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Chapter 1-Times Running Out

The rangers were surrounded by krobots and the timer kept ticking…down to its last thirty seconds. They were caught in an alleyway where a bomb threatened to blow up, half of New Tech City, the SPD Base including.

The red ranger had a pile on top of him, the blue one was being ambushed from behind, the yellow ranger had attacks coming her way at all angles; too many for all three of her to handle, and the pink ranger found herself also surrounded by krobots. Everyone was too occupied, all except Bridge, the green ranger. The krobots had managed to attack everyone except him.

His objective was to stop the timer which now counted down from twenty seconds.

"Bridge, it up to you," yelled Jack as another pile landed on top of him.

"Hurry, Bridge," Z yelled.

With a direct nod, Bridge charged after the bomb, now reading sixteen seconds.

He could see the oval shape bomb just fifteen feet away, but as quickly as he saw it, the quicker it disappeared.

A large over sized gorilla-like alien jumped right in front of him.

"You have to pass me first," it growled.

Just then a blue laser blast hit the alien straight in the shoulders. It stumbled backwards before landed flat on its back.

Bridge turned around to see the blue ranger holding his laser gun. "Go Bridge," he managed to say before being pulled back into battle.

Ten seconds…Bridge read the red digits as he dropped to his knees in front of the oval object.

Nine seconds…He saw a latch on the side of the bomb and quickly opened it. Wires of all sorts of colors were what he was faced with. 'Which one,' he asked him self.

Eight seconds…'Just cut the green wire, it's always the green wire,' he told himself after pulling out a wire cutter. 'Hey, I'm the green ranger,' he took noticed, 'what was the odds that him, the green ranger would be cutting a green wire to stop a…focus, Bridge, focus.'

Seven seconds…'Uhm, maybe it's red, sometimes it is red,' he thought.

Six seconds… "Bridge," he heard his friends yell his name. 'Okay…okay, think, Bridge…either red or green, it has to be one of them. He closed his eyes and cut.

Five seconds…He looked down; he had cut the red wire. It stopped ticking…the bomb had stopped ticking. 'That's a good sign,' he thought as he let out some much needed air.

"I did it, I stopped the bomb," he yelled out to his friends.

But his friends didn't hear him; they were still too busy trying to fight off the many krobots that surrounded them. He was about to leave to help them when a ticking caught his attention. Chills ran down his spine when he turned around to see the digits had started up again.

Like in slow motion, he could feel him self turning back around towards his friends to warn them that the bomb was about to explode.



He started to run towards them, but once again, the gorilla-like alien jumped in front of him. Its large hands pushed him backwards. He landed next to the bomb.


"Bridge," he heard the pink ranger yelled. "Bridge, get out of the way, run," the blue one was next. "Move," screamed the red ranger. "No," the yellow one yelled. He all heard them, but he couldn't move; he found him self face to face with a bomb that read…


Then there was darkness.

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