disclaimer:I don´t own any of these sexy burn outs nor their movie, Detroit Rock city (freakin awsome movie!) and no I´m not making any money off of this...

and this is SLASH. that means, in this case, kissing and possibly more between two boys (Lex and Jam, maybe even a little Hawk/lex) consider yourself warned.

authors note: I love this movie and these characters and theres like no fanfiction of them out here. I thoughtthe sitewas needing one. So this is probably pre-concert or just as if it never happened. The pairing will be slash, Jeremiah and Lex, possibly a little bit of lex/hawk just for fun. Both pairing are hot. I hope you enjoy, and yes I will be continuing this, though it shouldnt be too long of a fic. please R&R, motivate the author!

The knock on the door was barley heard over the loud rock and roll music crashing through the speakers of Lex´s stereo, and tripp singing along so loud that the vocals on the song were nearly lost didn't help either. Lex was too busy staring off into space to notice, but after the first few knocks Hawk took notice and slapped lex across the knee.

The dark haired boy nearly jumped as he came crashing back down to earth, looking around with a bewildered expression to see who had abused his leg. "What man?" he asked as his eyes fell on Hawk, who gave him a look and laid back on the bean bag chair on which he was previously reclining. "The door man".

"Oh" Lex mumbled as he uncrossed his legs and got up, making a bee-line for the door. "It's probably Jamwith his faggety ass manners..." Hawk called out to no one in particular. "Shut up man" Lex said as he opened the door, revealing Jam standing awkwardly. Lex clapped him on the back and pulled him inside. "Dude you don't have to knock, just come right in when you want…" he said as they both walked back into the room. "Ya, it's not like you'll walk in on anything…that'll surprise you" Hawk pitched in, smirking.

"Sorry I was late for practice guys…my mom was giving me shit again" The newly arrived blond announced as he sat down next to Lex, pulling his drumsticks out of his socks and laying them on his lap. "Don't sweat it man…Tripp fucked up his finger so we're one guitarist short anyway…" Lex said as he motioned to the long haired burn out head banging in the corner. "So uh, we kinda decided to skip practice and start the after party early today" Hawk finished.

Jam gave him a look and turned to Lex. "So did you learn that new kiss song we were talking about playing?" The dark haired boy asked. "Aw shit sorry Lex, I didn't find it in any of the fucking magazines I looked through, sorry...". "Ya, sorry honey" piped in Hawk, receiving a prompt "shut up hawk" from Jam.

"Hey so what'd your mom say about you sleeping over tomorrow?" asked lex. "I think she's cool with it, she's still being a little bitchy but she'll let" Jam replied. "So since practice is shot, what's up for tomorrow?" asked hawk, sitting up from his comfortable position. He glanced towards Tripp who was still head banging and singing wildly, lost on his own stage somewhere, and decided it was starting to annoy him. He picked up lex´s discarded pillow and threw it at him. He stopped halfway through a head bang and looked up. "Ow man! What?" Tripp asked through a face full of hair.

"Pizza?" asked lex, responding to Hawk's earlier question. "Pizza? Aw man, I could go for some pizza!" Tripp exclaimed, running a hand through his long shaggy hair to pull it out of his face, thus once again narrowly avoiding asphyxiation. "Tomorrow" Lex stated. "Ya man! Right on…" replied Tripp. "Hey this killer movie just came out at the video place, I can bring it by and we got ourselves a night" Hawk exclaimed.

"Sounds like a plan" said Lex. "You in jam?" he said, turning to the blond boy. "Ya, of course" Jam replied. Silence ensued for a few minutes before Tripp broke it. "So "he said, grinning like an idiot, "will you light the bong or should I?"


Lex´s POV


The room had become hazy with smoke, coating the walls and the brightly colored posters pasted all over the room. All four of the occupants had retreated to their separate corners of the room and from Lex´s corner he watched Jam. He let his eyes wander around the room for a second to check up on the rest. Tripp sat in a corner on a pillow, oversized headphones over his ears, his mouth moving along to some song, his bandaged finger tapping away on his chest. Occasionally his face would twist in a show of passionate singing but only whispers could be perceived coming from him.

Hawk was stretched out on his bed looking a magazine he had brought with him. A closer look brought the title "Play boy" into view. Lex absently plucked a few times on the strings of his bass that was laying across his lap, gazing without interest at the notebook laying at his side, notes scribbled across the pages. He tilted his head slightly and moved his gaze back to where it had been, looking safely out through the fall of his dark hair.

The light of the small lava lamp on the table was sending an orange glow across Jam´s white skin through the haze of smoke that still clung to the air of the room. The blond haired boy tilted his head in concentration as his tongue slipped to the edge of his open mouth, resting inbetween his wet lips. His pen scratched across the pad of paper he had balanced on his lap.

In a sudden movement that unsuspectadly disturbed Lex´s serenity Jam dropped his pen and stretched his arms, arching his neck and massaging it with one hand, the edges of his black t-shirt rissing slightly to give a glimpse of blemish free white skin right where it met fadedblue jeans. He caught lex´s gaze and sent him a smile before once again picking up his pen and leaning forward to continue the motions of the pen across the pad.

Lex´s heart had speed up the second Jam had moved and was only now slowing down. He had almost been caught staring but luckily for him Jam was kind of oblivious. He had just caught a smile instead. And he settled back into watching his friends lips in concentration, wavy blond hair falling over his forhead.