," Inoue said. They all agreed and started walking in the direction where Rukia had seen him.

Ice Cream Place….

Hitsugaya and Ayato were sitting side by side in front of the Ice Cream store. Hitsugaya had had enough "human" money to buy two vanilla ice cream cones. Ayato was still licking his ice cream slowly while Hitsugaya had finished his a long time ago.

"Thank you," Ayato said, turning to look at Hitsugaya. "I love ice cream!"

Hitsugaya smiled. The child was just too cute. It was hard to believe that his parents had lost him.

I wonder if this is what it feels like to have a kid, he thought.

"Do you have a favorite flavor?" Ayato asked him.

"Not really," Hitsugaya responded. "To tell you the truth, this was the first time I had an ice cream cone."

"Really?" Ayato said, with big eyes.

"Yes," Hitsugaya said.

"Hey, that's my mommy!" Ayato said suddenly. The Ice Cream store was right across the Lost Children Center. Hitsugaya looked up ahead and saw a tall, dark haired woman talking to the woman who had greeted them.

"Let's go then," Hitsugaya said getting up from the bench. "Let's go show her you are ok."

Ayato nodded. He stood up and followed Hitsugaya towards the Lost Children Center.

"Ayato!" His mother yelled when she saw him coming towards her.

"Mommy!" Ayato yelled back. He ran towards her and hugged her tightly. His mother didn't care that he was getting vanilla ice cream all over her black skirt.

"I was so worried about you!" His mother said, still hugging him tightly. Ayato looked up at his mother.

"I was scared at first because I didn't see you anymore but then someone found me!" He said excitedly. Ayato turned around to look at Hitsugaya only to discover that he was gone.

"Hey, where did he go?" Ayato said. He ran outside of the center and saw the white-haired shinigami, walking away.

"Thank you!" Ayato yelled.

Hitsugaya smiled. He lifted up his left hand and disappeared into the crowd.


They had finally arrived at the water fountain but Hitsugaya was nowhere in sight.

"Man, this is a big fountain!" Ganju said, looking at the blue water fountain in front of them. On the bottom of the fountain, you could see pennies and quarters.

"Hey, can we throw one?" Renji said.

"I don't have any pennies," Ichigo said.

"I do!" Inoue said, taking out her purse. She opened it up. It was practically full of pennies.

"Ohhh a shiny penny!"

"Hey, that's MY penny!"

"Look at mine!"

"Who's this dude on my penny?"

They all took turns throwing the pennies into the water fountain. In the end, Renji's was the one that went the farthest.

They were all sitting down on the benches nearby when Renji noticed Hitsugaya not to far off. His back was towards them.

"Hey," Renji said. "There he is!" Everyone got up and ran towards him.

"Hello Hitsugaya-taichou!" Renji said, when they had caught up to him.

"What do you want?" Hitsugaya said.

"Where's the person you were walking with?" Renji asked him.

"Person? I was by myself the whole time," Hitsugaya responded. Renji shook his head.

"We saw you when we were inside the elevator. You were walking with a little boy," Renji said.

Hitsugaya smirked. "Prove it."

"What? Come on taichou! Just tell us who it was," Renji said.

"No," Hitsugaya responded. "By the way, don't we need to buy nice clothes for the dance, Abarai? You are going to dance in front of your fellow classmates on Friday."

"I forgot about that!" Inoue said. "Here, there is a men's store nearby." Everyone followed Inoue as she led them into a store.

They walked into the men's store and bought Renji, Ganju, and Hitsugaya their dance clothes, which was really just a white long-sleeved shirt with a black tie and matching black pants.

"Let's go home," Ichigo said, after he had paid for their clothes. "I'm hungry."

Everyone nodded. After they left the mall, the group took a bus back home.

Inside Ichigo's house….

"Man, am I tired!" Ganju said when they had finally arrived back at the house. They had walked Inoue home first.

"I'm hungry!" Rukia said walking into the kitchen.

"Oh, I forgot I was going to cook today," Renji said. He looked around the kitchen.

