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Chapter 7 – Farewell Bridge

For hours Bridge pace along side his cell in thoughts. Across from him in front of a door was a guard with a SPD gun in hand, watching his every move. Bridge sat down on the little bed in his cell and continued to think. There is no way for me to communicate with my friends in the other dimension due to it's broken nor could I ranger up to get out of here. I wonder do I still exist in my dimension. This bomb thing could have wiped out any trace of me ever existing there. Or my friends probably think I'm dead. He shook his head from that thought and stood up again.

I need to get back but how? Figure out what that bomb was, what it was made of, how did it work? Grumm must have wanted us all to be zipped here if that indeed what the bomb was for. Ridding the world of power rangers like he did with the A-squad but this time the B-squad. His thoughts were interrupted by a blast noise coming from outside followed by shaking of the ground. He held onto the bars of his cell to keep from falling and looked around some more. Some more blasts and shakes continued along with people screaming.

"Are we being attack," Bridge yelled to the guard who was using a lead pipe to hold him steady.

He ignore Bridge's question as he held on for dear life as the ground shook beneath their feet. Soon the shakes stopped and the firing ceased, leaving the place in an eerie silence. Bridge went to the door of his cell just as the guard ran out of the door to see what happened. From the small glance he saw from the guard opening the door, smoke and fire was coming from a room and people running. What happened out there he thought.


All of SPD headquarters' personnel, cadets, and B-squad stood at attention at the old building in sector 5. Sky and Jack stood up erect in front of the other personnel along Z who had her left arm in a sling and Syd who sat down in a chair because of her leg. In front of them was Commander Kruger on a platform with a picture of their fallen team mate, Bridge, with Kat and Birdie. Behind them was the fallen building, that they spent days after the firefighters put the fire out, looking for Bridge. But to no avail he was never found. Today they morn over their lost comrade in a proper funeral at the site they last saw him alive.

"My fellow rangers and friends, it is of great sadness that we are here to honor a great ranger here today. Bridge Carson, a friend, a brother, and one of the best rangers I knew that in his prime had to leave us so soon. He…"

As Commander Kruger continues his speech, B-squad looks over at the building. Z and Syd already had tears in their eyes, while Jack and Sky tries to keep a strong front. But it was hard knowing they were the last person Bridge saw that day and being so close to him as team mates. Kat and Boom were on the platform wiping fallen tears as Kruger finish up his speech.

"He was a strange one that Bridge. If he was here, he would probably be asking a lot of questions, strange ones at that, that we wouldn't understand." People laughed, they laughed at the memories of Bridge's antics. "But as strange he may be, he will not be forgotten. You will be missed Bridge Carson."
Off to the side a cadet with a horn begins to play. Birdie stood up at the platform to deliver the final say in Bridge's funeral.

"Now would you all join me in a salute for our fallen ranger."

Everyone stood at attention and raise their hand to salute. B-squad and Kruger walked up to the building, where a monument stood in front of the fallen building a tribute to Bridge. They each place a flower by it along with departing words.

"We'll miss you Bridge," Jack nods.

"You were always a good friend in my book," Sky announced.

"You were like another brother to me. You're still is. I'll miss you," Z sniffed.

"I can't believe you're gone but I will never forget you. We all won't," Syd added.

"Farewell Carson, you will be missed," Kruger said placing his hands on the stone.


Bridge was sitting on his bed when the door opens. Walking in were Jack, Z, the two guards who brought him in here and the one guard who stood watch.

"What happened out there," Bridge stood in his cell.

"We were attacked by one of Grumm's Krybot," Jack answered.

So that would explain the blast and the shaking. "Wait did you just say one of Grumm's Krybot attack this place," Bridge ask.

"He must have snuck in when our men brought you in," Z steps in. "Destroyed some of our buildings and a few of our people were hurt. He disappeared into the crowd afterward and we lost him. We need your help."

"My help," he repeated.

"Grumm's Krybots are looking more like us everyday. Grumm is taking people and using their DNA to code their skin onto the Krybots, therefore making them look human. There's no way for us to know who is who until it is too late. And if we don't find this one now, he might get away with our location and more of his metal friends to kill us."

"And you need my help to seek him out."

"Exactly," Jack nods. "Use your mind-aura thing to find him."

"If I do help you would you help me in finding my dimension?"

Jack look over a Z who nod at him. He turns back to Bridge and nod his head.

"Yes we'll help you."

"Then let's track a Krybot."

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