Wassup everyone! I wish I owned them, but I don't. This takes place after Heart of Avalon. (Oh, and if anyone read Labyrinth of the Witch (or if there are inconsistencies with either story), review with ideas for the sequel!) Enjoy! 

1: Songs of the Past

Emily leaned over the railing with her arms resting casually on top, allowing the cool, salty mist to caress her face. Out on the high seas with Zach flying on drake overhead and Adriane, Dreamer, Kara, Lyra, Ozzie, Cribby, Cribby Jr., even Marlin, Niva, and the rest of Marlin's dragons on the boat, Emily could help the giddy feeling in her stomach. The ocean was cool and calm as they tried to retrace their steps from Port Tuga to the strange little island where Emily and Marlin had found Indi. Indi, her bonded. Indi, her paladin. Emily could feel him in her heart, could see his aura blended with hers when she gazed at her hand. His reflection stood behind hers as she looked at water.

"Hey, Em! The fog is getting thicker," Adriane called from the prow.

"This looks about where we found the mermaid portal, right?" Marlin asked, his reflection appearing beside hers and making the unicorn's waver out of view. The healer glanced around, quite lost for a moment, but then she felt the flicker of mermagic in the water. The sirens were watching them.

"Yes. I can feel the mermaids. You think you'll be able to talk us out of any problems?" she inquired in a low voice as she turned to face the merprince. He was clad in the blue-green jumpsuit of a dragon rider with his dagger hooked in a belt. Niva was following behind them with Cribby Jr. at her side; the other sea dragons bonded to Marlin were patrolling the waters further out. Even so, Emily had to admit, he looked good. He belongs in that jumpsuit, she thought absently.

"—lly have any? I'm sure the mermaids will have no trouble now that they've been healed." Emily shrugged, allowing a shiver of fear at what the water-dwellers had almost accomplished last time they had passed through as she turned back to the water. The haunting melody drifted through her mind unbidden and she shook her head to clear it. "Are you alright?" Marlin brushed her arm gently, allowing his webbed fingers to linger on the inside of her elbow.

"Fine. I was just remembering…" she trailed off as the melody returned, this time with a gentle harmony. She put her fingers to her temple and shook her head again, but the music remained, wafting through the mist. "Marlin, is that wha—," Emily broke off. The prince was swaying to the song, too far out to hear the words, but not to be caught in the trap. Emily drifted like a ghost through the fog, trying to push away the thick, heavy feeling in her mind. She felt as though the fog was packing into her head like cotton. She reached the prow of the ship, now very much aware of the music. All of her friends were frozen in the dream. Even Lyra and Dreamer were curled up on the deck, their chests barely moving. The sight made her hopes drop and she felt herself succumbing, following the siren's words as she drifted listlessly to the edge of the ship.

"Come to me Healer.

Let me transform you.

Trapped as you are

Away from the blue."

Emily's frown barely registered on her face. The mermaids never spoke as one, unless…Emily pushed through the fog, forcing all of her energy into a cry to her friends. Something is happening! Concentrate on…waking…waking up. Almost as an after thought, Emily added two words before she released herself to the music. Help me.

"Caught in the middle

There is power inside you

It yearns for release

As you do."

The mermaids surfaced as Emily sagged against the railing, her knees rubbing against the smooth bars. They smiled up at her as before and her hand reached for them unconsciously. Once again she slipped over the rail and began to lower herself into the water.


You know the drill!