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AFA Part 2

"Falling from Grace"

By Analogk37

Prologue – These Dreams

The calm scene played out surreally before the young teenager. Nene stood proudly at the mouth of battle, surrounded on all sides by her teammates. Sylia, her leader, carefully and methodically directed their actions. Priss, the warrior, charged in headfirst for the attack. Linna, the survivor, soon joined in the fray. And Nene herself helped confuse the enemy and conceal their tactics.

In the Red Saber's mind, they attacked as one, striking out against the evil threatening to rise up and devour all. In her heart, Nene felt that they could not lose. Together, they would defeat Galatea and save the world… and Mackey… from her all consuming desires.

As the blond girl peacefully slept alongside her not so human boyfriend, she took comfort in the strength of her dreams. However, dreams did not always reflect reality, and the young woman had no way of knowing just how wishful her dreams really were…

End Prologue