"I'll cook us something!" Rukia offered.

"NO!" Renji, Ganju, and Ichigo called out at the same time.

"What? Why?" Rukia asked them.

"No, well ah….we should do something you know? The mall and the elevator thing must have made you pretty exhausted so ah….we'll cook Rukia. You just go watch TV or something," Renji said, gently pushing her out of the kitchen.

"I'm not tired Renji…….but fine. I'll let you three cook this time. I'll be in the living room in case you need help," Rukia said, walking away from the kitchen.

"Phew," Ganju said, "That was close."

"Sshh," Ichigo said, "She might hear you." Ganju nodded.

"Ok, then. Let's make something," Renji said turning to them.

"What should we do?" Ganju asked Ichigo. Ichigo shrugged.

He opened the refrigerator and realized that he had forgotten about food. Having three extra people in your home meant that the food disappeared faster. He had forgotten about that. The only things inside the refrigerator were a gallon of milk, three eggs, two tomatoes, and a can of soda.

"Awww, we have no food," Ganju said sadly when he took a look inside the refrigerator.

"It's too late to go to the store now. I'll go tomorrow. We'll just have to make something with what we have," Ichigo told them. "What do we have?"

"Uh…..a box of raisins, four crackers, and two cans of chicken soup," Renji said, holding up the things he had found in the pantry.

"I found this!" Ganju said, holding up his discovery.

"Uh Ganju, that's a baseball," Ichigo said staring at the aging ball. It looked like a huge lemon.

"Oh," Ganju said. He put the baseball on the table and sat down.

"What are we going to make?" Renji asked.

10 Minutes Later…..

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

The small grandfather clock was slowly ticking away in a corner. Ichigo, Renji, and Ganju had been staring at the foods that they had collected and placed on the table. So far, no one had thought of a good idea as to what they should make for dinner.

"Oh I got one!" Ganju suddenly said. Renji and Ichigo looked up hopefully at him.

"Oh wait no……we need ham," Ganju said sadly. Renji shook his head. Ichigo hit his head on the table.

"Hey Ichigo! What are you guys doing?" Rukia called out. Renji got up and stood in front of Rukia, who had been walking towards the kitchen to see what was taking them so long.

"Don't look Rukia! We aren't done!" Renji said, covering her eyes with both of his hands.

"What? Let me see what you are doing! I can help!" Rukia said, trying to pull Renji's hands away from eyes but he was too strong.

"Fine. I'll go," Rukia said unwillingly. "It better taste good Renji!" She turned around and headed towards the living room.

Renji went and sat back down at the table.

"Hey, why don't we just mix everything together?" Ganju said. "It will taste good if we mix things that do taste good."

Renji and Ichigo looked at each other. It could work.

They got up from the table and started working.

1 hour later….

"Hey Rukia, we're done!" Renji said as he walked into the living room. Rukia was on the couch, watching a Spanish soap opera. Although Rukia could not understand a word what the actors were saying, she knew that whoever "Julio" was had kidnapped his ex-girlfriend's two children who really were his kids but he didn't know that yet.

"Really?" She asked, not taking her eyes off the television screen. On the screen, Julio was crying. He had just found out that the children he had kidnapped were his own children.

"Yeah," Renji said. "Come on. Let's go eat."

"Ok, I am hungry!" Rukia said. She got up from the couch and followed Renji into the kitchen.

On the kitchen table were four blue bowls of soup. Hitsugaya had walked into the kitchen while they were making dinner and had asked Renji not to make him some because he was not going to eat something that was made by them. This was followed by a spoon fight, which Hitsugaya quickly avoided.

Ganju and Ichigo were sitting next to each other on one side of the table. The soup was a reddish-brown color and bubbles were popping on the surface of it. Rukia and Renji took their seats on the other side of the table.

"It looks……different," Rukia pointed out, staring down at her bowl of soup.

"We didn't have much to work with," Ichigo said. Renji nodded.

Rukia was hungry so she picked up her spoon and………………..

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