A/N: I just wanted everyone to know that, yes, I am still alive and still plan to continue writing the rest of this story. I haven't been updating lately due to the normal delayers (school, work, etc.) but also because of some personal issues that are currently going on. I'll try to have a real, actual chapter up sometime soon, but right now, I'm a little bushed. Also, there will most likely be NO new chapters up anytime during November since I will be spending any writing time solely on Nanowrimo. (For those of you who don't know what that is, go google it. I don't feel like explaining.) So, you have my apologies. I hate it when people never finish a story, so I'll try my best not to do so here. For now, you'll just hafta grit your teeth and bear through another stupid random short thingy, because that's all the time and patience to write right now.

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PS- Sorry, but I can't help to write about the Super Evil Party of Super Evil People, blah-blah-blah, again. I'm slightly fixated with the idea of Envy and Axel joining forces and making them do out-of-character things. Heh heh.

(Random Extra!)(It's just a stupid filler! OMFG!)

At the SEPOSEPWARP HQ (located somewhere in Utah), the group of evil non-people are preparing to set in motion their next evil plot...

Envy: Hey, Axel, I've been meaning to ask you...who is that girl you have tied up, gagged, and shoved in a corner?

Axel: Oh, that's just Kairi. I kidnapped her not too long ago. Eventually, I plan to use her as bait for the main character of my respective franchise, but I'm saving that for later.

Kairi: Mmffugglemmfg! -glares-

Envy: Wow. She looks pretty pissed. So, anyway, did ya get it? -nonexistant attention span-

Axel: You bet your mom I did!

Envy: What?

Axel: Uh, nevermind. -whips out a sheet of paper and puts it on a table- Look, here it is. The author's manuscript for this fanfic! Everything that Zana is planning to write is now in our hands! Muhahaha and stuff!

Envy: YES! Now we can change it to our liking, sneak it back, and the unspecting moron will write the story the way we want it to go! Wrath!

Wrath: What?

Envy: Bring me...a PEN! It's time for little Edward to die...

Axel: And I can turn Sora into a Heartless to get my best bud back, right?

Envy: Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Wrath: Here. -throws a pen at his head-

Envy: Muhahaha, etc, etc. -begins writing- Yes, this is the most perfect plan EVAR! I think I shall re-title this story as 'Fullmetal Homunculus', starring yours truly, and...hey who's this? A new villian?

Axel: Huh? Lemme see! -reads- Lord Voldemort? Is that French?

Envy: Beats me. Look, she's added someone else too. 'The Boy Who Lived'? What the heck is this?

Axel: You know what? Forget it. Writers are weird. She's obviously trying to pull a new plot twist or something by adding new characters. Just keep writing.

Envy: Gotcha. -scribblescriblescribble-

Later, after the evil deed had been done and the edited manuscript had been returned to Zana's house...

Zana: -reading- '...and Edward and his brother finally found the Sorcerer's Stone, but only to be defeated by Lord Envymort, who blasted their heads off...' -growls- All right, who messed up my book report?