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Chapter One: Im Wide Awake, Its Morning

Haley could hear a distant beeping. It was fuzzy in her ears but soon rang sharply. A bright light flickered as she tried desperately to open her eyes. She groaned a little, as she lifted her hand to her forehead and wiped it. "What the?" She moaned as she looked around at an empty hospital room. She was so confused. A pretty young nurse walked in, and stared at her excitedly.

"Welcome back Mrs. Scott. We've been waiting for you for a really long time." She smiled.

"Mrs. Who? Who's been waiting?" She asked as she nuzzled her face in her hands. Her head was pounding and she felt so weak.

"Mrs. Scott. Haley James Scott?" The nurse almost laughed, a little worried at the same time. "All your band has been waiting for you." The nurse took a deep breath as she noticed Haley confused look.

"Band?" She said as she coughed.

The nurse sighed worriedly. "Ill get them." She whispered, still looking through Haley's hospital papers and walking through the door.

Haley lifted her hand out in front of her face and stared at it. There was a small golden band there and it made her heart jump into her throat. She took it off quickly and slung it across the room, against the room door which had just then slung open where a handsome man with dark hair and highlights walked in and smiled at her.

"Haley! God! How are you feeling?" Chris asked as he rushed to her side. "And where the hell were you going in such a rush last month?"

"Last month?" Haley said with confusion. "Haley? Is that my name?" Haley said, she started to cry, she was terrified, who were all of there people, and why could she remember who the hell she was.

Chris's eye's widened a little, then he grinned. "Nice try Scott. You always were a drama queen."

Haley began to cry. "Scott?" Her hands shook and she turned her face to look in the mirror next to her. She had no idea who she was. Tears filled her eyes as she turned back to Chris who gasped when he realized what was going on.

"Oh God Haley." He sulked. "What are we going to do?" He said as he dropped his head into his hands. "I've been trying to reach your family, and of course Nathan, but... no luck..." Chris lied, he hadn't tried once to reach them, as far as Nathan knew, Haley left him for Chris.

"My family... Nathan?" Haley winced out as she moved slightly, her ribs hurting.

"Nathan! You home?" Lucas said as he kicked through some empty beer cans and trash on Nathan and Haley's apartment floor. He walked around the couch where he saw Nathan laying there sadly. "Heard from Haley?" He said as he pushed Nathan's legs off the couch and sat next to him.

"Nope." He sighed as he sat up and continued to stare off sadly.

"It's only been a month and a half Nate. Don't give up on her." Lucas said, placing his hand on Nathan's shoulder.

"She left me, her husband. For some stupid tour! It's been a month and a half since she left, and a month since she's called." Nathan spat out bitterly.

"Nathan! She's your wife! How can you give up so easily?" Lucas said, a little angry at him for not fighting harder to keep his marriage together. He'd give the world to have that sort of relationship with Brooke. But Brooke left for California a year ago, and hadn't heard from her since.

"She gave up, not me." Nathan whispered sadly as he played with the gold band on his finger. He then took it off and threw it across the room at a picture of them on an end table. The force of the ring put a small crack through Haley's face.

"How do you know there's not something wrong?" Lucas said. He had been worried about Haley since she left, especially after a few weeks passed with no word from her. Nathan didn't respond, so Lucas just got up and left again.

"It's terrible isn't it?" The nurse said to a fellow colleague in the waiting room as she retrieved some files from a storage bin.

"What is?" The other girl asked. She was just a volunteer after school and on weekends, but it was great that she was able to get all the news right away. Her brown hair flicked across her shoulders as she whipped around cheerfully.

"The Scott patient." The nurse sighed. "Having no memory of your life, or even who you are, it must be terrifying!" She shook her head, then finally found the file she was looking for and walked away.

"Scott?" The girl breathed. Lucas? She thought. Is he hurt? She rushed to through the hospital, her head spinning. She breathed heavily as she searched every single door for the name. She hadn't been there in a while, she was concentrating on school and finals so she took a month or so off. She stumbled against a wall and fell into a door. She hit it hard and looked up quickly to find that one single name. It made blood rush to her head and she got dizzy, losing her balance. Scott...

Brooke bursted through the hospital room door, tears already filling her eyes as she searched the room. Her whole body stopped as she laid her eyes on her best friend. It wasn't who she'd expected, but it all hurt just the same.

Haley starred at Brooke, eyes wide, as if she were thinking, who is this lunatic bursting in here like that.

"Haley?" Brooke whispered as she ran to Haley's side. She grabbed Haley's hand and tried to hug her., but Haley pushed her away uncomfortably.

"Stop it!" Haley began to cry. "Who the hell are you?" She sobbed, the situation was scaring her so much. It was like being born again, having no memory of a past, and no recollection of what was going on in the present. Haley's hands shook as she tried pushing Brooke off the edge of her bed.

"Haley! Calm down it's okay!" Chris said as he rushed to her side. He too tried hugging her but she pushed him away.

"Would everyone just stop doing that!" Haley screamed. "Get away from me!" She sobbed. "Just leave me alone." She pleaded. She curled up on her bed and swayed back and forth. "Just leave me alone." She whispered sadly.

Brooke began to cry too as she stepped back from her. "Hales, it's me. Brooke, your best friend." She sniffled.

Haley's stomach turned when Brooke called her Hales, but it left he quickly. "Don't you remember me?" Brooke asked as she sat in the chair. "Don't you remember all of our sleep overs? All the times you helped me with Lucas and I helped you with Nathan. Don't you remember Haley?" Brooke begged her to remember. It had been bad enough that she had lost touch with Haley over the past year, but for Haley to not remember her at all, and the way she was looking at her now, it hurt even more.

"Im sorry." Haley whispered. "I don't even know who I am!" She sighed, wishing this nightmare would be over.

"You? You're Haley James-Scott. My best friend! You're Tutor Girl! You're the girl that everyone loves! You're the girl that Nathan loves!" Brooke almost shouted at her, as if she wanted to believe it was just an act, and being angry would make her stop.

"I don't know Nathan!" Haley shouted back at her. " I don't know you, or him!" She pointed angrily at Chris.


"Husband? But Im.. Im only..." Haley thought about it.

"Seventeen." Brooke whispered sadly.

"How can I be married?" Haley questioned, more to herself than to Brooke or Chris.

"You're in love!" Brooke shouted. "You don't just forget something like that Haley. IT's IMPOSSIBLE TRUST ME!" Brooke was getting so frustrated, she knew that Haley couldn't help it, but she just wanted her to.

"Please don't get angry with me..." Haley whispered as she curled up again. "I just want to go home, where ever that is..."

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